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The Syn — Trustworks (March 25, 2016)

The Syn — Trustworks (March 25, 2016)

                         The Syn — Trustworks (March 25, 2016)  The Syn — Trustworks (March 25, 2016)≡   “This record it’s a great surprise. The union between Steve Nardelli and Moon Safari give us one of the best progressive records of this year. The vocals armonies are simply beautiful and songs like Trustworks and Seventh day of Seven... You only listen the guitar solo at the end of this last song. One ot the greatest solos ever. Fantastic.” — R. Gracia Estevez
≡   “Steve Nardelli is a great songwriter and has a wonderful voice. His idea of collaborating with Moon Safari is nothing short of visionary and the results speak for themselves. Trustworks is an amazing album and hard to compare with anything, it’s a one–off slice of prog genius — a masterpiece. Wonderfully produced by Jonas Reingold of the Flower Kings. Every fan of real music should buy this album!” — Taranchala                              © The Syn — Tom Brislin, Steve Nardelli, Francis Dunnery
Also known as: High Court
Location: North London, GB
Album release: 25 Mar. 2016
Record Label: Nova Sales & Distribution (UK) Ltd
Duration:     49:23    
01 What If?     0:45 
02 Trustworks     5:54 
03 Revolution Now     3:49 
04 This World of Ours     5:07 
05 Something That I Said     5:11 
06 Never Too Late     4:07 
07 Lucifer Hesitating     5:23 
08 The Wheel     4:16 
09 Seventh Day of Seven     14:51
≡±≡   All tracks written by Steve Nardelli / Moon Safari
♣   Pontus Åkesson Group Member, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Sitar, Vocals
♣   Simon Åkesson Accordion, Group Member, Mellotron, Moog Synthesizer, Organ, Piano, Steel Pads, Vocals
♣   Jeremy Carroll Mastering
♣   Tobias Lundgren Drums, Group Member, Vocals
♣   Tommie Molecule Artwork
♣   Moon Safari Arranger, Composer, Producer
♣   Steve Nardelli Arranger, Composer, Group Member, Producer, Quotation Author, Vocals
♣   Jonas Reingold Arranger, Bass, Engineer, Guitar, Keyboards, Mixing, Producer
♣   Petter Sandström Group Member, Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals
♣   Barbara Stauter Design
♣   Johan Westerlund Group Member, Guitar (Bass), Vocals
Product Description
≡   The Syn first made their claim to iconic status in the 1960s, something highlighted in the new movie release this Spring ‘Melody Makers’ which features their classic freak–beat masterpiece ‘Grounded’ and interviews with vocalist and songwriting founder Steve Nardelli. They were a pioneering act in the world of beat prog. Opening for Jimi Hendrix in London, they played in front of crowds that included the Beatles, Eric Clapton, members of the Rolling Stones and more. Since the heyday of the late 1960s, Syn lineups have included Yes greats Chris Squire, Peter Banks and Alan White as well as Francis Dunnery and Tom Brislin and many more. Now, with the brand new 2016 studio release, Trustworks following on from an array of critically acclaimed and award winning albums, the connection to more modern prog yet is made clear. The new album is a collaboration between iconic Syn leader and founder vocalist Steve Nardelli and the Swedish progressive rock act Moon Safari who will tour with Yes this Spring. The album can be seen in many ways as a merging of the rich history of old school progressive rock and the modern incarnation through this remarkable musical melding. Jeremy Carroll at Precision Mastering, one the few people to have heard it before release, describes Trustworks as ‘the best prog album of the decade’ These legendary 1960 s beat prog pioneers have included a number of iconic alumni with links to the foundations of progressive rock music. Since the heyday of the late 1960s, Syn line–ups have included Yes greats Chris Squire, Peter Banks and Alan White as well as Francis Dunnery and Tom Brislin. The November 2005 CD release of the Syndestructible album was heralded by 20th Century guitar magazine journalist Robert Silverstein as being ‘the best album of the century’ and more recently ‘the most influential progressive rock album of the decade 2000 — 2010’. Ten years later, Trustworks follows the pattern of historic albums from The Syn with Jeremy Carroll at Precision Mastering describing it as the best prog album of the decade! It seems that the iconic leader and founder of The Syn — revered as an early pioneer of progressive music vocalist and songwriter Steve Nardelli, has delivered yet another new masterpiece again. 
≡±≡   Original Syn Yes Services [Limited edition] — Umbrello/2004
≡±≡   Syndestructible — Umbrello/2005
≡±≡   Original Syn — Umbrello/2005
≡±≡   Armistice Day — Umbrello/2007
≡±≡   Big Sky — Umbrello/2009
≡±≡   The Syn Live Rosfest — Umbrello/2015
≡±≡   Trustworks — Umbrello/2016
Artist Biography by Richie Unterberger
≡±≡   For a band that only made two singles, the Syn are quite well remembered by British rock collectors, principally because two of their members — guitarist Peter Banks and bassist Chris Squire — eventually surfaced in the first lineup of Yes in 1968. Their two singles, both issued in 1967 in the U.K. on Deram, were pretty solid efforts in their own right. These charted their transition from mod to psychedelic guitar rock, rather in the manner of a much more famous British psychedelic cult band from the same era, Tomorrow (with Steve Howe on guitar). Their first single, “Created by Clive,” was a foppish Carnaby Street takeoff that the band disliked; the fine B–side, the hard mod pop tune “Grounded,” featured high soul harmonies and interplay between organ and sparkling guitar, and was much more indicative of the band’s sensibilities.
≡±≡   Their promise really bloomed on their next and last 45, “14 Hour Technicolour Dream,” one of the best obscure British psychedelic singles (indeed one of the best British psychedelic singles by any band). Inspired by the 1967 psychedelic London festival of the same name, it was an exhilarating distillation of the best attributes of British pop–psychedelia — a hook–happy ebullient melody, precise harmonies, unexpected structural twists and turns, Who–like drumming, and tasteful guitar distortion — into a compact package. It wasn’t a hit, though (in fact it was only used as the B–side of “Flowerman”), and the band broke up in early 1968. Banks and Squire played in another psychedelic band, Mabel Greer’s Toyshop, for a few months before becoming founding members of Yes. The four songs from the Syn singles have cropped up on numerous compilations of British psych–pop rarities; all four, and a demo of “Flowerman,” also appear on Peter Banks’ Can I Play You Something?, a compilation of odds and ends from bands that Banks was involved with prior to joining Yes.
≡±≡   Remarkably, the Syn reunited in 2004 and wound up being more active in this incarnation than they were in the ‘60s. This new version of the Syn featured bassist Squire, guitarist Paul Stacey, keyboardist Gerard Johnson, drummer Jeremy Stacey, and vocalist Steve Nardelli, and they released Syndestructible in October 2005. By the time they played shows supporting the album, the band featured Squire, Nardelli, Johnson, guitarist Shane Theriot, and drummer Alan White. Soon, the Syn became Nardelli’s group and he’d swap out supporting musicians for concerts and albums. Two studio albums followed by the end of the decade — 2007’s Armistice Day, 2009’s Big Sky — and then the live The Syn Live Rosfest appeared in 2015, followed by the studio set Trustworks in 2016.
Website: http://www.synmusic.net/
Label: http://www.umbrellorecords.com/

The Syn — Trustworks (March 25, 2016)



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