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The Posies
Solid States (May 6, 2016)

The Posies — Solid States (May 6, 2016)

              The Posies — Solid States (May 6, 2016) The Posies — Solid States (May 6, 2016)♠  Seattle–based melodic power pop band whose music pays tribute to Merseybeat and the Hollies’ harmonies.                                                 
Ken Born: October 30, 1968, Hollywood, California, United States
Location: Bellingham ~ Seattle, Washington, U.S.
Album release: May 6, 2016
Record Label: My Music Empire / Lojinx
Genre: Alternative, Indie Rock, Power Pop
Duration:     44:02
01. We R Power     2:53
02. Unlikely Places     3:42
03. Scattered     3:40
04. Titanic     3:49
05. Squirrel Vs Snake     3:54
06. March Climes     3:50
07. M Doll     3:01
08. The Definition     3:42
09. The Plague     3:59
10. Rollercoaster Zen     3:39
11. The Sound Of Clouds     3:50
12. Radiance     4:03                                                                                                  Notes:
♠  The iconic band from the Pacific Northwest is now nearing thirty years of making intelligent, hard–to–classify music since releasing a home recorded album, Failure initially as a self–released cassette, in 1988. From their early 60s–tinged retro pop, to their latest work, Solid States, the Posies have always been pushing the boundaries. Folky long before deerskin vests and beards became the standard costume of Seattle; bookish and sensitive long before Death Cab For Cutie had driver’s licenses...the Posies have pursued their craft with an unwavering commitment to excellence and experimentation. Musicians from all genres hold the Posies as a touchstone for songwriting craft; indie nerds regularly include the band’s 1993 landmark album Frosting on the Beater as a highlight of the decade. Following such major life changes as a move to France for founding members Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow, and the tragic loss of drummer Darius Minwalla last year, the band has reinvented their sound again with swirling programmed beats & dark synth tones, while still representing their uncanny ability to harmonize and pluck heart strings. Think Kings of Convenience backed by the Books and you have a taste of what this album is about.
♠  A critically acclaimed solo artist, Jon Auer is also the singer/songwriter/co–founder of The Posies and a current member of musical legends Big Star. On his most recent solo release, SONGS FROM THE YEAR OF OUR DEMISE, Auer displays his undeniable knack for combining the highly melodic with the emotionally and psychologically complex, arguably mining more intimate and cinematic territories than in any years previous and in the process creating the best reviewed work of his career. NPR picked SONGS… as one of the best releases in 2006 and in the three–plus years since Auer has toured everywhere from Australia to Zurich and many points between. His one man troubadour–style show is the perfect way to experience his compositions and stories at their most revealing and rewarding.
♠  Auer’s remarkable career started in the late ’80s in Bellingham, Washington where he formed legendary alternative pop band The Posies at the age of 17. Their first record FAILURE was recorded and mixed by a teenage Jon in his father’s home studio after school and on weekends. Two years later The Posies signed a deal with DGC/Geffen and ultimately recorded three records for them, including DEAR 23 (featuring the Jon–composed single “Golden Blunders”, later covered by former Beatle Ringo Starr) and the landmark FROSTING ON THE BEATER, which includes Jon’s classic singles “Dream all Day”, “Flavor of the Month”, and “Definite Door” as well as his dark and epic “Coming Right Along” which was featured in the film of THE BASKETBALL DIARIES and praised by Jim Carroll himself. A key player in The Posies songwriting force, Jon also wrote “Going, Going, Gone” for the 3 million–plus selling REALITY BITES soundtrack. The Posies are still together, recording for the Ryko label, and to date have released six studio albums, an e.p., two live albums, a 4–CD box set, and a “Best Of” collection.
♠  In and around all other activities, Auer nurtured a sizable international production and mixing career including many releases for Indie giant Sub Pop and working with Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo on You Am I’s Australian no. 1 record HI FI WAY. Auer’s most recent productions include THE REAL FEEL, the soon–to–be–released disc from Pavement’s Spiral Stairs for the Matador label.
♠  The Posies’ success also led to Jon becoming a part of the reformed Big Star with original members Alex Chilton and Jody Stephens. The current lineup played its first show in 1993 and now 16 years later is still touring and even recorded a new album (IN SPACE) whose lead track “Lady Sweet” was written and sung by Jon. In addition, Auer spent time in Nashville collaborating with Ben Folds on the latest (yes, he of “Star Trek” fame) William Shatner record, HAS BEEN, with Folds also serving as producer. Along with THE PERFECT SIZE EP and a mini–album of covers, “6 & ½”, Auer is still supporting his well received full–length solo CD SONGS FROM THE YEAR OF OUR DEMISE and working steadily towards his next release.
Website: http://theposies.net/
Website: http://kenstringfellow.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kenstringfellow
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ken-Stringfellow-182479805077/


The Posies
Solid States (May 6, 2016)



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