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The Spring Standards  Yellow//Gold (2012)

The Spring Standards — Yellow//Gold (2012)

              The Spring Standards — Yellow//Gold
Location: New York, New York, USA
Album release: May 1, 2012
Record Label: Parachute Shooter Records
Duration:     52:07
01. Only Skin     2:56
02. Heavy Home     3:43
03. Chicago     4:49
04. Crushing Pennies     3:00
05. Enemies     4:17
06. Wildfire Forest     5:40
07. So Simple So True     3:36
08. Nightmare     3:50
09. Watch The Moon Disappear     3:59
10. Rusty Wheels     4:59
11. Here We Go     3:32
12. Unmarked Pill     7:37
The band members are:
¬ James Cleare — vocals, acoustic and bass guitars, and drums
¬ Heather Robb — vocals, melodica, keyboard, glockenspiel and drums
¬ James Smith — vocals, acoustic and bass guitars, harmonica, trumpet and drums
¬    The lovely, soaring “Only Skin” opens The Spring Standards’ forthcoming release, yellow//gold.
¬    Comprised of 2 very different EPs, the yellow side is a seven~song collection that ventures through the depths of nostalgia by way of Heather Robb’s hushed vocals and soft melodies. The flip side gold, however, takes a more up~tempo approach in its five~track compilation. As exemplified by James Cleare and James Smith’s edifying “Here We Go,” gold represents a more rollicking journey of youth.
¬    The three members of The Spring Standards grew up along the Pennsylvania/Delaware border and began playing music together in 2008.
¬    Each person plays multiple instruments and sings and their upcoming album explores the range of such musical diversity.
Website: http://www.thespringstandards.com/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/thespringstandards / Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Spring-Standards/22313881085
¬    The Spring Standards are a talented trio of musicians hailing from Brooklyn, NY. They have toured the US relentlessly over the past couple of years and are finally releasing a new album in the form of the Yellow//Gold EPs. These New Yorkers play a form of indie folk rock that is both catchy and intriguing in their songwriting. Sometimes the songs sound nothing alike. All three members are multi~instrumentalists and share vocal duties. Not one song on either of these EPs is bad, it just fails in finding a true identity for the band. Each singer holds their own on their respective songs, it just doesn’t flow well when the next song is completely different than the previous.
¬    Heather Robb stands out on EP openers “Only Skin”(Yellow) and “Nightmares” (Gold‘s closing track). “Unmarked Pill” is an epic electro~pop~rock song simliar to a musical rollercoaster ride that peaks and drops, then ends with a jazzy like horn leading a steady drum beat. The Spring Standards sound great when all three members are featured vocally in a song and the sound tends to blend well with the rest of the music. Not a bad album at all, it just takes a little time to get used to.
Fortaken: http://www.theowlmag.com

Photo by Kate Stein in My Photos by                                                                                                               © Kate Stein photographerThe Spring StandardsPhoto by Theresa Phan The Spring StandardsPhoto by Theresa Phan The Spring StandardsPhoto by Theresa Phan The Spring StandardsPhoto by Theresa Phan The Spring StandardsPhoto by Theresa Phan The Spring StandardsPhoto by Theresa Phan The Spring Standards                                                                          © Theresa Phan Photographer

The Spring Standards  Yellow//Gold (2012)





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