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The Republic Of Wolves — No Matter How Narrow [2013]

 The Republic Of Wolves — No Matter How Narrow

The Republic Of Wolves — No Matter How Narrow
Location: Riverhead ~ Long Island, NY
Album release: December 17, 2013
Record Label: The Republic Of Wolves
Duration:     41:49
01. Frozen Feet      (3:10)
02. Stray(s)     (4:53)
03. Spare Key      (3:45)
04. Greenville, MO      (3:51)
05. Pioneers      (4:32)
06. Keep Clean      (4:00)
07. Arithmetic On The Frontier      (2:02)
08. Turning Lane      (3:53)
09. Vinedresser      (3:44)
10. Orange Empire      (3:37)
11. Through Empty Vessels      (4:21)
2013 The Republic Of Wolves
The Republic Of Wolves is:
¬ Mason Maggio
¬ Billy Duprey
¬ Christian Van Deurs
¬ Gregg Andrew Dellarocca
Supporting Musicians:
◊  Dan Gluzak (Drums on Tracks 1-5, 7-11)
◊  Will Noon (Drums on Track 6)
◊  Natalie Kress (Violin on Tracks 6, 8, 11)
◊  Nate Dimeo (Spoken Word on Track 8)
◊  All Songs Written by The Republic Of Wolves
◊  Produced by The Republic Of Wolves
◊  Mixed by Mason Maggio
◊  Mastered by Alex Saltz (APS Mastering, NYC)
◊  Cover Art by Ben Kehoe
◊  Layout Designed by Billy Duprey and Mason Maggio
Troy Sennett; December 11th, 2013; Score: 8/10
◊  Like just about everyone else, I first heard The Republic of Wolves when some of their songs were uploaded to YouTube as leaked demos from Brand New’s Daisy. Since then, the Long Island, New York band has been busy honing their sound on a steady stream of releases, including their 2010 debut full-length, Varuna, and the end result of that growth is the dynamic and engaging fusion of pop and emo rock on No Matter How Narrow.
◊  I had second thoughts about mentioning Brand New debacle in this review not only because how far in the past it is but because The Republic of Wolves have succeeded in defining themselves on their own terms. The sonic similarities are still present in the guitar riffs and vocal melodies punctuated with screaming on songs like “Pioneers” and “Arithmetic On the Frontier,” but this is no longer “the band that sounds like Brand New.” Take the opening track, “Frozen Feet,” for example. The sparkling, smooth production and restrained groove combine to create a subdued pop song that is equal parts Deas Vail and Come Now Sleep-era As Cities Burn. The further The Republic of Wolves push in that direction, the better they get.
◊  The album’s best tracks, “Keep Clean” and “Turning Lane,” are its cleanest. The guitars are light on overdrive, and the band forego flashy acrobatics in favor of tight drum beats and pleasant background melodies that set the stage for frontman Mason Maggio’s vocals. Maggio is in top form on the whole record, but his best moments come on the soaring, half-time choruses of “Keep Clean” and “Spare Key” and the quiet introspection of “Vinedresser.” Lyrically, he avoids obvious clichés and overdone themes, but outside of a few gems scattered across the album (I particularly like “Have you had the honor yet of being completely hopeless, or are you just pretending like me?” from “Spare Key”), his lyrics aren’t especially memorable. In the end, however, that isn’t a huge problem, since his expressive voice gives life to nearly every line.
◊  It’s a shame that No Matter How Narrow’s mid-December release date means it will likely be overlooked in the flurry of end-of-the-year lists and holiday preparations, but the mood of the album is a perfect fit for the winter months. There are songs to play on dark, snowy nights (“Greenville, MO”) and songs that counteract the cold with a fireplace-like warmth (album-closing ballad “Through Empty Vessels”). While the latter are The Republic of Wolves’ strong suit on No Matter How Narrow, the entire record is well worth a listen, and it will likely stay in my rotation well into the new year.
Website: http://republicofwolves.com/
MySpace: https://myspace.com/therepublicofwolves
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/therepublicofwolves
Bandcamp: https://therepublicofwolves.bandcamp.com/
Tumblr: http://therepublicofwolves.tumblr.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/therepublicofwolves
Press:   // Review by SowingSeason Emeritus; Score: 4,5/5: http://www.sputnikmusic.com/review/40475/The-Republic-of-Wolves-Varuna/

The Republic Of Wolves — No Matter How Narrow [2013]




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