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Bob Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe — I Declare Nothing

Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe — I Declare Nothing (29 Jun. 2015)

 Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe — I Declare NothingTess Parks & Anton Newcombe — I Declare Nothing (29 Jun. 2015)Ξ♣   Emotivní, okouzlující, dlouhotrvající dojem. Neexistuje žádný limit pro rozlohu představivosti. Jak se tyto široké soundscapes kroutí a vyvíjejí, zdá se, že není žádný limit na to, čeho toto duo může ještě dosáhnout ve svých proměnách.
Ξ♣   Gig Listings For July: Anton Newcombe & Tess Parks
Place: Bristol, Exchange
Price: £15, Date: 17th July 2015               ♣♣♣♣♣Birth name: Anton Alfred Newcombe
Born: August 29, 1967
Origin: Newport Beach, California, United States
Instruments: Guitar, bass guitar, upright bass, sitar, tambura, keyboards
Ξ   Toronto–based singer and songwriter whose music is an atmospheric blend of indie rock and updated psychedelia.
Born: 1992 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada ~~  London, England, UK ~~ Berlin, Germany
Album release: 29 Jun. 2015
Record Label: a Recordings
Duration:     39:47
01. Wehmut     4:07
02. Cocaine Cat     4:09
03. Peace Defrost     4:05
04. German Tangerine     4:17
05. Gone     2:50
06. October 2nd     4:19
07. Mama     3:50
08. Voyage de l´âme     4:17
09. Meliorist     3:18
10. Friendlies     4:35
℗ 2015 'a' Records
Product Description
Ξ   Available on amber 180 gram vinyl Born in Berlin in early 2014 and nurtured over the following summer, 'I Declare Nothing' is the spine–tingling collaboration between Tess Parks and Anton Newcombe (Brian Jonestown Massacre), due for release on Anton's A Recordings label on 29th June. The duo, who co–wrote and co–played on the album, they are touring across Europe this year. Tess Parks — A native of Toronto, Tess Parks moved to London, England at the age of seventeen where she briefly studied photography before deciding to focus on music. Tess made an impression on industry legend Alan McGee, founder of Creation Records, albeit the timing of their meeting could hardly have been less ideal; McGee was no longer involved in music and Tess was due to move back to Toronto. After moving back to her hometown in 2012, Tess formed a band on the advice of McGee and less than a year after their meeting, he returned to music with his new label, 359 Music. Tess became one of his first signings and released her debut record 'Blood Hot' in November 2013 to excellent reviews. One reviewer described her as 'Patti Smith on Quaaludes'. Others have mentioned her 'gauzy psychedelic sound' and 'smouldering voice'. Alan McGee himself said: 'She's only 24 and is already an amazing songwriter... she just doesn't quite know she is yet … her most beautiful quality is her lack of ego. Tess is an amazing lady'. Anton Newcombe — Anton Newcombe is the leader of the Brian Jonestown Massacre, who returned last May with their 14th full–length album 'Revelation' to critical acclaim. It is the first album that was fully recorded and produced at Anton Newcombe's recording studio in Berlin and was released on his record label A Recordings. It was supported by a successful European tour. Named in tribute to the legendary Rolling Stones guitarist and his influence in introducing Eastern culture and music into the world of Western rock & roll, Brian Jonestown Massacre formed in San Francisco, California in 1990. Two dozen band members later and numerous 'ups and downs' (some have been famously sensationalized in the media), the one thing that has always remained consistent for this psychedelic collective, is front man Mr. Anton Alfred Newcombe.REVIEW, Author Benjamin Salt, DRUNKEN WEREWOLF
Ξ   Cult hero Anton Newcombe is no stranger to collaborations and working with other musicians. As the ever–present leader of evergreen neo–psychedelic stalwarts The Brian Jonestown Massacre, he's worked with and produced countless artists, the most famous of which being The Dandy Warhols and third eye crusaders Dead Meadow. His latest collab sees Newcombe link up with Toronto born singer songwriter Tess Parks for joint album I Declare Nothing.
Ξ   Parks, herself a successful solo artist following the release of brooding 2013 album Blood Hot, takes centre stage on I Declare Nothing. Her husky baritone vocals are intoxicating and otherworldly, offering a rare and unique voice scarcely crossed in recent years. So much does she dominate proceedings, you begin to forget that Newcombe has anything to do with the record at all. This is no mean feat when you consider the abundance of riches found in his own back catalogue. In fact, it's only by track five, the driving "Gone" that his unmistakeable voice enters the fray.
Ξ   Where the lack of Newcombe’s vocal chords are noticeable, his production and guitar playing are stamped throughout I Declare Nothing. On lead single and Record Store Day release "Cocaine Cat" for instance, subtle use of varying percussion comes to the fore, whereas the epic solo and guitar outro of album highlight "Mama" could have only been played by the deft hands of Newcombe.Ξ   Where the album falls down however is not in the musicianship, but the lack of variety when each song is broken down. The majority of the ten tracks on offer follow the same formulaic song structure and rarely break from the one set tempo, thus giving I Declare Nothing the effect of merely lumbering along to its conclusion and not stimulating repeat listens.
