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Sweat Lodge

Sweat Lodge — Talismana (7th August, 2015)

       Sweat Lodge — Talismana (7th August, 2015) Sweat Lodge — Talismana (7th August, 2015)••≡••  Pokud víte, co vám dělá radost, proč to měnit? Dva vynikající kytaristé. Bonham–esque drum play of Caleb Dawson. Rozšíření svého základního zvuku, propletené riffy. Talismana má tento potenciál. Na rozdíl od mnoha specializovaných hardblábols se snaží apelovat na fanoušky rocku, nikoli jen na malý kontingent stoners a doomové hlavy. R&B pěvecký sbor z “Black Horizon”, který se chlubí esencí world–class vokálního výkonu od Johnston, v kombinaci s krmivem Zeppelin–riffů, je, jednoduše řečeno varování kvůli srdci: nějaké folkařské zoufalosti nechcete slyšet každý den. ••≡••  Individualita kapely je podpírána scénickou transcendencí, rekordními prodeji a vyprodanými turné. Sweat Lodge zdá se být na dobré cestě.Location: Austin, Texas
Album release: 7th August, 2015
Record Label: RIPPLE MUSIC
Duration:     34:22
01 Tramplifier     3:40
02 Bed of Ashes     3:07
03 Slow Burn     2:21
04 Phoenix Ascent     4:14
05 Talismana     4:11
06 Black Horizon     3:15
07 Boogie Bride     5:42
08 Heavy Head     3:23
09 Banshee Call     4:29
Sweat Lodge:
••≡••  Cody Lee Johnston (Vocals)
••≡••  Caleb Dawson (Drums)
••≡••  Javier Gardea (Guitars)
••≡••  Austin Shockley (Bass)
••≡••  Dustin Anderson (Guitar)
••≡••  Ripple Music is pleased to announce the official release of Talismana, the long–awaited debut album from one of America’s most exciting and downright badass psychedelic metal bands, Sweat Lodge.
••≡••  The Austin, TX outfit have made good on their promise with a record that delivers more than you could possibly ever ask from it. Pillaging and plundering some of the most explosive eras of hard rock, heavy psychedelia and proto–metal with a conviction and execution rarely found this side of the millennium, in short, Sweat Lodge’s potential is one that knows no bounds.
••≡••  Seizing on the southern grooves of Fu Manchu, Saint Vitus and the blues–driven majesty of 70s legends Mountain and fellow Texans ZZ Top, across Talismana — riff after punishing riff, howl after soulful howl — the vintage sound of rock ‘n’ roll reigns supreme, sparked through an engine of uncompromising youth. As anyone who witnessed the band’s debut TV appearance on Last Call With Carson Daly in March will testify, charismatic front man and vocalist Cody Lee Johnston’s ability to bring it on home is hypnotic. Backed by the gnarled bass fuzz of Austin Shockley, the Bonham–esque drum play of Caleb Dawson and guitar interplay of Javier Gardea and Dustin Anderson, the band will be unstoppable in 2015 and Talismana an essential record for fans of the genre. ••≡•• 
••≡••  Austin’s Sweat Lodge stood before a foreboding yellow sky, each member donning vintage Dallas Cowboys apparel. Appearing on the back of the band’s self–titled EP, released in 2012 on American Icon, this image epitomized Sweat Lodge’s regional brand of heavy rock. Like ZZ Top before them, Sweat Lodge has Texas seeping from its sound. Frontman Cody Lee Johnston’s soulful howl evokes a century of Texas bluesmen, while the band’s tight rhythm section of bassist Austin Shockley and drummer Caleb Dawson demands Dusty Hill–Frank Beard comparisons.
••≡••  For years, Sweat Lodge remained a guitarless trio. Alongside acts like The Well, they helped forge Austin’s now thriving metal/stoner rock scene. Though their minimal, bass–heavy approach was novel, the songwriting begged for additional layers of guitar — riffs, solos — and Javier Gardea and Dustin Anderson eventually joined to complete Sweat Lodge’s current lineup as a quintet. Talismana, the band’s first album, is the fruit of that development and a testament to their growth, both in numbers and as craftsmen of heavy melodies.
