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The Limiñanas — Shadow People (January 26, 2018)

The Limiñanas — Shadow People (January 26, 2018)

 The Limiñanas — Shadow People (January 26, 2018)
••     Odkud pocházíte a kam spějete? Vezmeme~li v úvahu jako podnět éru uvolněnějšího konce repertoáru Velvet Underground a spolupráci Serge Gainsbourga s Brigitte Bardot, “Shadow People” má spoustu záchytných bodů, aby nás pozvedl do stavu psychedelie v jakémsi zamlženém evropském tripu, který dokáže rozkývat hlavy a swingující kyčle. S pomocí spolucestujících jako jsou Anton Newcombe z Brian Jonestown Massacre a bývalého baskytaristy New Order Petera Hooka si Marie a Lionel Limiñana vezmou motorické groovy, manické příchutě a chladné, ale přesto náladotvorné vibrace jako prostředek ke změně nálady do sluncem zalité psychedelie, která sice nemůže pomoci, ale aspoň vyloudí na tváři úsměv. On their 5th album, this French duo have hit their stride with a vengeance; mixing magically psychedelic folk/pop~drone melodies with a rhythmic/Motorik rock flow that chugs along like a zoned~out power engine on a mission to find out where the world ends. These are songs with a hypnotic & driving beauty that’s couched in a mysteriously compelling aura of attraction; they gently demand that you come along for the ride. Guests include members of Brian Jonestown Massacre, New Order, Bel Canto Orchestra, Les Enfants Des Autres, Hair & The Iotas, The Pink Tiles. Sometimes recalls artists like The Holydrug Couple, Moon Duo, Brian Jonestown Massacre, New Order, The Velvet Underground, The Black Angels, Spiritualized, Brian Eno, Jesus & Mary Chain. The cohesive and consistent brilliance of the songs here, their never~ending emotional pull, and the continuity of rhythmic vibration to the next land — these all combine to make this the first great album of 2018. “Shadow People” is an absolute stunner! Highest Recommendation. (Charlie Quaker)
••     Indie band that recaptures the glory days of ‘60s French pop. This personal work, with a little help from my friends and partners,
is essentially direct to improve new musical projects as well as discovering and giving new birth to old musical gems lost in time.
••     There are some qualities~some incorporate things, That have a double life, which thus is made. A type of that twin entity which springs From matter and light, evinced in solid and shade.Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.
Location: Perpignan, Cabestany, deep south of France
Genre: French Pop, Neo Psychedelia, Garage Rock Revival, Alternative
FORMED: October, 2009
Album release:  January 26, 2018
Recording Location: Cabestany Cobra Studio, Berlin; Secret Location Sound, Melbourne; Valley Studio, Manchester
Record Label: Because Music
Duration:     39:15
01. Ouverture     3:19
02. Le Premier Jour     2:58
03. Istanbul Is Sleepy     3:52
04. Shadow People     3:12
05. Dimanche     4:24
06. The Gift     5:01
07. Motorizatti Marie     3:56
08. Pink Flamingos     2:45
09. Trois Bancs     5:28
10. De la part des copains     4:20 
Best track: “Istanbul Is Sleepy”
••     Bertrand Belin Composer, Solina, Vocals
••     Richard Bellia Photography
••     Pascal Comelade Piano
••     Peter Hook Bass, Composer, Mixing, Vocals
••     Benjamin Joubert Mastering
••     Helmut Kool Piano
••     Lionel Limiñana Bass, Bouzouki, Composer, Engineer, Farfisa Organ, Fuzz Guitar, Guitar (Ac+El), Korg Synthesizer, Producer, Stylophone, Vocals
••     Marie Limiñana Drums, Percussion, Vocals
••     Serge Limiñana Composer
••     Paul Maybury Engineer
••     Phil Murphy Bass Engineer, Mixing
••     Anton Newcombe Composer, Engineer, Guitar (El), Mellotron, Mixing, Producer, Vocals
••     Guillaume Picard Composer
••     Renaud Picard Vocals, Vocals (Background)
••     The Pink Tiles Vocals, Vocals (Background)
••     Laurent Sales Bouzouki, Oud
••     Emmanuelle Seigner Featured Artist, Vocals
••     David Simon Artwork
••     Ivan Telefunken Guitar (Electric)
••     Andrea Wright Engineer, MixingFotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.Description:
••     French psych duo The Limiñanas have released a new track taken from their Istanbul Is Sleepy EP, due out November 17th via Because Music. The band, who are set to release a new album early next year, recently shared a video for EP track “Shadow People”. Featuring acclaimed French actress Emmanuelle Seigner. “Shadow People” was recorded in The Liminanas’ home studio in the South of France, and finished at The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe’s studio in Berlin.
