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The Tallest Man On Earth
Dark Bird Is Home

The Tallest Man On Earth — Dark Bird Is Home (May 12, 2015)

Sweden                The Tallest Man On Earth — Dark Bird Is Home 
•→   The stage name of soulful, gravely–voiced, Swedish indie–folk singer/songwriter Kristian Matsson.
Birth name: Kristian Matsson
Born: 30 April 1983
Location: Leksand, Dalarna, Sweden
Album release: May 12, 2015
Record Label: Dead Oceans
01 Fields of Our Homes
02 Darkness of the Dream
03 Singers
04 Slow Dance
05 Little Nowhere Towns
06 Sagres
07 Timothy
08 Beginners
09 Seventeen
10 Dark Bird Is Home
℗ 2015 Dead Oceans
Musical style:
•→   Critics have compared The Tallest Man on Earth to Bob Dylan both in terms of songwriting ability and vocal style. When asked about his lyrical style, Matsson explains that he began listening to Bob Dylan at fifteen, and upon hearing Dylan's cover material, he "tried to figure out where those songs came from" and became slowly exposed to early American folk, such as Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie. But he is careful to qualify this, saying "I don't consider my work to be a part of any tradition. This is how I play. This is how I write songs".
•→   With regards to his guitar technique, Matsson uses a variety of open tunings, and standard tuning to a lesser degree. He had classical guitar training in his youth, but says he "never really focused on it" and that by the end of high school he "got bored playing guitar because it was like math", until he then discovered open tunings while listening to Nick Drake in his early twenties. He was drawn to this style of playing because it allowed him to focus on singing while still performing intricate music.
By Jonathan Chen, February 10, 2015  |  6:10pm
•→   It’s been several years since The Tallest Man On Earth gave us There’s No Leaving Now in 2012, but Kristian Matsson is now back with his eighth studio album, Dark Bird Is Home, which will be released on May 12 via Dead Oceans.
•→   The 10–track record will feature several guest singers and is described as Matsson “at his most personal and direct, deeper and darker than ever at times” while still retaining “strokes of whimsy and the scent of new beginnings.” To promote the album, the Swedish folk singer has also booked several festival appearances, starting in Europe and then heading to the U.S. The announcement also came with an album trailer that follows the artist through various scenes of nature and landscapes, as he thinks aloud to himself.
Artist Biography by Margaret Reges
•→    Montezumas frontman Kristian Matsson started recording a set of rustic, gravelly–voiced tunes, ones that nodded to fellow Swedes Homesick Hank and Thomas Denver Jonsson, under the nom de solo act the Tallest Man on Earth in the early 2000s. His self–titled debut EP was released on Sweden's Gravitation Records in 2006. •→    The "Pistol Dreams" single followed one year later, leading up to the release of the Tallest Man on Earth's first full–length album, Shallow Grave, which hit stores in 2008. Matsson spent the rest of 2008 and 2009 touring, opening for Bon Iver and John Vanderslice as well as playing solo shows. After signing with Dead Oceans, Matsson released The Wild Hunt in April of 2010, which was quickly followed by a five–song EP titled Sometimes the Blues Is Just a Passing Bird. His third studio full–length, 2012's There's No Leaving Now, eschewed the urgency and austerity of The Wild Hunt for a more relaxed and conversational approach.
Website: http://www.thetallestmanonearth.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tallestman
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thetallestmanonearthofficial
Label: http://www.deadoceans.com/
Editorial Reviews
•→   Dark Bird Is Home doesn’t feel like it came from one time, one place, or one tape machine. The songs and sounds were captured in various countries, studios, and barns, and they carry a weather–worn quality, some dirt and some grit. If you’re a fan of The Tallest Man On Earth, Dark Bird pays real tribute to the old records you fell for, and goes new places you’re going to love as well. If you’re new to The Man: holy shit! •→   Many would be jealous of your position. Enjoy these songs, and know there are 40 or more other gems waiting on earlier albums and singles. Early in Dark Bird, toward the end of the opening track, we hear other voices and sounds backing Kristian Matsson’s own. One of them, later credited in the liner notes with Angel Vocals, shows up several times throughout the record, adding new color to the familiar palette. And so the story grows and expands. That first song has horns and a piano, keyboards, synthesizers, and other modern noisemakers… and by track two you’ve got The Tallest Man on Earth as full–throttle rock and roll. While Dark Bird is The Tallest Man at his most personal and direct, deeper and darker than ever at times, it’s also an album with strokes of whimsy and the scent of new beginnings — which feels fresh for The Tallest Man on Earth, and well timed. Reliably, the melodies and arrangements are sturdy and classic, like old cars & tightly wound clocks. The lyrics and their delivery are both comforting and alarming, like tall trees & wide hills. The other musicians and layers on this recording put a wide lens on familiar themes. Fear and darkness, sleep or lack of it, dreams in the dark and in the light. Moving, leaving, going. Distance and short stops, long straight lines, temporal places. More hopefully, a grateful nod to a traveling partner, a healing mind. Maybe a little forgiveness needed. Definitely some things to forget. And of course, that last song. The title track. If there is a little legend–building to be done here, let it be this scene a few of the album’s early–listeners can recount: Kristian gently warning them over their shoulder before track ten begins: “Watch out for this one.” You should expect the loudest and proudest sounds yet from The Tallest Man on Earth on album number four, but also the softest and the lowest. For the next few years, the Dark Bird tour will come to your city or a town nearby, and for the first time The Man is bringing a band to the stage with him. •→   http://www.amazon.com/

The Tallest Man On Earth
Dark Bird Is Home



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