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Terry Adams — Talk Thelonious (November 20, 2015)

Terry Adams — Talk Thelonious (November 20, 2015)

      Terry Adams — Talk Thelonious (November 20, 2015)
•˜•     “Reflections is a most beautiful and sentimental song. What a feeling to have this come through me and out of my fingers. Welcome to Talk Thelonious. It’s part of my story.” Terry Adams
•˜•  The results are rollicking, rhythmic and 100% infused with Adams’ tireless energy and bold musicianship, something that rubbed off on his band. “I was surprised when I heard the playback,” he says of the record. “The band rehearsed for a couple of nights and only had this one shot at it. They’re great musicians and eager to learn. I know of no other band that could have done it.” Michael Verity
Album release: November 20, 2015
Record Label: Clang! Records/Euclid Records (Vinyl)
Duration:     51:29
01. Reflections      5:07
02. Gallop’s Gallop      3:18
03. Hornin’ In      3:09
04. In Walked Bud      4:49
05. Monk’s Mood      6:42
06. That Old Man      2:50
07. Humph      3:38
08. Think Of One      5:39
09. Ask Me Now      4:24
10. Ugly Beauty      3:45
11. Straight, No Chaser      4:12
12. Ruby, My Dear      3:56
•˜•   Terry Adams: piano, pipe organ;
•˜•   Scott Ligon: guitar, Hammond organ, percussion;
•˜•   Jim Hoke: alto saxophone, harmonica, pedel steel guitar, ocarina;
•˜•   Klem Klimek: alto and tenor saxophones;
•˜•   Pete Donnelly: electric bass;
•˜•   Pete Toigo: bass;
•˜•   Conrad Choucroun: drums.
••••  NRBQ founder Terry Adams pays tribute to his favorite pianist/composer on this 2015 album, Talk Thelonious. Adams says it’s been a lifetime in the making. “I finally realized it was something I was supposed to do.” The music on Talk Thelonious is physical and cerebral, simple and complex, and full of pleasant surprises. The album features all the members of NRBQ and the Whole Wheat Horns with an added guest. •˜•  Both Adams’ arrangements and the performances stay true to the genius of Thelonious Monk while still going to some new and exciting places. Highlights include a rollicking "Hornin’ In"; an understated but breathtaking "Monk’s Mood"; a playful, buoyant "That Old Man"; a pedal steel–driven, two–stepping "Straight No Chaser"; and "Ruby, My Dear," the album’s tour de force with a triplet–driven rhythm section and tremolo electric guitar embellished sparingly by horns, strings, chromatic harmonica, flutes and accordion.
November 30th, 2015 | Updated On : December 1st, 2015
•˜•  On ‘Talk Thelonious,’ NRBQ (New Rhythm and Blues Quartet) founder Terry Adams pays tribute to his favorite pianist/composer. Not only does he pay tribute, he provides a constant interplay of instrumentation, rhythm and tempi not usually associated with Thelonious Monk. In doing so, he brings new layers of aural and emotional experience to Monk’s original interpretations.
•˜•  Some albums demand that any review list the stellar musicians. ‘Talk Thelonious,’ featuring the current incarnation of the NRBQ, is one of those albums. Joining Terry Adams (piano, pipe organ) are Scott Ligon (guitar, Hammond organ, percussion), Jim Hoke (alto saxophone, harmonica, pedal steel guitar, ocarina), Klem Klimek (alto and tenor saxophones), Pete Donnelly (electric bass), Pete Toigo (bass) and Conrad Choucroun (drums). These players all inhabit the special places where Thelonious Monk’s music lives. That is a requirement on a project this refined, and they succeed on every level.
•˜•  The music on ‘Talk Thelonious’ is live, except for one track. It is also abstract, tangible, simple, complex, playful, profound and full of notes that test your musical assumptions. Throughout, Adams’ astute arrangements amplify the genius of Thelonious Monk while still using Adams’ own voice. Adams has not only captured Monk’s music, he has also captured something of his spirit… and set it free again.
Essential Downloads: “Monks Mood,” “Straight No Chaser.” The highlight of the stratospheric album is the final track (and the sole studio recording), “Ruby, My Dear.”
•˜•  http://www.parcbench.com/
•˜•  http://michaelsmusiclog.blogspot.com/2015/09/terry-adams-talk-thelonious-2015-cd.html
Website: http://www.nrbq.com/
Michael Verity, October 30, 2015
•˜•   http://jazz.about.com/od/artistprofiles/fl/Jazz-Artist-Profile-and-Album-Review-Terry-Adams-and-Talk-Thelonious.htm

Terry Adams — Talk Thelonious (November 20, 2015)



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