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The Chameleons Dreams in Celluloid: A Collection of Rare Recordings (2013)

 The Chameleons — Dreams in Celluloid: A Collection of Rare Recordings (2013)

The Chameleons — Dreams in Celluloid: A Collection of Rare Recordings
Home is where the heart is.
Founded: 1981, Middleton, Greater Manchester, England
Location: Middleton, England
Album release: June 17th, 2013
Record Label: Blue Apple Music
Duration:     78:52
CD1 - Dreams In Celluloid
01. The Fan and the Bellows     (3:33)
02. Dali's Picture     (4:07)
03. Everyday I'm Crucified     (3:28)
04. Looking Inwardly     (4:26)
05. Nostalgia     (5:27)
06. Turn to Vices     (3:55)
07. Love Is     (4:02)
08. Nathan's Phase     (3:09)
09. Dreams in Celluloid     (6:42)
10. Things I Wish I'd Said     (5:19)
11. Less Than Human     (4:34)
12. In Shreds     (4:09)
13. Prisoners of the Sun     (4:21)
CD2 - Tony Fletcher EP
01. Is It Any Wonder      (5:42)
02. Free for All     (4:22)
03. The Healer     (7:04)
04. Denims and Curls     (4:24)
Past members:
♠ Mark Burgess
♠ Reg Smithies
♠ Dave Fielding
♠ John Lever
♠ Brian Schofield
♠ Martin Jackson
♠ Alistair Lewthwaite
♠ Andy Clegg
♠ Kwasi Asante
Website: http://www.thechameleons.com/
♠  The Irish Centre, Leeds
♠  The Guardian, 3rd August 2001
♠  Irish Centre, Leeds - Rating: **** (four stars out of five)
♠  There's a wonderful - if apocryphal - story about the major-label A&R team that was dispatched to Manchester in the 1980s with instructions to sign the band that was making enormous waves in the north-west. The industry bods took one listen to the sounds at the Hacienda, and Geffen signed the Chameleons. The story goes that it wasn't until much later that someone told them they'd actually been sent to secure the Stone Roses.
♠  The tale underlines the peculiar seductiveness of four lads from Middleton, Manchester, who should have shook the world. Sadly, just when they were on the verge of massive US success, they split in 1987 after the death of manager Tony Fletcher.
♠  The oddest thing about the Chameleons' comeback is that they've carried on exactly where they left off, with their devoted fanbase still intact (the Verve and the Gallaghers reputedly among its members) and new album Why Call It Anything? picking up their trademark sound as if it were something they'd left in the garage.
♠  In the old days, their elemental anthems came from somewhere deeper than a record company balance sheet, and this hasn't changed. When singer Mark Burgess loses himself in the still awesome Soul in Isolation, you wonder what on earth went on in those mysterious lost years.
♠  The gig has an eeriness that makes for an untypical but thoroughly hypnotic two hours. In a low-key warm-up for their Manchester homecoming, the band mostly ditch the rockier numbers in favour of a stream of introspective songs. Of the old, the heroin-haunted Caution (from 1987's Strange Times, their sole work for Geffen) is particularly stunning. But the newer songs, with Reg Smithies and Dave Fielding's interlocking guitars at their telepathic best, have a positivity to match their melodies. Anyone Alive? stands defiant in the face of Dubya Bush, while Miracles and Wonders sees toaster/ percussionist Kwasi Asante step on stage for a beautiful and optimistic reggae lilt.
♠  The Chameleons may have missed the commercial boat in 1987, but they have still made a fascinating voyage.
♠  The Chameleons play Manchester Academy (0870-534 4444 ) tonight, then tour.
♠  Guardian Unlimited © Guardian Newspapers Limited 2001
♠  http://www.guardian.co.uk/Archive/Article/0,4273,4233051,00.html
♠  © Dave Simpson
Studio albums:
Script of the Bridge (1983)
What Does Anything Mean? Basically (1985)
Strange Times (1986)
Strip (2000)
Why Call It Anything? (2001)
This Never Ending Now (2002)
Tony Fletcher Walked on Water.... La La La La La-La La-La-La (1990)
Live albums:
Live at the Markthalle, Hamburg (1985)
John Peel Sessions (1990)
Tripping Dogs (1992)
Here Today... Gone Tomorrow (1992)
Live in Toronto (1992)
Aufführung in Berlin (1993)
The Radio 1 Evening Show Sessions (1993)
Free Trade Hall Rehearsal (1993)
Live Shreds (1996)
Recorded Live at the Gallery Club Manchester, 18th December 1982 (1996)
Live at the Witchwood (2000)
Live at the Academy (2002)
Acoustic Sessions (2010)
Compilation albums:
The Fan and the Bellows (1986)
Dali's Picture (1993)
Northern Songs (1994)
Return of the Roughnecks – The Best of The Chameleons (1997)
Video releases:
Live at the Camden Palace (1985)
Arsenal (1995)
Resurrection Live (2001)
Live at the Gallery Club & The Hacienda, Manchester (2002)
Live from London (2004)
Singing Rule Britannia – The Chameleons Live (2004)
Ascension (2006)
"In Shreds"/"Less Than Human" (1982)
"Up the Down Escalator"/"Monkeyland"/"Prisoners of the Sun" (1983)
