The Tiger Lillies — Covid~19 (April 10, 2020)UK FLAG   The Tiger Lillies — Covid~19 (April 10, 2020)  The Tiger Lillies — Covid~19 (April 10, 2020)√→   The Tiger Lillies are a cult British musical trio formed in 1989 by singer, Martyn Jacques. √→   Often described as the forefathers of Brechtian Punk Cabaret. Martyn Jacques says:
√→   “Covid~19 came out of the blue and left me unable to do the thing which I’ve always done for the last 30 years — perform! The thing which has kept me alive materially, occupied my time and kept me sane. For me the act of singing to an audience has been my emotional and artistic release. Covid~19 stopped all that and for the last 3 weeks I’ve felt like a goldfish in a bowl. My only way of staying relatively sane has been to sing songs about the madness of this . Here’s the album we’ve recorded, me isolating in my studio in Berlin, my band member Adrian isolating in his studio in Athens. Covid~19.”
√→   The album includes songs such as Sanitizer Survivor; Toilet Rolls Mummy; Cancellation Blues and Keep Washing Your Hands.
√→   It features exclusive artwork by Lebanese artist Eugene Cavill.
√→   The Tiger Lillies, along with most independent artists, have lost all live bookings for an indefinite period so anything fans can do to help support us during these uncertain times would be greatly appreciated.   Location: London, England
Album release: April 10, 2020
Record Label: Misery Guts Music
Genre: Dark Cabaret/Avant~Garde
Duration:     36:15
01. Covid~19   0:48 
02. Cough   2:14 
03. Keep Washing Your Hands   1:51 
04. Off To The Park   2:07 
05. Sanitizer Survivor   2:05 
06. Step Up   1:33 
07. Corona Was A Beer Once   2:04 
08. Cancellation Blues   2:54 
09. Spitter   2:16 
10. Toilet Rolls Mummy   2:08 
11. When You Die Alone   2:42 
12. Supermarket Shelves   3:18 
13. Social Distancing   1:43 
14. Gasping   1:49 
15. Testing   2:19 
16. It’s Not Easy   2:23 
17. Will We Ever Play Again   2:01
→  Martyn Jaques: Vocals, Accordion, Piano, Hammond B3, Classical Guitar, Slide Guitar, Ukulele, Drums
→  Adrian Stout: Upright Bass, Musical Saw, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals, Theremin, Jaw Harp
→  Album Design and Artwork: Eugene Cavill
→  All songs written by Martyn Jacques in Berlin, March 2020
→  Recorded, mixed and mastered by Timm Brockmann at RedLightStudio Berlin and Adrian Stout at Pagrati Studio Athens
→  Album produced by The Tiger Lillies
→  Produced by Martyn Jacques
→  Executive producer Martyna Lach
→  Special thanks to Sophie Seashell, Tim Whitehead and Michael Morris
→  Copyright and publishing Misery Guts Music Ltd. 2020