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The Monochrome Set
Spaces Everywhere

The Monochrome Set — Spaces Everywhere (16 March 2015)

           The Monochrome Set — Spaces Everywhere 
Location: Hornsey, England
Album release: 16 March 2015
Record Label: Tapete | TR 303
Duration:     34:06
01 Iceman     3:13
02 Fantasy Creatures     3:41
03 Avenue     3:44
04 Oh, You're Such a Star     2:45
05 Rain Check     3:53
06 When I Get to Hollywood     2:42
07 The Z Train     4:00
08 The Scream     3:37
09 In a Little Village     3:04
10 Spaces Everywhere     3:27
•  Bid
•  Lester Square
•  Andy Warren
Past members:
•  J.D. Haney
•  Charlie Harper
•  Jeremy Harrington
•  Philip Morris
•  Lexington Crane
•  Orson Presence
•  Carrie Booth
•  Nicholas Weslowski
•  James 'Foz' Foster
•  Tony Potts
•  Jennifer Denitto
→   Recorded in Brixton in London, has the potential to become a classic, the potential to be a hit. While music historians and critics continue to grapple with the baffling reasons why this band has never attained major success, the in–crowd has always known what they have in THE MONOCHROME SET. Time and again, the story is repeated of how Johnny Marr found a single by the band in Morrissey's record collection and decided it might not be a bad idea to start a band with the somewhat eccentric singer.
→   The influence of THE MONOCHROME SET on bands like Felt, Franz Ferdinand, Belle and Sebastian or the Strokes can hardly be ignored.                                              © Credit: Martin Morris
Reviewed by Tim Peacock, Score: ****
•  Eligible bachelors back in the game
•  Whether there’s truth in the notion that a near–death experience heightens a person’s lust for life, it’s undeniable that The Monochrome Set have enjoyed something of a renaissance since frontman Bid’s near–fatal brain aneurysm in 2010. •  The London–based quartet quickly bounced back from the trauma with 2012’s credible Platinum Coils, arguably bettered it with 2013’s Super Plastic City and now unveil Spaces Everywhere: quite possibly their most essential waxing since 1982’s irresistibly suave Eligible Bachelors.
•  The band’s integral elements (Bid’s laconic wit; Lester Square’s reassuringly eccentric guitar motifs; Steve Brummel’s inventive drumming) remain crucial to the plot throughout, but on Spaces Everywhere they’re fortified by palette-broadening textures such as vibraphones, banjos, Dave Greenfield–esque Hammond organ solos on Rawhide–esque rumble The Z–Train, and even some fragrant, Bryter Layter–style flute embroidery on the gripping, if slightly surreal, title track.
•  As with all above–par Monochrome Set LPs, Spaces Everywhere is also littered with classic Bid–penned bon mots, but while priceless couplets abound (“Clickety fingers that snap to the beat of a dicky ticker” from the jazzy, 50s–style Rain Check takes some beating), the heartfelt Fantasy Creatures ably demonstrates that Bid can hit pay dirt even when he ditches both irony and innuendo. :: http://recordcollectormag.com/
By Jon Gordon, February 24, 2015
:: http://www.adequacy.net/2015/02/the-monochrome-set-spaces-everywhere/
Studio albums:
•  Strange Boutique (1980, Dindisc)
•  Love Zombies (1980, Dindisc)
•  Eligible Bachelors (1982, Cherry Red)
•  The Lost Weekend (1985, Blanco Y Negro)
•  Dante's Casino (1990, Vinyl Japan)
•  Jack (1991, Honeymoon)
•  Charade (1993, Cherry Red)
•  Misère (1994, Cherry Red)
•  Trinity Road (1995, Cherry Red)
•  Platinum Coils (2012, Disquo Bleu)
•  Super Plastic City (2013, Disquo Bleu)
•  Spaces Everywhere (2015, Tapete Records)
Website: http://www.themonochromeset.co.uk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/themonochromeset
Label: https://www.facebook.com/themonochromeset

The Monochrome Set
Spaces Everywhere




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