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Ten Years After — Recorded Live 1973 (2013)

 Ten Years After — Recorded Live 1973 (2013)

Ten Years After — Recorded Live 
°°  Hard-rocking British blues band led by virtuosic guitarist Alvin Lee and best known for their legendary Woodstock performance.
°°  “We got to where we wanted to be. Most musicians dream of being there. We were just lucky„   — Leo Lyons
Alvin Lee born: December 19, 1944, died: March 6, 2013)
Formed: 1967 in Nottingham, England
Styles: Blues-Rock, British Blues, Regional Blues
Album release: June 1973/October 22, 2013
Recorded 26th — 29th January 1973
Record Label: Chrysalis/WEA
Duration:     75:08 + 79:45 => 154:53
CD 1:
01. One Of These Days     6:27
02. You Give Me Loving     6:02
03. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl     7:27
04. The Hobbit     8:36
05. Help Me     11:03
06. Time Is Flying (bonus)     5:36
07. Standing At The Station (bonus)     11:51
08. Jam (bonus)     18:09
CD 2:
01. Help Me (bonus)     12:06
02. I Woke Up These Morning (bonus)     4:26
03. Sweet Little Sixteen (bonus)     4:24
04. Jam (bonus)     16:33
05. Classical Thing     0:53
06. Scat Thing     0:57
07. I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes (Part 1)     1:57
08. Extension On One Chord     10:46
09. I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes (Part 2)     3:13
10. Silly Thing     1:09
11. Slow Blues in C     8:14
12. I’m Going Home     10:55
13. Choo Choo Mama     3:22
°°  Alvin Lee: 1, 2 (CD1) + 5, 6, 8, 10 — 13 (CD2) 
°°  Al Kooper: I Can't Keep from Crying Sometimes
°°  Sonny Boy Williamson I: Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
°°  Ralph Bass / Sonny Boy Williamson II: Help Me
°°  Tracks 1 — 4, 6, 7 (CD1) + 3, 4, 10 — 13 (CD2): Frankfurt
°°  Tracks 5, 8 (CD1): Amsterdam
°°  Tracks 1, 5 — 9 (CD2): Paris
°°  Track 3 (CD2): Rotterdam 
Group Members:
•  Alvin Lee — Guitar & Vocals
•  Leo Lyons — Bass
•  Chick Churchill — Organ & Piano
•  Ric Lee — Drums
Album Moods: Energetic Passionate Celebratory Intense Bravado Raucous Aggressive Visceral
Themes: Hanging Out Late Night Guys Night Out
Billboard Albums:
•  1973 Recorded Live  The Billboard 200  #39
Billboard Singles:
•  1973 Choo Choo Mama  The Billboard Hot 100  #89
°° The tour was so long ago that it has blurred into many tours we did at the time. It was nice to do a live album in front of 10,000 to 15,000 people. I was always apprehensive of the playbacks, but was always pleasantly surprised that we were so tight. Live music is ephemeral until it is recorded. Then it lasts forever„   — Chick Churchill
°°  Chris Kimsey — Recording Engineer
°°  Brian Cooke — Photography
°°  Visualeyes — Cover
°°  Walter Wanger — Cover Concept
°°  Chris Wright — Executive Coordination
°°  David K. Tedds — Liner notes, Project consultant (August 2013)
°°  Hugh Gilmour — A&R, research and release coordination for Chrysalis
°°  Stephanie Twadle-Pearson — Product manager
Special thanks to: Ric Lee, Leo Lyons, Chick Churchill & Nigel Reeve
°°  Ten Years After achieved stardom in America thanks to its epic performance at Woodstock in 1969. Over the next five years, the blues-rock band would score eight Top 40 albums in its native England. The band s classic Recorded Live, originally released in 1973 as a double-LP, has been remastered and expanded with seven previously unreleased performances, including the band s version of Lightnin Hopkins “I Woke Up This Morning” recorded in Rotterdam.
°°  The cover of Ten Years After’s 1973 album Recorded Live depicts a giant reel-to-reel recorder, which certainly captures the era when this double-LP set was recorded. Approaching the end of their run — only one more album would come, 1974's Positive Vibrations – Ten Years After were deep into the thick of ’70s arena rock, so everything they played on-stage wound up stretching well beyond the five-minute mark, sometimes reaching upward of 11 minutes. Everything on this double-LP places improvisation over groove — a sentiment that is accentuated on the 2013 expansion, which winds up running 21 tracks over two discs, adding bonus outtakes to the original double-LP set. The best parts here are the improvisations, particularly Alvin Lee’s long, languid guitar solos, but this album — either in its original incarnation or in its expansion — is a distinctly ’70s creation: it’s unhurried and indulgent, reveling in its slow, steady march to a virtuosic, never-ending guitar solo.
Artist Biography by William Ruhlmann
°°  Ten Years After was a British blues-rock quartet consisting of Alvin Lee (born December 19, 1944, died March 6, 2013), guitar and vocals; Chick Churchill (born January 2, 1949), keyboards; Leo Lyons (born November 30, 1944) bass; and Ric Lee (born October 20, 1945), drums. The group was formed in 1967 and signed to Decca in England. Their first album was not a success, but their second, the live Undead (1968) containing "I'm Going Home," a six-minute blues workout by the fleet-fingered Alvin, hit the charts on both sides of the Atlantic. Stonedhenge (1969) hit the U.K. Top Ten in early 1969. Ten Years After's U.S. breakthrough came as a result of their appearance at Woodstock, at which they played a nine-minute version of  "I'm Going Home." Their next album, Ssssh, reached the U.S. Top 20, and Cricklewood Green, containing the hit single "Love Like a Man," reached number four. Watt completed the group's Decca contract, after which they signed with Columbia and moved in a more mainstream pop direction, typified by the gold-selling 1971 album A Space in Time and its Top 40 single  "I'd Love to Change the World." Subsequent efforts in that direction were less successful, however, and Ten Years After split up after the release of Positive Vibrations in 1974. They reunited in 1988 for concerts in Europe and recorded their first new album in 15 years, About Time, in 1989 before disbanding once again. °°  In 2001, Ric Lee was preparing the back catalog for re-release when he discovered the Live at the Fillmore East 1970 tapes. He approached Alvin about getting back together to promote the lost album, but Alvin Lee declined. The rest of the band was up for it, though, and together with guitarist Joe Gooch, Ten Years After started touring again. In addition to touring the world, this new incarnation recorded its first new material in about a decade and a half and released Now in 2004 and added the live double CD set Roadworks in 2005. Alvin Lee died on March 6, 2013 at the age of 68 due to complications from a routine surgery.
The Official Ten Years After website: www.tenyearsafternow.com
The Official Alvin Lee website: www.alvinlee.com
Artwork: www.gilmourdesign.co.uk

Ten Years After — Recorded Live 1973 (2013)




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