••     Lionel from the band explains: “The shadow people are an American myth, they are described as furtive apparitions, comparable to ghosts observable from the corner of the eye. These “spirits” accompany throughout your all life, a sort of paranormal glue stuck to you… Emmanuelle came to visit us in the South of France, and we asked her to sing “Shadow People” with Renaud Picard, the singer from Hair and the Iotas. We recorded it in just a few minutes over an afternoon…”. Emmanuelle Seigner added: “A friend introduced me to The Liminanas, I was in love with their Music. Three days before our first meeting, Lionel Liminana called me and offered me to sing on one song off their new album. He sent me ‘Shadow People’. Then we recorded directly at their home, it was fast, easy and pretty natural”.
••     One of France’s most beloved treasures, The Limiñanas are Marie (drums/vocals) and Lionel (guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals). Hailing from Perpignan, the duo straddles the boundary between psych, shoegaze, and yé~yé. With hazy, reverb~laden hooks, combined at times with noisy distortion, and fronted by effortlessly cool vocals, reminiscent of Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot, the band is at once timeless and quintessentially French.
by Rob Taylor  |  on 15 January 2018  |  Rating: 9 
••     Following the swanky cool of the E.P Istanbul is Sleepy by a few months, the new album from French veterans of 60s garage beat and psychedelia, The Limiñanas, peddles a similar groove~enriched strain of psych~rock that sounds contemporary, while cribbing the best of their influences.
••     Musical couch~surfer, Anton Newcombe has been collaborating with the band in recent times. This has had the effect of synthesising the relative strengths of each of the artists. A coterie of friends indeed. Also, since Malamore, The Limiñanas have shifted a little more into the trance aspects of psych~pop, whilst sheltering behind vocals inspired by the detached cool of Serge Gainsbourg, the great French master of pop erotica. The voice on tracks such as ‘Dimanche’ has a rhythmic drive and poetic meter. It doesn’t even matter what the [mostly] French lyrics reveal because the voice, as an instrument, caresses the mood so effortlessly. It matters not from where the breeze emanates. The guitars layer the sound with looping melodica and percussion, a gently assuaging sound that manages to incorporate the sound of police sirens on ‘De La Part Des Copains’, as if this is no longer an intrusion but shares a comforting affinity with urban life. The mood is nonchalant, a kind of ambulatory effervescence that doesn’t share the darkness of much of the psychedelic oeuvre.
••     The ‘Ouverture’ sets the pace, a kind of Mozartian scene setting for much of what is to follow, themes that will recur — guitars, sitars, tambourines, distant broadcasts — a panoply of 60s garage sound updated with great enthusiasm for the easy swagger. ‘Le Premier Jour’ is sexy as hell, and surely is the godchild of later era Serge. Whatever the fuck it translates to, the vocals are the sensorial equivalent of a tropical massage. Beautiful stuff. ‘Istanbul is Sleepy’ males a re~appearance from the EP of 2017, and why not, it’s psych~pop masterwork.
••     ‘Shadow People’ is predominantly the female vocal of Guest, Emmanuelle Seigner which is a simple tune executed beyond its station. Deceptively engaging. ‘Trios Bancs’ is quite possibly the most accomplished track, setting a trance much like Moon Duo without the vortex of freaky guitar. Here the Interplay between the Limiñanas is so hot, it’s little wonder the album cover is drenched in sunburnt orange.
••     An early contender for me.   ••     https://soundblab.com/
Written By Hal Horowitz  |  January 17, 2018  |  Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
••     Few acts play so successfully with the juxtaposition of dark and light as France’s The Limiñanas. This married duo found its distinctive direction as early as the opening track on 2010’s auspiciously titled debut “The Darkside.” Five albums and seven years later, Shadow People continues the twosome’s lyrical and musical blueprint, heavy on the murky noir they have been perfecting on a batch of increasingly impressive if under the radar, especially in the States, works.
••     It’s a ravishing, sexy and entirely European sound, albeit one strongly influenced by American acts such as the Velvet Underground, Phil Spector and ‘60s girl groups. Add a splash of Jesus and Mary Chain, Ennio Morricone soundtracks, the Raveonettes and even early New Order (that band’s Peter Hook guested on a previous disc), then season with vocals in French, Italian and English for a decidedly artsy approach that never feels studied or pretentious.
••     The stripped~down lineup of Marie on drums and guitarist Lionel mirrors the White Stripes, yet The Limiñanas sound nothing like that Jack White~led outfit. Rather the French couple cooks up a cool, occasionally ominous and always intriguing groove by juxtaposing their musical touch points and adding plenty of overdubs. If a track doesn’t need vocals as in the opening, psychedelically slathered “Ouverture” and closing spaghetti Western~styled “De La Part Des Copains,” those remain as instrumentals. And if the song works better with just Lionel talking over a Spector~ized “Be My Baby” beat with his grizzled Lou Reed~styled growl on “Le Premer Jour,” or the murky thumping of “Dimanche,” that’s what happens. You won’t need to understand French to get sucked into The Limiñanas vortex of sound. It may be better if you don’t since that generates a more mysterious, enigmatic vibe.