"As High as You Can Go"/"Pleasure and Pain"/"Paper Tigers" (1983)
"A Person Isn't Safe Anywhere These Days"/"Thursday's Child"/"Prisoners of the Sun" (1983)
"Singing Rule Britannia (While the Walls Close In" (double A-side; 1985)
"Tears"/"Paradiso"/"Inside Out" (1986)
"Swamp Thing"/"John, I'm Only Dancing" (1986)
♠  The Chameleons reconvened in January 2000 to prepare for a May tour of England, which was followed by further, international tours. 2000 also saw the release of the album Strip, featuring older material reworked in an acoustic format. After a final studio album, 2001's Why Call It Anything?, another unplugged album (This Never Ending Now) and a reunion tour which took them across Europe and the United States, the band dissolved once again in early 2003.
♠  In 2009, Mark Burgess and John Lever reformed to play Chameleons back catalogue material, under the name Chameleons Vox.
Born: May 11, 1960
♠  Burgess formed The Chameleons in 1981, with guitarists Dave Fielding and Reg Smithies and drummer John Lever. After three full-length albums, the band split up in 1987, with the relationship between Burgess and Fielding particularly strained.
♠  Soon after, Burgess and John Lever formed The Sun and the Moon with guitarists Andy Clegg (who had played keyboards with The Chameleons) and Andy Whitaker, releasing an eponymous 1988 album on Geffen before splitting up.
♠  Zima Junction, Burgess' first solo album (under the name Mark Burgess & the Sons of God), was released in 1993, backed by former Wonky Alice guitarist Yves Altana, among others. The duo of Burgess and Altana issued the Paradyning album a year later.
♠  In 1997, Burgess and Altana formed Invincible, recording the album Venus with drummer Geoff Walker in a water tower in North Manchester. The group toured the UK in 1998 with Phil Cuthbert playing bass and keyboards. Following the tour, Cuthbert left the group to pursue a solo career, at which point Burgess took over on bass, and Danny Ashberry was recruited to fill the keyboard/backing vocal role. After several concerts, Walker was replaced by drummer Craig Barrie. Upon the album's release in 1999, Invincible embarked on a successful UK tour, before the band disintegrated.
♠  The Chameleons reunited in 2000 with all four original members, originally for several live performances in England. They eventually added Ghana-born percussionist/vocalist Kwasi Asante, releasing several live albums and one new studio recording, Why Call It Anything, and touring North America, before a final acrimonious breakup in early 2003.
♠  Burgess and Altana next formed the band Bird, initially with Barrie on drums (supporting New Model Army on their UK tour). In 2006 they enlisted drummer Achim Faerber, playing a selection of Invincible and Chameleons songs interwoven with a selection of new material. In November 2006, Bird played a short set at the Middleton Civic Hall, Manchester as part of a benefit concert for lighting technician and ex-Chameleons live keyboard player Andy Moore, who had been diagnosed with a brain tumour whilst touring with Jamie Cullum. Moore died one year later, in November 2007.
♠  In 2007, Burgess joined forces with Jack Sobel and John Kolbeck, formerly of The Messengers, to form Black Swan Lane. Augmented by former Burgess bandmates Altana and Faerber, Asante, and guest vocalist Anna-Lynne Williams (Trespassers William), they soon recorded A Long Way From Home, issued on Eden Records. One of the album tracks, "In the Ether," was later featured in 2009 film Adventureland.
♠  On 7 November 2008, Burgess, Sobel, Andy Clegg and Andy Whitaker performed a one-off concert as The Sun and the Moon in Atlanta, Georgia. During the rehearsals for this show, Clegg and Whitaker became involved in the writing and recording of the second Black Swan Lane album, The Sun and the Moon Sessions. Asante and Burgess friend Jimmy Oakes also contributed to the album, issued in June 2009.
♠  The Mark Burgess autobiography, View from a Hill, was released by the independent Guardian Angel publishing house in 2007.
♠  In November 2009, a five-song EP with producer Pocket was released, featuring two songs, "A Force of Nature" and "Heaven," with lyrics and lead vocals by Burgess. In 2009, Burgess reunited with Lever under the name The Chameleons Vox, performing and touring Chameleons back catalogue material. He currently performs with John Lever's band, Bushart, throughout Europe.
♠  Burgess toured the United States from 2009-2011, performing acoustic and live full band shows.

 © Chameleons Vox, Rock in den Ruinen 2013 in Dortmund. Mark Burgess (voc, bass)/Date 27 April 2013, 16:43:51/Author: Smial
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The Chameleons Dreams in Celluloid: A Collection of Rare Recordings (2013)




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