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The Antler King — Ten For A Bird (31 aug. 2018)

The Antler King — Ten For A Bird (31 aug. 2018)                   The Antler King — Ten For A Bird (31 aug. 2018)The Antler King — Ten For A Bird (31 aug. 2018)Location: Ghent, Belgium
Album release: 31 augustus 2018
Record Label: Sel / Sync Records / Coast To Coast
Duration:     45:06
01 448 Figures   3:45
02 Orange Monkey   4:34
03 Siberian Times   3:57
04 Beatles   4:10
05 Foreign Land   3:18
06 Pixie~Led   4:11
07 Future Echoes   2:52
08 Birds In Disguise   3:43
09 Moon Shaped Sounds   4:27
10 Il est ou le Manchot?   10:09

≡    Esther Lybeert: Vocals/Drums/Percussion/Organ/ Korg MS20/Omnichord/Soundscapes/Boiler&Chain Percussion/Kalimba/Sansula/Claps/Cowbell/Marxophone
≡    Maarten Flamand: Guitars/Vocals/Bass/Wallpaper Percussion/Soundscapes/Claps/Arp Odyssey/
Korg Minilogue/Mandola
≡    Jan Chantrain: Syncussion/Soundscapes
≡    Tom Callens: saxophones/flutes/clarinets
Male choir:
≡    Tom Wolf, Arne Leurentop, Filip Huyghebaert, Bruno Coussée
≡    All music written by Esther Lybeert & Maarten Flamand
≡    All lyrics written by Esther Lybeert
≡    All tracks recorded by Jan Chantrain and Esther Lybeert at Studio On the Moon and The Antler King homestudio.
≡    Mixed by Jan Chantrain at Studio On the Moon
≡    Mastered by Mathijs Indesteege
≡    Picture by Kaat Pype
≡    Artwork&design: Philippe De Vuyst
Mark Coenen, Woensdag 29 augustus 2018. Score: *****
✹    ‘The Antler King is het geesteskind van Maarten Flamand en Esther Lybeert. Sinds 2011 werken ze gestaag aan een pad van catchy indiepop met prachtige vocale harmonieën en kruimels psychedelica.’ Ik citeer hier graag het persbericht omdat het nagels met koppen slaat. Er is geen woord van gelogen.
✹    The Antler King is the brainchild of Maarten Flamand & Esther Lybeert; ever since 2011 they have been relentlessly paving their musical road with indie pop gems, seasoned with vocal harmonies and dashes of psychedelics. I will gladly recite the press release, because it nails their music perfectly: ‘Ten for a bird’ is a beautiful, mesmerizing, sing~a~long, melancholic, touching record. And it has a bite, with a dash of dissonance and a little lunacy. Listen to the spooky Link Wray~guitars ft. The Cramps instant classic ‘Orange Monkey’; there are more spheres here than moons around Jupiter, but mostly; always good songs! Songs that are always stripped to the bare essence and adorned with adventurous arrangements and rhythms, humming vocals and strange guitars. Most bands end up in a cul~de~sac upon reaching their third album, but The Antler King has just shifted gears. Their YouTube Channel only has 136 subscribers. The outrage!
(Humo 28/09/2018 — Mark Coenen)
✹    https://www.humo.be/
✹    A 5~star review in HUMO for ‘Ten for a bird’. That is what we call a top~review!
✹    A very good start for Ten for a Bird that received nothing good reviews.
✹    Ten for a Bird’. The Antler King’s third studio album and the second time the band worked with Jan Chantrain, who already pushed the much appraised ‘Patterns’ to greater heights.
✹    This third album confirms The Antler King’s song writing skills. On this album the band shows its true identity: edgy indie pop music, which turns ‘Ten for a Bird’ into the perfect Zeitgeist~soundtrack. Romance is omnipresent, yet bestowed with a psychedelic, dark twist, which gives the whole album a somewhat timeless feel.
✹    ‘Ten for a Bird’ is an album of a band that has fully reached its maturity. The Antler King have omitted the musical frills and kept the pure essence. The experiment serves the album well, and a dash of lo~fi electronica provides ‘Ten for a Bird’ with a trés~nu feel. 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/theantlerking
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theantlerking
Website: http://theantlerking.com/

The Antler King — Ten For A Bird (31 aug. 2018)



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