The Feather — Room (10 July, 2020)           The Feather — Room (10 July, 2020)   The Feather — Room (10 July, 2020)♣ℜ♠    Hudebníci musí být kreativní nejen ve studiu. V problémových dobách, které známe, je propagace nového alba nebezpečnější než kdy jindy. Mezi hrůznými zprávami a bezpečnostními pokyny není snadné hovořit o jeho hudebním projektu. Některým se však daří lépe než jiným. Na Liégeois (Facebook) Thomas Médard zahájil sérii „Room Sessions“, které fungují dobře. Můžete mi vysvětlit, odkud název The Feather pochází? „Symbol peří je metaforou mé hudby. Představuje atmosférickou stránku mých písní. Moje nové album obsahuje také lehké a snové prvky a podle mé postavy poznáte mou hudbu. Proto jsem si vybral název „peří“. Nyní pracuji na něčem novém. Je to píseň s mnohem více elektronickými vibracemi a je mnohem tanečnější. To je také směr, kterým se chci ubírat svou hudbou k budoucnosti.“ — Thomas Médard
It has been six years since the release of ‘Invisible’, Thomas Medard’s debut album under The Feather moniker, a delicately intimate solo record which saw Dan San frontman relentlessly tour across Europe and North America .
♣ℜ♠    After spending some time off the road to write and experiment, Thomas is back in 2020 with his Sophomore effort ROOM — to be released on April 24 via [PIAS] Recordings Belgium. The Belgian singer~songwriter departs this time from folk trails to offer an intimate dream pop powered by synthesizers, drum machines and classical instruments.     Location: Liége, Belgium
Album release: 10 July, 2020
Record Label: PIAS
Duration:     41:52    
01. Closer   3:26
02. Sister   3:52
03. Higher   3:29
04. Stay Up   3:28
05. Come First   3:04
06. Louder   3:42
07. Is It Enough To Try   4:51
08. Firework   3:31
09. At Sea   3:21
10. Low Days   3:47
11. Beautiful Lie   5:21
♣ℜ♠    After working in the shadows for Blanche, Noémie Wolfs (Hooverphonic), Condore,... and many various projects (compositions for about 15 shorts, documentaries, plays and promotional spots), Thomas is now ready to deliver his own vision to the world through his new album ‘ROOM’ released on [PIAS].
♣ℜ♠    Six years after the delicate ‘Invisible’, the artists trades the folk arrangements of his previous works for grand pianos and synthesizers. Both organic and synthetic, ‘ROOM’ intends to reunite opposites. By confronting modern production approaches to his lo~fi sensibility, Thomas builds dream pop reveries out of pianos beds and drum machines; a timeless place where vintage synths, saxophones and exotic percussions meet.
♣ℜ♠    While ‘ROOM’ is undeniably less introverted than its predecessor, it is also the most personal album Thomas has ever written. Stranded at home before all of us after suffering from rare disease that saw him cancel an entire tour, Thomas spent the last few years in seclusion, taking care of his newly~born daughter. Over time, he turned his home studio into a refuge; a Thebaide he could confine in to write himself down into songs. His daughter, his love, the passing of time, the ever~changing world and the hardships of his personal journey constitute the major themes of the album.
♣ℜ♠    Stay Up’ is perhaps the song that best synthesizes the rebirth of The Feather as a musical project and of Thomas Médard as a person.
♣ℜ♠    This song is both simple and sophisticated, bright and dark. His light and heady bass line contrasts with his almost desperate lyrics. ‘Will you stay up if I’m away, leading the long ride’. Thomas talks about his lack of control over the limits of his own body. ‘There’s something in the way, it’s a fire. Burning down my wings and pulling me under.’
♣ℜ♠    ‘But at the same time I think I could never have let go so much to the point of making songs so different from my comfort zone without having lived such dark times.’ explains Thomas.   ♣ℜ♠


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