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Teardrop Factory — Thrash in the Heart

Teardrop Factory — Thrash in the Heart (15/09/2014)

   Teardrop Factory — Thrash in the Heart
■■■■ Vždy je tady žízeň po nějaké dramatické akci.
Location: Brighton, UK
Album release: September 15, 2014
Record Label: Faux Discx
Duration:     31:58
01. 3AM Coke Dream     2:23
02. Bleed     2:55
03. Peel Slowly     2:21
04. A Way Away     2:59
05. Taste Like Medicine     2:24
06. Deeper + Deeper     3:03
07. Ex — Friends     3:25
08. Now We Shatter     2:42
09. Colour of Bones     1:53
10. Circles     1:43
11. Spider Baby     1:51
12. Superimposed     2:02
13. Fake Tan     2:27
■   Andy*
■   Tina*
Notes: 180g vinyl on pink swirl vinyl (limited to 200) housed in a matt sleeve with a risograph insert. Comes with either a bonus CD of live blown–out 8–track recordings (limited to 50 via faux Discx) OR a copy of the 'Topshop EP' 7"!  180g black vinyl in a matt sleeve with a risograph insert.
■   The Brighton based record label, Faux Disc are always prolific in seeking out the freshest, home grown indie acts for us all to consume. A paragon for rock’s lo–fi etchings, Teardrop Factory’s debut Thrash In The Heart is a clump of brittle, scuzzying pop flicks in awe of rock’s carefree approach; a stack of unpolished, raw goodies.
This relatively straight forward indie pop is gnarled by the band’s deference to lo-fi recording means and Thrash In The Heart, born out of a bathroom on what would seem to be half–shot equipment, has the same raw sounds as the seminal White Light/White Heat; except sliced into bite–sized bits, with songs crammed into the three minute mark.
■   Bleed is a wade of shoegazing guitar that calls up the furious moments of My Bloody Valentine, like Feed Me With Your Kiss; Tina Muat clobbering the ride symbol to death as if commanding an unlimited supply of the things. It’s a complete annihilation of percussion. The vocals are similarly suppressed and squashed behind a stable snag of muffled guitar riffing that salutes Joey Santiago’s craft.
■   Ward’s vocal is distorted throughout and just about audible amongst the persistent fuzz war that is Thrash In The Heart . Its mastering was carried out (and not at all surprisingly) by Hookworms’ very own MJ, the one heard howling on the explosive Pearl Mystic… perhaps you may have guessed.
■   Deeper + Deeper is another example (like many), of the band recoiling the ‘loud QUIET loud’ dynamic of the great Boston alt rockers the Pixies, with its dainty guitar lashings so similarly bloodcurdling and rugged. Other tracks, like Circles or Now We Shatter, feel like deliberately slack, Black Flag re–works; espousing with it, the same grunt of Bob Mould’s Hüsker Dü. A clear celebration of the Dü influence is in Superimposed. Tastes Like Medicine is a tangle of a–tonal guitar that leaches onto the customary ride cymbal smashing and cloudy vocal duty, spat out in gauged intervals. ■   Ward sings about topics ranging from mermaids, geometry to the consumption of insects; a humorous and infectious jumble, colouring a super (lo–fi) slick indie debut from Teardrop Factory. :: http://www.themetropolist.com/
By Matt Korman, 12 September 2014
■   In a buzzed haze of lifting fury, Brighton duo Teardrop Factory have shared Thrash In The Heart ahead of its official release.
■   Combed with a rousing DIY focus, Thrash In The Heart is a scuzzed-out manic episode of lo-fi glitter and chaos. Each succeeding track, which is available to pre-order at the Faux Discx Bandcamp page, is a menacing rush of lo-fi in its most primal form. Hell, the band actually managed to record the 13–track LP in their own bathroom, which may set the standard for DIY in the future.
■   The LP, available to stream in full below, will be made available as a 180 gram black vinyl, limited to 300 total copies (as of this moment, less than 50 remain). ■   Orders also come with a digital version of the LP. Standard CD or digital versions are also available. :: http://www.thefourohfive.com/news/article/
■   Teardrop Factory‘s debut album Thrash in the Heart falls into existence in a swirling haze of broken sleep, streams of consciousness and teen despondency. They pick up from where they left last year’s excellent Topshop EP but expand their alternative 90s worshiping earworms with an added layer of noise. Grit and scuzz consume 13 pop songs about mermaids, electric ghosts, car crashes, geometry, surfing, eating insects, video games and lucid dreams.
■   Made at home by the band and recorded in their bathroom, then mixed with Julian Tardo (Church Rd Studios / Bowlegs) and finally, mastered with MJ (Hookworms) at Suburban Home.
■   Lead track, ‘3am Coke Dream’ is the album’s prelude; an immediate lo–fi number that bursts into life with a menacingly addictive hook. The track highlights the entire creative journey, setting the tone for the record both literally and musically. ■   ‘Deeper + Deeper’ is a blissful, swirling sinkhole of static that takes the pace of the record down a notch but loses none of the endlessly satisfying fractured fuzz that ties the album together. ‘Now We Shatter’ injects the urgency back into the fold leading up to the frantic cacophony of the climatic, ‘Superimposed’. The slacker–fi is laid on thick for wonderfully lazy album closer, Fake Tan, which fades out into nothing.
:: http://www.recordstore.co.uk/
By Ryan Walker · On September 16, 2014 · Score: 7
Bandcamp: http://teardropfactory.bandcamp.com/
Website: http://teardropfactory.co.uk/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/teardropfactory
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/theteardropfactory
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Teardrop-Factory/205298369528541

Teardrop Factory — Thrash in the Heart




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