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The Legendary Pink Dots All The King’s Sessions (2011)

The Legendary Pink Dots – All The King’s Sessions (2011)
Origin: London, UK
Label: Trademark Of Quantity – none
Format: CDr
Released: Jun 2011
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Psychedelic Rock, Experimental
Members: Edward Ka-Spel, Phil Knight, Erik Drost, Raymond Steeg
Past members: Ryan Moore, Bob Pistoor, April White, Patrick Wright, Lilly Ak, "Macrobiotic" Bart, Marylou Busch, Rik Chevrolet, Tony Copier, Erik Drost, Sally Graves, Barry Gray, Vincent Hoedt, Ignit, Calyxx Ka-Spel, Lisa, Michael Marshal, l
Hans Meyer, Nienke, Elke Peucker, Jason Salmon, Mark Thrasher, Keith Thompson, Edwin von Trippenhof, Frank Verschuuren, Julia Niblock Waller, Patrick White, Graham Whitehead, Halekka Malaizhista, Martijn de Kleer, Niels van Hoorn.
1.) Dark Entry / Synthesizer – Silverman, The Sounds, Voice – EK*  7:46  
2.) The Way I Feel Today / Voice, Keyboards – EK*  3:47  
3.) Unrest / Voice, Keyboards – EK*  4:27  
4.) Diary / Voice, Keyboards – EK*  4:48  
5.) Coming In Waves / Keyboards, Sounds – SM*  6:29  
6.) It's The Real Thing / Voice, Keyboards – EK*  4:02  
7.) The Loudest You Can Do / Keyboards, Voice – SM* / Electronics – EK* / Saxophone – Niels Van Hoorn  6:25  
8.) The Brightest Star Over Bremen / Voice, Keyboards – EK* / Violin – Martyn De Kleer* / Keyboards, Electronic Drums, Synthesizer – SM*  9:18 
"Latest and possibly the best Trademark of Quantity CDR so far. A trawl through the archive produced many treasures. Unheard demos of songs and colourful psychedelic excursions."
"It was an austere time and much music was made as it was hard to escape the feeling that time was utterly precious." - Edward Ka-Spel
Songs are outtakes and alternate versions from 'All The King's Horses' and 'All The King's Men'.
Packaged in a white sleeve with laser printed stickers on front and back and a paper insert inside.
(1981) Only Dreaming
(1982) Brighter Now
(1983) Curse
(1984) The Tower
(1985) The Lovers
(1985) Asylum
(1986) Island of Jewels
(1988) Any Day Now
(1989) The Golden Age
(1990) Four Days
(1990) The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse
(1991) The Maria Dimension
(1992) Shadow Weaver
(1993) Malachai (Shadow Weaver Part 2)
(1994) Nine Lives to Wonder
(1995) From Here You'll Watch the World Go By
(1997) Hallway of the Gods
(1998) Nemesis Online
(2000) A Perfect Mystery
(2002) All the King's Horses
(2002) All the King's Men
(2004) The Whispering Wall
(2004) Poppy Variations
(2006) Alchemical Playschool
(2006) Your Children Placate You from Premature Graves
(2008) Plutonium Blonde
(2010) Seconds Late for the Brighton Line
(2011) All The King’s Sessions
Website: http://legendarypinkdots.org/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/thelegendarypinkdots
Last.fm: http://www.last.fm/music/The+Legendary+Pink+Dots
Facebook/Wikipedia: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Legendary-Pink-Dots/103146316392449?sk=info
Tour dates:
Date-                   Location-                               Venue-
04 Sept.      2011 Berlin, D Drop Dead Festival (@ The Maria)
11 October 2011 Copenhagen, DK tba
12 October 2011 Stockholm, S tba
20 October 2011 Gdynia, PL Ucho
22 October 2011 Lublin, PL Electric Nights Festival
23 October 2011 Warsaw, PL Progresja
27 October 2011 Amsterdam, NL Wilhelmina Pakhuis 
28 October 2011 Duisberg, D Steinbruch 
29 October 2011 Kortrijk, B tba
30 October 2011 London, UK Corsica Studios

Original page: http://www.undergroundbee.com/2008/10/24dots/index.htm

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