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The Hundred in the Hands — Love in the Black Stack (June 15th, 2017)

The Hundred in the Hands — Love in the Black Stack (June 15th, 2017)

 The Hundred in the Hands — Love in the Black Stack  The Hundred in the Hands — Love in the Black Stack (June 15th, 2017)♠♠•   We met and fell in love in 2007, signed to Warp Records not long after and have been making music together ever since. On Warp, we released the 6 song “This Desert” EP, an 11 song self~titled LP, “Red Night” LP and 4 singles featuring remixes from Andy Stott, Patten & Kyle Hall. LVBS is the first release on our own label/journal, New Ancestors.
Location: Brooklyn, New York, NY, U.S.
Album release: June 15th, 2017
Record Label:
01. Red Eyes Rising     7:00
02. Pale Moon Out     5:15
03. Psalm Slung Low     2:02
04. Felt A Love     5:14
05. Worm Moon Idyll     1:56
06. Proof Of Love     4:23
07. Settle In Close     4:07
08. On Ruins     1:49
09. Under The Long Swell     1:48
10. Wade Up     4:27
11. I Follow     3:17
•   Eleanore Everdell: Vocals, keyboards, programming.
•   Jason Friedman: Keyboards, programming, percussion, guitars.
•   Gabrial Andruzzi: Additional keyboards, programing & percussion.
•   Vito Roccoforte: Additional percussion, programing & keyboards.
“Red Eyes Rising”, “Felt A Love”, “I Follow” & “Proof Of Love”
•   Produced Vito Roccoforte & Gabriel Andruzzi.
•   Mixed by Gabriel Andruzzi.
•   Recorded & mixed at Earth2Ether & Loose Heads.
“Pale Moon Out”
•   Produced by Vito Roccoforte & Gabriel Andruzzi.
•   Mixed by Gabriel Andruzzi & Jason Friedman.
•   Recorded and mixed at Earth2Ether & Loose Heads.
•   Lead Vocals recorded by Jonathan Kreinik at Boombox Magnetica.
“Wade Up”
•   Produced by Jason Friedman.
•   Additional production by Vito Roccoforte & Gabriel Andruzzi.
•   Mixed by Jason Friedman & Gabriel Andruzzi.
•   Recorded and mixed at Loose Heads & Earth2Ether.
“Psalm Slung Low”, “Worm Moon Idyll”, “Settle In Close”, “On Ruins” & “Under The Long Swell”
•   Produced and mixed by Jason Friedman at Loose Heads.
•   Lyrics to “Red Eyes Rising”, “Pale Moon Out”, “Psalm Slung Low”,
•   “Felt A Love” by Jason Friedman.
•   Lyrics to “Settle In Close”, “Wade Up”, “I Follow” by Eleanore Everdell.
“Proof Of Love” lyric by EE & JF.
•   All songs © & (p) 2017 Eleanore Everdell & Jason Friedman
•   EEE Music ASCAP, Weare Boggs Music ASCAP.
•   The Hundred in the Hands return with their third album Love in the Black Stack; a swoony late~night soundtrack to the catastrophic present.
•   Eleanore Everdell & Jason Friedman began working on these intimate new songs and ambient tracks using cassettes recorded in the late ‘90’s, demos, voice~memos, field recordings and other half~ forgotten ephemera collected over the years. They then went back into the studio with producers Vito Roccoforte and Gabriel Andruzzi (The Rapture, Vito and Druzzi) — who both add their indelible stylistic synth and percussion work — and together helped re~work the material for an album conceived as the score to a larger art installation/performance piece.
•   The final 11 songs yo~yo from the insular romance of “I Follow”, “Pale Moon Out” and “Felt a Love” to the jagged pulse of “Proof of Love”, “Red Eyes Rising” and cascading drive of “Wade Up”; alternately grounded in the deep searching harmonies of Eleanore’s layered vocals and the purposeful silences and slipped rhythms of the off~kilter production.
•   With lyrical through~lines moving from satellites and constellations “high above the earth,” through “telephones ringing in empty rooms” and unwinding under rising tides — and with themes loosely touching on gentrification, environmental collapse, and occult technological faiths — Love in the Black Stack is an attempt to find the gaps still ungoverned by these global forces and to create sense and connection from incomprehension and dislocation.
Website: https://www.loveintheblackstack.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheHundredInThe
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jason.g.friedman
Bandcamp: https://thehundredinthehands.bandcamp.com/album/love-in-the-black-stack

The Hundred in the Hands — Love in the Black Stack (June 15th, 2017)



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