THE LEAGUE OF ASSHOLES — UNPLUGGED (1st May 2020)THE LEAGUE OF ASSHOLES — UNPLUGGED (1st May 2020)  THE LEAGUE OF ASSHOLES — UNPLUGGED (1st May 2020)   THE LEAGUE OF ASSHOLES — UNPLUGGED (1st May 2020)★★★★★★★★★ Absolutely top album. Passage of the human voice from 9:00 to 11:00 min. is the first peak. And others follow: the melody of North Africa. Desert music.  I have always longed for musical expression, where social madness is also depicted musically. Chtělo by to nějaké video. Jak krystalická modernita leží rozdrcena nevyhnutelnou fakticitou naší biologie, naše těla buffovaná primitivními a neviditelnými silami, společnost hudebníků je rozprášena karanténou, uchopující spojení. Básníci zvukového vznášejícího se pokorného obětování do nekonečného moře neustálých nul a jedniček. League of Assholes již existuje. A my jsme tam byli, křičeli do prázdnoty, která se vrhla do naší modernosti, když Amerika zvolila svého prvního tyrana a jeho doprovodný maelstrom neschopnosti, nenávisti a krutosti. Location: Encinitas, California
Album release: May 1, 2020
Record Label: Titicacaman Records
Duration:     31:56
1. UNPLUGGED      31:56
Participants (in alphabetical order):
↵    Christopher Adler: piano
↵    Abel Ashes: acoustic guitar, electronics, breathing
↵    Dylan Lee Brown: drums, guitar
↵    James Call: Bastardized File
↵    Chickens: laying eggs in Pennsylvania
↵    Randy Chiurazzi: guitar
↵    Thomas Dimuzio: Buchla 200, Metasonix Wretch Machine
↵    Dogs: barking
↵    Barney Firks: bass
↵    Chet Harrison: viola
↵    Greg Hohman: utensils
↵    Damon Holzborn: synthesizer
↵    Michael Johnson: voice
↵    Jeff Kaiser: trumpet, voice
↵    KP: health alerts
↵    Charles Maynes: sonic nauseation
↵    Jessica Radulovich: bell, silence
↵    Marcelo Radulovich: guitar, voice, melodica, bass, percussion, synth, mix master Radul
↵    Rain
↵    Bill Ray: drums
↵    Scott Sayre: piano, melodica, trombone
↵    Bart Stull: guitar, electronics
↵    Gabriel Sundy: baritone sax
↵    Thunder
↵    Wind
↵    David Ybarra: bass, drum machine, harmonica
↵    Recorded in various locations of the USA and Africa.
↵    Assembled/mixed by Marcelo Radulovich at Titicacaman Studio, spring 2020.
↵    Cover illustrations by Morgan Miller III
★   As crystalline modernity lays shattered by the inescapable facticity of our biology, our bodies buffeted by primitive and invisible forces, the society of musicians is atomized by quarantine, grasping for connection. Poets of sound float humble offerings into an infinite sea of impermanent zeros and ones. The League of Assholes is already there. And we have been there, screaming into the void that ripped into our modernity as America elected its first tyrant and his attendant maelstrom of incompetence, resentment, and cruelty. The grains of our screaming voices, transmitted by telephone and soundfile, coalesced into the inaugural release IN OGRE ATE. Never seeing one another’s shattered faces or knowing of one another’s sound offerings, our compositional unity is polymorphous perversity in digital incarnation. After five releases, our void has become the condition of a world under quarantine. Our atomization is state policy. Once again, we scream, apart, and together.
★   UNPLUGGED follows the sound collage process and purging tradition of previous League of Assholes albums, featuring creative contributions by a host of brilliant usual suspects and inspired performances by new kindred spirits, good headphones and high volume are recommended. UNPLUGGED is available as a free download, courtesy of The League of Assholes and Titicacaman Records. Thanks for listening!
★   Long inactive as a band the roots of The League of Assholes stretch back to the late 1990’s when a rotating breed of adventurous guitarists would gather to improvise dissonance. Disclaimer: The League of Assholes does not exist, there is no league and the participants in this work are not assholes.