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The Moonlandingz — Interplanetary Class Classics (March 24, 2017)

 The Moonlandingz — Interplanetary Class ClassicsThe Moonlandingz — Interplanetary Class Classics (March 24, 2017) ↔★••→   Jejich debut skrývá mnohem mocnější úder než výstup prakticky jakékoliv jiné současné skupiny.
↔★••→   On “Black Hanz”, the undisputable jewel in the crown of Interplanetary Class Classics, Johnny Rocket launches into the first verse with a phrase that perfectly encapsulates the essence of The Moonlandingz project: “Tomorrow’s World was such a relief, yeah; you didn’t have to prove everything you believed.” For what is this album, really, other than a thrillingly daft and ambitious exercise in sheer self~belief, framed within a purely speculative vision of a future from the perspective of a past which never truly existed?” (Luke Cartledge)                                                                                                                                         Location: Sheffield/London/New York
Album release: March 24, 2017
Record Label: Transgressive
Duration:     41:37
01 Vessels     3:31
02 Sweet Saturn Mine     3:48
03 Black Hanz     4:22
04 I.D.S.     3:47
05 The Strangle Of Anna (feat. Rebecca Taylor)    3:41   
06 Theme From Valhalla Dale     1:13
07 The Rabies Are Back     3:11
08 Neuf Du Pape     2:50
09 Glory Hole (feat. Randy Jones)     4:03
10 Lufthansa Man     4:59
11 This Cities Undone (feat. Yoko One & Friends)    6:11
↔★••→   Adrian Flanagan, Dean Honer, Lias Saoudi, Saul Adamczewski                            ↔★••→   “It is with a great lack of humility that I would like to announce the release of the album of the epoch, a derogatory slap in the face of good taste and decency, an album synthesised out of pure irresponsibility and sheer self~adoration. Consider this album two great monoliths, one of misanthropy the other self~love, it is unyielding in its perfect duality. There shall be no such thing as pop music henceforth, for in the wake of this cultural Big Bang all other efforts in the medium will appear to be what they always truly have been: puddles of tepid consciousness.” — J. Rocket in Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia on November 21st, 2016
↔★••→   Green vinyl edition limited to 250 copies. Only order on www.chimeramusic.com.
↔★••→   Green hype sticker states: “Debut album from semi~fictional, psych Pop supergroup, The Moonlandingz. Created by the Eccentronic Research Council with Fat White Family’s Lias & Saul and ft. guests Yoko Ono, Randy the Cowboy from the Village People, Sean Lennon, Rebecca from Slow Club & Phill Oakey.”                                 Review
Dave Simpson, Thursday 23 March 2017 21.00 GMT / Score: ****
↔★••→   As an increasingly homogenised pop landscape reaches peak Sheeran, this collaboration between part of the Fat White Family and Sheffield electronic oddballs Eccentronic Research Council adopts a gleefully untamed, bull~in~a~record~shop approach. It’s an inspired mish~mash of Glitter Band tribal drumming, a howling wolf, tuneless saxophone squawking, heavy breathing and at least one narrative about castration; a sort of Cramps~meet~B~52s Hammer horror~rock monster. Guests range from a wailing Yoko Ono to the cowboy from the Village People (on schlock stomper Glory Hole). It should be an unholy mess, but songs as diverse as The Strangle of Anna (an outsider ballad sung by Slow Club’s Rebecca Taylor), Black Hanz (motorik electro psych) and I.D.S. (about Iain Duncan Smith, with the chorus “40,000 years of Job Club”) are held together by really sharp songwriting, and laden with pop hooks. There will be more considered and crafted albums released this year, but few that are so much fun.  ↔★••→   https://www.theguardian.com/                                                        Review
Greg Cochrane 1:06 pm — Mar 24, 2017 — Score: 8
↔★••→   Bonkers and brilliant album made by members of the Fat White Family, featuring Yoko Ono
↔★••→   If The Moonlandingz sometimes seem so ludicrous it feels like they’ve stepped from of the pages of a particularly surreal story, it’s because they have.
↔★••→   Starting life in the imagination of Sheffield experimental outfit Eccentronic Research Council, they were the fictional band at the centre of their 2012 concept album ‘Johnny Rocket, Narcissist, & Music Machine… I’m Your Biggest Fan’ narrated by actress Maxine Peake, who introduced them as “a cosmic kraut~abilly group, wearing lederhosen and tin~foil socks”.
↔★••→   Lias Saoudi and Saul Adamczewski from Fat White Family helped tell the story of ‘Johnny Rocket’, bringing the contorted concept to life. Not forgetting ECR’s Dean Honer, who used to be part of All Seeing I (of ‘Beat Goes On’ fame in 1998). Confused? The blurred lines are kinda the point and half the fun. But now The Moonlandingz have turned fiction into semi~reality by making their debut album… and it’s brilliant.
↔★••→   And because they’re not ‘real’, this supergroup of sorts, have license to do anything. On stage, that means you’ll see creepy ringleader Johnny Rocket (Saoudi) wearing earrings made of ham and bracelets carved from loafs of bread. It’s a wild, entertaining spectacle. At one particularly provocative show in January, Rocket turned up to a gig at a European music conference naked apart from a glitter codpiece, a poncho and ‘LEAVE’ scrawled across his face in lipstick. You don’t get that at a Drake show.
↔★••→   Like their gigs, the album’s packed with outlandish spills, too. While songs like ‘Vessels’, ‘Sweet Saturn Mine’, ‘Black Hanz’ and ‘The Rabies Are Back’ are all a bit daft, they’re also catchy, indie~disco dancefloor~ready pop songs in their own sinister, nightmarish way. The most immediate moments might come when Saoudi — sorry, Johnny Rocket — unleashes his ghoulish Nick Cave impression, but there’s variety here, too. Downbeat moody duet ‘The Strangle Of Anna’ is ostensibly The Velvet Underground’s ‘I’ll Be Your Mirror’ given a contemporary spin.
↔★••→   It ends with the unlikely pairing of The Human League’s Phil Oakey and Yoko Ono howling on a cosmic six~minute electronic~prog wig~out ‘The Cities Undone’. You couldn’t make it up. Accept, well, The Moonlandingz just have. ↔★••→   http://www.nme.com/
By Luke Cartledge / 14 MARCH 2017, 09:30 GMT / Score: 8
↔★••→   https://www.thelineofbestfit.com/reviews/albums/the-moonlandingz-interplanetary-class-classics
Will Hodgkinson, March 24 2017, 12:01am, The Times / Score: ★★★★☆
↔★••→   http://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/times2/pop-the-moonlandingz-interplanetary-class-classics-23zhv9wd0
Label: http://www.transgressiverecords.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/themoonlandingz/
Website: http://themoonlandingz.com/

The Moonlandingz — Interplanetary Class Classics (March 24, 2017)



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