Ξ   Fans of The Brian Jonestown Massacre and psychedelica in general will find plenty to enjoy on I Declare Nothing; from the haunting baritone of Tess Parks to the splendid arrangement and instrumentation of Anton Newcombe. However it's the lack of variety in song structures and tempos that stops the album reaching 'must listen' status. Still, a great soundtrack for any cosmic journey. Ξ   http://www.drunkenwerewolf.com/REVIEW
BY JESSICA GOODMAN, 22 JUNE 2015, 11:30 BST;  SCORE: 7/10
Ξ   Anton Newcombe of the Brian Jonestown Massacre and Tess Parks joined forces at the start of 2014. I Declare Nothing is the lingering consequence of their collaboration. Ξ   Recorded in the heat of a Berlin summertime, their joint debut is forty minutes of scorching vocals and sweltering refrains, ambling rhythms and elated rhapsody.
Ξ   Equal parts deep and blissed out, I Declare Nothing would be all too easy to switch off to and float away on. But dive beneath the tracks' shimmering surface, delve through the rich layers of sound, and you find yourself treated to something entirely more profound. Whether you want to tune out or zone in, I Declare Nothing provides the perfect setting.
Ξ   The songs transition seamlessly one into another — one long, vivid stream of consciousness brought to life by ceaseless rhythms and intricate guitars. Tess Parks' husky vocals ring through your mind long after the sound fades away, words echoing cavernously through your thoughts.
Ξ   With so many layers, you could all too effortlessly get lost in the world the duo have constructed for themselves. Elaborate and sprawling though the songs may be, their direct structure subtly ensures that the journey you take is the one you're guided on. There's no limit to the expanse of the imagination. As these broad soundscapes twist and evolve, it seems there's no limit to what this duo can achieve either.
Ξ   Sauntering with it's own aptitude, "Melorist" is an album highlight. Hip–shaking guitars and trotting rhythms meet dulcet tones and sultry words, building to a cacophony of keyboard and chaos. The rest of the album sails smoother. "Cocaine Cat" — the first track to be unveiled from the album — set a potent template for everything that follows. Delectably dreamy, Tess Parks' bewitching vocals immerse you in a setting out of time and out of place. Classic aesthetics filter through innovation and layer upon layer of meandering sound.
Ξ   Despite its stripped back structure, "German Tangerine" is one of the records strongest tracks, questioning the very nature of knowing who we are and what we want. "Gone" is as close as you get to a breakaway hit, complete with sweltering guitar solo and catchy vocal hooks. "Mama" is a chilling call to action, its all–out rock breakdown swimming through psychedelic effects as the vocals haze out of focus.
Ξ   Parks and Newcombe might be declaring nothing, but the words uttered through this album are compelling enough to leave a long lasting impression. "I found a piece of paradise and I wanted to spread it all around" Tess Parks croons on "October 2nd" — it seems that's exactly what this duo are trying to do here. Having found a heaven in their collaboration, they've crafted a debut album together that proves both emotive and enchanting. Ξ   http://www.thelineofbestfit.com/Artist Biography by Mark Deming
Ξ   A singer and songwriter who describes her music as "lo–fi alternative drones with a hypnotic vibe," Tess Parks was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Parks grew up in a musical family and had a strong interest in both music and visual art from a young age. When she was 17, she left Canada for the U.K., moving to London to attend art school, where she planned to study photography. However, as she began to investigate the possibilities of the city, Parks abandoned art school, and though she began writing songs and attracting notice as a solo act, she was forced to return to Toronto when her visa ran out. Looking to resume her musical career, in Toronto Parks put out a call that she was looking for "sexy and talented musicians," and ended up assembling a backing band called the Good People featuring guitarist Andrew McGill, bassist Thomas Huntala, and multi–instrumentalist Thomas Paxton–Beesley. In early 2013, Parks and the Good People released an EP, Work All Day/Up All Night, which they financed themselves and released online through Bandcamp. Ξ   During her time in London, Parks had struck up an acquaintance with Alan McGee, the legendary founder of Creation and Poptones Records; McGee helped guide the careers of the Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine, two acts Parks has cited as influences. When McGee heard Parks' new music, he signed her to a record deal with his new label, 359 Music. Parks' first full–length album, Blood Hot, was released by 359 in November 2013.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tessnormaparks
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/tessparks
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tessparksmusic
Press: Alix Wenmouth
Tumblr: http://tessparks.tumblr.com/

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