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The Residents — Presents: The Delta Nudes Greatest Hiss (2013)

 The Residents — The Delta (2013)

                    The Residents — The Delta
ζ   Formed in 1972, The Residents are an avant garde art collective that has released over 60 albums, numerous music videos & short films, 10 DVD's & 3 CD-ROMS.
Genre: Experimental, Avantgarde
Location: Shreveport, Louisiana ~ San Francisco ~ San Mateo, California
Album release: 2013
Record Label: Mute (EMI)
Duration:     55:17
01. Sokurha      (2:06)
02. Moonman      (1:55)
03. Aircraft Damage      (3:52)
04. Baby Skeletons and Dogs      (2:44)
05. The Mad Sawmill      (1:31)
06. I Hear You Got Religion      (6:26)
07. Number 1      (2:40)
08. Blow Bluesy Balloon      (3:36)
09. The Ballad of Stuffed Trigger      (2:54)
10. Goodbye Lover      (2:39)
11. Overday      (2:16)
12. King Kong      (4:09)
13. Maggie’s Farm      (1:25)
14. Party of ’71      (2:59)
15. Hallowed Be Thy Ween      (14:05)
ζ   Much of the speculation about the members' true identities swirls around its management team, known as the Cryptic Corporation. Cryptic was formed as a corporation in California by Jay Clem (born 1947), Homer Flynn (born April 1945), Hardy W. Fox (born 1945), and John Kennedy in 1976, all of whom denied having been band members. (Clem and Kennedy left the Corporation in 1982, much to the chagrin of some fans.) The Residents members do not grant interviews, although Flynn and Fox have conducted interviews with the media.
ζ   Nolan Cook, a prominent collaborator with the group in both the band's live and studio work (as well as being a live member of I Am Spoonbender), denied in an interview that Fox and Flynn are the Residents, saying that he has come across such rumors, and they are completely false. However, Cook himself is considered a member of the band by some, as he is known to wear the same head coverings as the rest of the group during live shows, even wearing the trademark eyeball mask during the Wormwood Tour.
ζ   William Poundstone, author of the Big Secrets books, compared voiceprints of a Flynn lecture with those of spoken word segments from the Residents discography in his book "Biggest Secrets". After noting similar patterns in both, he concluded "the similarities in the spectograms second the convincing subjective impression that the voices are identical." He posited that "It is possible that the creative core of the Residents is the duo of Flynn and Fox." A subset of that belief is that Flynn is the lyricist and that Fox writes the music. In addition BMI's online database of the performance rights organization (of which the Residents and their publishing company, Pale Pachyderm Publishing (Warner-Chappell), have been members for their entire careers), lists Flynn and Fox as the composers of all original Residents songs. This includes those songs written pre-1974, the "Residents Unincorporated" years, the year Cryptic formed.
ζ   Simon Reynolds wrote in his book "Rip It Up and Start Again: Post Punk 1978–1984" that "The Residents and their representatives were one and the same", elaborating on one of his blogs that "this was something that anybody who had any direct dealings with Ralph figured out sooner rather than later". Reynolds quotes Helios Creed, who identifies The Residents as a keyboardist named "H", a singer named "Homer", and "this other guy called John"; and Peter Principle of Tuxedomoon, who claims that: "We eventually figured out that the guy doing the graphics and the engineer in the studio were in fact the Residents".
ζ   Cryptic openly admits the group's artwork is done by Flynn (among others), under various names that, put together, become "Pornographics", but the pseudonym is rarely spelled the same way twice (examples: Porno Graphics, Pore No Graphix, Pore-Know Graphics); and that Fox is the sound engineer — meaning that he is the main producer, engineer, master, and editor of all their recordings. (Since 1976, the Residents' recordings have all listed their producer as the Cryptic Corporation, presumably meaning Fox in particular.) Many other rumors have come and gone over the years, one being that 60s experimental band Cromagnon shared members with the band.
ζ   Most recently, the group's Facebook presence lists the members of The Residents as "Randy", "Chuck", and "Bob". Furthermore, a synopsis for their 2012 stage production "Sam's Enchanted Evening" provides the name "Randy Rose" as that of the Residents' lead singer. While it is clear that the Cryptic Corporation has chosen to share this information publicly, no further confirmation — nor any context as to the roles of "Chuck" and "Bob" in the group, or if these names are, indeed, the names of the group's members appears to have been issued to date.
Website: http://www.residents.com/home/
MySpace: https://myspace.com/theresidents
The Moles present The Residents: http://www.theresidents.co.uk/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/theresidents/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheOfficialResidents?v=wall
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=theresidents

The Residents — Presents: The Delta Nudes Greatest Hiss (2013)




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