••     The mood lightens slightly for the pop strains of the title track, one that could easily slot into Robyn Hitchcock’s catalog. And even though “The Gift” borrows its title from a VU tune, the approach is full~on New Order circa Power, Corruption & Lies. In contrast to Lionel’s gritty voice, Marie’s gossamer, often ghostly tone is the Britta to her husband’s Dean, another duo that this one borrows some inspirations from. There’s even room for a spiked, punked~out garage surf instrumental on “Motorizatti Marie.”
••     While the dizzying array of sounds The Limiñanas fuse into their splendidly unique final product might make it seem like the mess you get throwing these against the wall, it works unusually well. And at a relatively compact 40 minutes, you’ll find yourself wanting more of wherever this came from. ••     https://americansongwriter.com/
By Ben Salmon  |  January 26, 2018  |  11:33am  |  Score: 6.7
••     It’s easy to make The Limiñanas’ brand of rock ‘n’ roll sound cool.
••     Plug in some amps. Make ‘em buzz. Pound out an ominous, tom~heavy drumbeat. ••     Play one note on the bass a hundred times. Write a cool guitar lick and repeat it. Get a dude or gal to lay down diabolically droning vocals. Cultivate a psychedelic vibe, man.
••     So yeah…it’s pretty easy to make that concoction sound cool. It’s much harder to make it sound interesting.
••     The Limiñanas have the cool part down. The French duo has been pumping out buzzy psych~rock with a shadowy vibe for a decade, consistently releasing their work via ultra~hip record labels (Hozac, Trouble in Mind, and now Because Music). Their music is the aural equivalent of a shapely cloud of cigarette smoke hanging elegantly in a ray of light…with sunglasses on.
••     The band’s new album Shadow People has its share of that stuff. Opener “Ouverture” pairs a steady, stomping beat with a guitar line that seems to be descending stairs that go down forever. The reverbed guitars and spoken French vocals of “Le Premier Jour” blend into something like Serge Gainsbourg doing slo~mo surf~rock.
••     “Dimanche” follows a slightly quicker pace and features windswept, high~pitched sounds for flavor. And closing track “De La Part Des Copains” pushes The Limiñanas through a cinematic filter; its mournful horns tell a vivid story without uttering a word. (Lionel and Marie Limiñana should do film scores, if they’re not already.)
••     Elsewhere, the band does explore other sonic ideas, too, often through the work of guests. Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe adds a little sizzle to “Istanbul is Sleepy” with his simmering vocal, and New Order bassist Peter Hook injects “The Gift” with a sense of swing and a bit of bounce that’s nowhere else to be found on Shadow People.
••     On “Motorizatti Marie,” The Limiñanas showcase their punk streak and lighten the mood with some piano. “Pink Flamingos” belongs on the soundtrack to a candy~coated, English~language dream. But the band’s most successful trip comes on the title track, which soars higher anything else on the album, thanks in part to the buoyant guest vocals of French actress Emmanuelle Seigner.
••     There are truly transcendent moments on Shadow People, they’re just nestled in among the ones that never quite lift off. Add it all up and The Limiñanas remain a very cool band, which is a perfectly fine thing to be.  ••     https://www.pastemagazine.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theliminanas/
Label :
Booking :
About The Liminañas
••     Working in the sweetly swinging tradition of Serge Gainsbourg and the yé~yé sound of the ‘60s, the Limiñanas have a sound that blends sunny psychedelia with vintage pop. Based out of Perpignan, France, the group is composed of drummer and sometime vocalist Marie Limiñana and bassist, organist, and jack~of~all~trades Lionel Limiñana, as well as a host of guest vocalists including MU. With its combination of fuzzy organ, half~spoken/half~sung vocals, and vintage production, the band captures the sexy, ultra~hip sound of classic French pop. After releasing a series of singles, the duo released its self~titled debut in 2010 through the Chicago label Trouble in Mind. The band continued to crank out singles, and a second album, Crystal Anis, followed in the summer of 2012. After taking some time to revamp the Limiñanas’ sound to introduce more elements of French and Italian soundtrack music, the duo returned quickly with its third album for Trouble in Mind, 2013’s Costa Blanca. After a collection of singles was released by TiM (I’ve Got Trouble in Mind: 7” and Rare Stuff 2009/2014), the duo teamed with French guitarist Pascal Comelade to make the Traité de Guitarres Triolectiques LP in 2015 for Because Music. The next year, they released their fourth album, Malamore. It featured Comelade on one song and former New Order bassist Peter Hook on another. After the release of a late~2017 EP, Istanbul Is Sleepy, which featured the band working with Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe, they returned with Shadow People. The quintessentially Limiñanas~sounding record had guest appearances by Hook, actress Emmanuelle Seigner, Newcombe (who produced the record), and French vocalist Bertrand Belin. Because Music issued the album in early 2018. ~ Gregory Heaney

The Limiñanas — Shadow People (January 26, 2018)



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