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The Barons of Tang — Into the Mouths of Hungry Giants

 The Barons of Tang — Into the Mouths of Hungry Giants

The Barons of Tang — Into the Mouths of Hungry Giants
Ξ   Melbourne, Australian based Post World Core punk band The Barons Of Tang tour all over the globe with nothing but a dream to carry them and a collective bruise to keep them warm. They write music that is both obscure and eternal with themes written for the underdogs of society. Mixing Gypsy and punk feels with whatever’s lying around the kitchen The Barons are making waves in the duck pond.
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Album release: September 20, 2013
Record Label: Bird's Robe Records
Duration:     52:32
01 Three Piece Lawsuit     4:39
02 Pocket Full of Sand     5:06
03 The Case of the Missing Moustache     5:04
04 Paper Cut     3:53
05 Apocalypse Kids     2:31
06 St' Yared's Nightmare     4:54
07 Tin Can Alchemy     4:20
08 Octopus     4:54
09 Suitcase     4:43
10 The Black Flamingo     5:41
11 Dogs of Rotterdam     6:48
Ξ   The Barons of Tang have finally brought their explosive chainsaw-folk to record with their debut album. Showcasing their compelling mix of gyspy swing, oddball groove and raucous singalongs in the same breath as complex time signatures and showstopping musicianship, the album is a long-awaited studio release for fans. Reflecting on the relentless travel the band has enjoyed and endured, across the World, the songs and instrumentals speak of the tyranny of distance, love and dysfunction, adventure and loss, the accumulation of ecstatic moments and tiny tragedies. With an arsenal of instruments including bass clarinet, accordion, banjo and double bass, 'Into The Mouths of Hungry Giants' redefines the limits of both 'punk' and 'world' music. (http://www.waterfrontrecords.com/)

By Lukas Murphy; Score: ****
Ξ   Enthrallingly chaotic yet expertly precise at the same time. If there were a way to sum up The Barons Of Tang’s debut LP, that would be as good as any. It’s not easy to describe in a few words; just as it is not easy comprehending their whole sonic concept. The Barons’ “post world core” sound — a melting-pot of metal, punk, gypsy, tango and other genres — is a thing to behold: something to which words don’t do justice. If you’re after something novel and exciting, this is most certainly it. (Fortaken: http://themusic.com.au/)
Ξ   Into the Mouths of Hungry Giants is the culmination of 6 years of travel, triumph and tribulation. The first full length album release from Australian band The Barons of Tang, it is document in experimental world music. Beautiful and brutal, it is skilful and chaotic all the while following a sonic theme that’s hard to put your finger on. True, the Barons have developed a signature sound over the years but this is the album where their full dynamics become apparent.
Ξ   The 7 piece outfit has an arsenal of Instruments at their disposal on this record, including accordion, banjo, bass and contra-bass clarinet, trombone and double bass. Ξ   The record reflects on the world-wide travel the band has enjoyed but also the tyranny of distance and loss.
Ξ   It reflects the tiny tragedies faced by traveling artists: Break ins, Break ups, break outs and break downs. Deaths and gifts wrapping, tolls and tuberculosis and maybe no ones listening or maybe you have the whole world on the edge of its seat. These are their stories, told in old and new conventions, music from the past for the future. We move through sound and light, and fall into the mouths of hungry giants.
Ξ   The release follows an incredible touring schedule for the band, most recently coming off a two-month UK & European tour, taking in Fusion Festival (Germany), Womad in Spain & the UK, Jamboree in London and Hootananny in Brixton. The band have played some of the world’s biggest festivals in recent times, including the 2012 Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Indeed, 2012 was a break-out year for the band, who completed a massive 34-date North American tour, before heading straight into the European festival season.
Ξ   This year sees them capitalise on the buzz around the band, with their debut album release and a string of.
Ξ   Julian Cue: Double & Electric Bass / Vocals
Ξ   Annie Pfeiffer: Percussion / Banjo / Vocals
Ξ   Carlos Parraga: Accordion
Ξ   Jules Brunton: Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Ξ   Aviva Endean: Bb, Bass & Contrabass Clarinets
Ξ   Anna Joy Gordon: Alto & Baritone Saxophone / Trombone
Ξ   Sean Wyers: Drums
Recorded and mixed by Matt Voigt at Sing Sing Recording Studios Melbourne, Australia www.mattvoigtproductions.wordpress.com
Mastered by Steve Smart at Studios 301 Sydney, Australia www.studios301.com
Artwork and layout by Sean Wyers www.reverbia.blogspot.com
Website: http://www.thebaronsoftang.com/
Bandcamp: http://thebaronsoftang.bandcamp.com/album/into-the-mouths-of-hungry-giants
Last.fm: http://www.last.fm/music/The+Barons+Of+Tang
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thebaronsoftang
Agent: Cathy Kirkpatrick (Nomadic Fish):
Bird's Robe Records (Australia): www.birdsrobe.com
Popup-Records (Germany): www.popup-records.de
Coop Coup d'Griffe (Canada): www.coupdgriffe.org
Ξ   Sometimes I’ll be looking through the piles of CDs sent into Forte and see nothing that I particularly want. Then I see a fantastic band name and I just have to review it. Ξ   The Barons of Tang is one such band. The Melbourne-based seven-piece produce what they call “gypsy death-core”. I can’t think of anything better to call it; it’s this crazy mix of metal, rockabilly, polka, tango and a little bit of world music.
Ξ   Throughout the album there are shades of They Might Be Giants, but that could just be their love of strange instruments. Not “strange” per se, but not what you expect from a rock band. Clarinets, accordions and saxophones abound. There is always a dozen different things going on at once; it’s fantastic. I can only imagine what seeing these guys live would be like.
Ξ   Unfortunately, seeing them live is probably the only time I could really justify listening to them. Because of the sheer craziness of everything that is happening, it’s not exactly music you can chill to, it doesn’t really have a beat you can dance to, and it’s not exactly something you could sing-along to. It’s music for the sake of music. It’s great, especially if you’re looking for something different. Buy the album or at least check out their ‘Unearthed’ page. Then go see them live. (http://fortemag.com.au/?p=9206)

The Barons of Tang — Into the Mouths of Hungry Giants




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