••≡••  This evolution is most evident on “Slow Burn”, a track that originally appeared on that 2012 EP. The song’s structure hasn’t changed, but the squall of string bends and shredding fills out the sonic field, creating a massive buildup as the track moves between hazy Saint Vitus doom riffs and a galloping garage–punk climax. Tracks like the ferocious “Bed of Ashes” and the multi–movement progressions of “Boogie Bride” tout dynamics that would’ve sounded empty and incomplete in the vocal/bass/drum format.
••≡••  Sweat Lodge has augmented its core sound with Gardea and Anderson’s interwoven riffs. It’s the kind of fateful joining of forces — the original trio, already tight and gig–ready, plus two excellent guitarists who seem perfectly suited for Sweat Lodge — that takes a band from regional success to national recognition. (The band appeared on Last Call with Carson Daly in February.) The parallel of Phil Anselmo joining Pantera comes to mind: Underground Texas band finds missing ingredient, achieves stardom.
••≡••  Talismana has that potential. Unlike so many niche heavy records, it seeks to appeal to fans of rock, not just a small contingent of stoners and doom heads. The R&B chorus of “Black Horizon”, which touts a world–class vocal performance from Johnston, combined with fat Zeppelin riffing, is, simply put, some shit you don’t hear every day. Its individuality is the stuff of scene transcendence, record sales, and sold–out tours, to which Sweat Lodge seems well on its way.
••≡••  Essential Tracks: “Slow Burn”, “Black Horizon”
••≡••  http://consequenceofsound.net/
Matt Butler | Jul 10, 2015 |
••≡••  http://echoesanddust.com.previewdns.com/2015/07/sweat-lodge-talismana/
Website: http://sweatlodge.bigcartel.com/
Bandcamp: http://sweatlodgemusic.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sweat-Lodge/124403460982785
Label: http://www.ripple-music.com/
Sheltered Life: http://shelteredlifepr.com/2015/06/11/austin-psych-rockers-sweat-lodge-confirm-release-of-debut-album-this-august/
••≡••  This is the one you've been hearing about. Fresh off their triumphant performance on Carson Daily Show, Sweat Lodge unleash a malestrom of doomed out, retro–70's stoner rock that is blowing people away. Think Orchid and Kadavar mixed with Austin psych and you'll just be scraping the surface.
••≡••  The Austin, TX outfit have made good on their promise with a record that delivers more than you could possibly ever ask from it. Pillaging and plundering some of the most explosive eras of hard rock, heavy psychedelia and proto–metal with a conviction and execution rarely found this side of the millennium, in short, Sweat Lodge’s potential is one that knows no bounds.
••≡••  “Badass heavy psych outta Austin. Originally a bass–drum–vocal three–piece, Sweat Lodge added a guitarist and signed to Ripple for their forthcoming full–length debut, Talismana. It promises stoned Southern grooves in the vein of Fu Manchu and SST–era Saint Vitus, with hints of Mountain’s heavy blues and the barroom howl of ZZ Top. The frontman has a powerful, clean voice and an impressive command of melody. Although relatively unknown outside of their home scene, like Elder, Sweat Lodge have the potential to break out in 2015 and just got a major bump in exposure from an appearance on Last Call with Carson Daly last night.” — Has it Leaked
••≡••  “A new favourite of ours is Sweat Lodge. They come from Texas (possibly a sweaty lodge in Texas), Talismana is their debut and it’s one of the most more–ish examples of hard psychedelia we’ve heard in ages. Where certain acts of this ilk get lost in the haze, Sweat Lodge carve it into catchy, proto–metal shapes; with plenty of bluesy rock hooks. One to get on vinyl, if you can, or just play on the best sound system possible. Such a cool, commanding record deserves some audio love.” — Classic Rock Magazine

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