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The Daredevil Christopher Wright The Nature of Things (2012)

The Daredevil Christopher Wright — The Nature of Things (2012)

The Daredevil Christopher Wright The Nature of Things 
Formed:  2004 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Location: Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Album release:  June 26, 2012
Record Label:  ??
Duration:    40:42
01 I & Thou     3:08 
02 Divorce      2:29 
03 Blood Brother     3:23 
04 We Fold Inside of Us     4:06 
05 Church     3:09 
06 Andrew the Wanderer     4:48 
07 Ames, IA     3:44 
08 San Francisco Bay     feat. Caroline Smith    3:43 
09 Pale Horse, Pale Rider     2:36 
10 The Birds of the Air and the Flowers of the Field     3:13 
11 The Animal of Choice     6:23 
Album themes: Solitude-Winter-Autumn-Introspection-Reflection-Rainy Day-Friendship    ///   Website: http://music.thedaredevilchristopherwright.com/   /// Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/daredevilchristopherwright
Group Members:
Jon Sunde
Jason Sunde
Jesse Edgington
The Daredevil Christopher Wright  Artwork, Composer, Mixing, Primary Artist
Jesse Edgington  Group Member, Layout
Carl Saff  Mastering
Caroline Smith  Featured Artist
Patrick Stolley  Engineer, Mixing
Jason Sunde  Group Member
Jon Sunde  Group Member
Adam Wheeler  Photography

Review by Fred Thomas
Hailing from the relatively small Eau Claire, WI, music scene, the Daredevil Christopher Wright might have something of a kid brother complex going on. Though the band was formed in 2004, its relatively sporadic output had been celebrated in part due to involvement from fellow Eau Claire musician Justin Vernon of Bon Iver’s connection to the group’s 2009 debut album, In Deference to a Broken Back. Vernon mixed several songs on that album, which was a colorful affair that used a wide variety of guest musicians and auxiliary sounds to augment singer/songwriter Jon Sunde’s winsome orchestral folk-rock.
For its second album, The Nature of Things, the band tones down the instrumentation some but still fits nicely in the niche carved out by the brighter stars of the neo-folk-rock scene. The a cappella harmonies that begin “Blood Brother” ride a melody that sounds not just cribbed from the Bon Iver handbook but lifted outright. This gives way unexpectedly to a jittery pseudo-African guitar figure and spare percussion before the band inexplicably pauses for an extremely awkward 16 seconds before blurting out another verse and then ending abruptly. The song is a series of strange choices in arrangement, and the weirder the band gets, the easier it is to forget the hyper-derivative intro, but there are fragments of copycat sounds intermingled throughout the more interestingly weird choices on the album. Vocal-heavy songs like “Church” and “Ames, IA” rely on ghostly harmonies and spare instrumentation, ending up in a strange daydreamy territory somewhere between a SMiLE-era Beach Boys outtake and half-composed Fleet Foxes tune. There are also strong undercurrents in the songs of both late-’60s soft psychedelia like Kevin Ayers or Robert Wyatt as well as late-’90s Chicago post-rock touches. The Nature of Things pairs these obtuse influences with experimentally minded arrangements and production, as on the cavernous percussion and hall-closet vocal miking of “Pale Horse, Pale Rider” and the shimmering highlife guitar tones of “Andrew the Wanderer.” Their sound is still couched heavily in sometimes benign indie folk songcraft, but the ride gets more interesting when the group’s idiosyncracies bubble over in the mix or peek offishly from behind corners. Never bland, the Daredevil Christopher Wright rise from good to great when they let their freak flag fly and allow their true weird personalities to come out.

Biography by Fred Thomas
The Daredevil Christopher Wright were formed in 2004 by brothers Jon and Jason Sunde. The brothers Sunde (Jason on vocals and bass and Jon on vocals and guitar) were joined by fellow Eau Claire, Wisconsin, musician Jesse Edgington on vocals and percussion and set about formulating their unique indie sound, drawing on influences from late-'60s British folk as well as the Laurel Canyon folk scene. The trio self-released its self-titled debut EP in September of 2005, followed by the very communal and freak folk-steeped three-song EP The East Coast in November of 2008. The band's debut full-length, In Deference to a Broken Back, arrived in May of 2009 on Amble Down Records, with nine of its 11 tracks mixed by Bon Iver main man Justin Vernon. The songs on the album were inspired in part by Jason's struggles with a debilitating back injury. Once Jason was on the mend, the band played often, opening shows for Bon Iver as well as participating in Midwestern indie festival Pygmalion and recording a Daytrotter session. The group's second full-length album, The Nature of Things, arrived in 2012.

The Daredevil Christopher Wright
The Daredevil Christopher Wright The Nature of Things (2012)





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