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The Boats — Lost Ideas (December 3, 2015)

The Boats — Lost Ideas (December 3, 2015)

           The Boats — Lost Ideas (December 3, 2015)
≡≈≡   The Boats are the well known duo of Craig Tattersall and Andrew Hargreaves, now joined by Danny Norbury on cello, as well as Chris Stewart and Elaine Reynolds on vocals. Craig has previously recorded under Hood, the Archivist and The Remote Viewer, runs the Cotton Goods label and co–runs the excellent Moteer and Mobeer labels with Andrew Johnson. Andrew Hargreaves records as Beppu and co–runs the Lacies’ label with his partner, Alice. Limited edition run of 100 copies, laser–cut and hand–assembled by the label. Includes instant download of the full release.
Album release: 03 December 2015
Record Label: OTHER IDEAS
Duration:     40:14
Tracks for Lost Ideas:
1. Side One      20:09
2. Side Two      20:05
Boomkat Product Review:
≡≈≡   Other Ideas sums up some 11 years of The Boats’ beautiful, lower case ambient pops with a rummage thru “forgotten fragments, abandoned building blocks, loops, live recordings, rehearsal tapes and orphaned songs 2003 – 2014.”
≡≈≡   In recent times the Boatsmen, Andrew Hargreaves (Beppu, Tape Loop Orchestra) and Craig Tattersall (Hood, The Remote Viewer), have veered perilously into post–industrial techno but, Lost Ideas is a return to the serene fields they frolicked before they went feral — encircling dusted downbeats, pastoral chamber pop and the swaying fronds of deserted, intimate live sessions in a water–stained flick–book of a compilation.
≡≈≡   For anyone who has followed their oeuvre over the past decade and more, from earliest emissions on Moteer thru their tiny treasures for Japan’s Flau and later dreams with Danny Norbury and Demdike Stare’s Miles Whittaker, such as Ballads Of The Research Department for 12K, the core duo and their pals have left a delicious trail of sonic breadcrumbs along a variegated and winding path.
≡≈≡   If you’re familiar with their frayed sound, this tape is a must–have, filling in all the gaps and cracks in their catalogue but, if you’re a newcomer, it’s also a fine place to sample their crackly, slow–burning and tenderly nuanced atmospheres.
≡≈≡   https://boomkat.com/ / Label: http://oursmallideas.tumblr.com/
≡≈≡   A former member of The Hood in the mid–to–late 90s, alongside Remote Viewer and [Invalid Artist] bandmate Andrew Johnson, Tattersall's music can be found these days more often under his Humble Bee alias; as a founder member of The Boats; and in his collaborative works with the likes of [Invalid Artist] in [Invalid Artist], Daniel Crossley in Margins and his series of releases with Thomas Shrubsole.
≡≈≡   Tattersall founded and has run the quietly influential Cotton Goods CDr label since late 2008, designing and hand–making the signature packages of each release.
≡≈≡   Historically (activities seemingly having been wound–up for the most part) co–ran Moteer (established 2003) and Moteer sub–label Mobeer (putting out a series of ten 3" CDR–based releases packed with specially designed beermats between 2008 – 2010) alongside Andrew Johnson.
≡≈≡   Also co–runs the ongoing Other Ideas label with The Boats bandmate Andrew Hargreaves.
≡≈≡   In collaboration with Thomas Shrubsole set up the Local Studies imprint in early 2015.

The Boats — Lost Ideas (December 3, 2015)



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