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The Walkabouts Satisfied Mind (1993)

The Walkabouts • Satisfied Mind (1993)

The WalkaboutsSatisfied Mind
"Satisfied Mind represents the purest evocation to date of the Walkabouts' aesthetic and its standing at the crossroads of country, rock, folk, and punk."
Location: Seattle, Washington, United States
Recorded: at Avast Studios, Seattle by Kevin Suggs, September 1993
Album release: 1993/August 25, 1998
Record Label: Sub Pop Records/Creative Man Records/Glitterhouse
Duration:     59:18
01 Satisfied Mind - Joe Hayes / Joseph Hayes / Jack Rhodes    4:47   
02 Loom of the Land - Nick Cave    5:58   
03 The River People - Robert Forster    5:17   
04 Polly - Gene Clark    4:14   
05 Buffalo Ballet - John Cale   3:27   
06 Lover's Crime   2:51   
07 Shelter for an Evening - Gary Heffern   3:04   
08 Dear Darling - Mary Margaret O'Hara    2:27   
09 Poor Side of Town - Johnny Rivers   4:30   
10 Free Money - Lenny Kaye / Patti Smith    5:17   
11 The Storms Are on the Ocean - A.P. Carter / The Carter Family   5:01   
12 Feel Like Going Home - Charlie Rich / Muddy Waters    8:16   
13 Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone? - A.P. Carter / Traditional    4:09 
The Walkabouts:
Carla Torgerson – vocals, guitars, cello
Michael Wells – bass guitar, harmonica, backup vocals
Terri Moeller – drums, percussion, backup vocals
Glenn Slater – piano, organ, Moog synthesizer, accordion
Chris Eckman – vocals, guitars
Additional musicians:
Larry Barrett - mandoline & backup vocals (7), lap steel (11), banjo (6)
Peter Buck - mandoline & electric bouzouki (2), mandoline (3), Black Mountain dulcimer (13)
Andrew Hare - pedal steel (1,2,4,9)
Clayton Park - acoustic & Jensen electric violins (5,6,7)
Terry Lee Hale - acoustic slide guitar (8)
Ivan Krall - electric guitar & synthesiser (10)
Mark Lanegan - vocals (12)
The Unofficial The Walkabouts (and Chris & Carla) Web Site:  http://www.thewalkabouts.com/berlin.cfm
Larry Barrett  Banjo, Lap Steel Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals (Background)
Peter Buck  Bouzouki, Dulcimer, Electric Bouzouki, Guest Artist, Mandolin
John Cale  Composer
The Carter Family  Composer
A.P. Carter  Composer
Nick Cave  Composer, Unknown Contributor Role
Gene Clark  Composer
Chris Eckman  Guitar, Liner Notes, Vocals
Robert Forster  Composer, Unknown Contributor Role
Terry Lee Hale  Guitar (Acoustic), Slide Guitar
Andrew Hare  Pedal Steel
Joe Hayes  Composer
Joseph Hayes  Composer
Gary Heffern  Composer
Richard Holstein  Concept, Executive Producer
Lenny Kaye  Composer
Ivan Král  Guest Artist, Guitar (Electric), Synthesizer
Mark Lanegan  Unknown Contributor Role, Vocals
Modern Dog  Cover Design
Terri Moeller  Drums, Percussion, Vocals (Background)
Mary Margaret O'Hara  Composer, Unknown Contributor Role
Clayton Park  Violin, Violin (Electric)
Jack Rhodes  Composer
Charlie Rich  Composer
Johnny Rivers  Composer
Glenn Slater  Accordion, Moog Synthesizer, Organ, Piano
Patti Smith  Composer
Kevin Suggs  Engineer, Producer
Carla Torgerson  Cello, Guitar, Vocals
Traditional  Composer
The Walkabouts  Primary Artist, Producer
Muddy Waters  Composer
Michael Wells  Bass, Harmonica, Vocals (Background)
Review  by Jason Ankeny
Like Yo La Tengo's Fakebook, the Walkabouts' Satisfied Mind is a definitive artistic statement masquerading as a loose-knit collection of acoustic covers. Sometimes a group's selection of cover material, combined with their ability to make the songs their own, winds up revealing as much about their craft as their original music, and such is the case here; mining the work of diverse artists like the Carter Family, Gene Clark, Mary Margaret O'Hara, John Cale, and Nick Cave, Satisfied Mind represents the purest evocation to date of the Walkabouts' aesthetic and its standing at the crossroads of country, rock, folk, and punk. By casting well-known songs in an entirely new light -- Patti Smith's "Free Money" becomes an ominous waltz, while Charlie Rich's "Feel Like Going Home" is renewed as an epic dirge -- the album makes explicit all of the implicit connections in the Walkabouts' work. By extension, it underlines the connections binding the spectrum of roots music as well; Satisfied Mind doesn't simply suggest that diverse sounds can coexist together -- it proves that they always have.
22 Disasters (1985 - Necessity - produced by Terry Date & the Walkabouts)
Linda Evans/Cyclone (1987 - Necessity - produced by Bruce Calder, Tony Croes & the Walkabouts)
Rag & Bone (1990 - Sub Pop - produced by Tony Kroes, Ed Brooks & the Walkabouts)
Studio albums:
See Beautiful Rattlesnake Gardens (1988 - PopLlama - produced by Tony Kroes, Ed Brooks & the Walkabouts)
Cataract (1989 - Sub Pop - produced by Tony Kroes, Ed Brooks & the Walkabouts)
Scavenger (1991 - Sub Pop - produced by Gary Smith)
New West Motel (1993 - Sub Pop - produced by Ed Brooks & the Walkabouts)
Satisfied Mind (1993 - Sub Pop - produced by Kevin Suggs & the Walkabouts)
Setting the Woods on Fire (1994 - Sub Pop - produced by Ed Brooks & the Walkabouts)
Devil's Road (1996 - Virgin, Germany - produced by Victor Van Vugt)
Nighttown (1997 - Virgin, Germany - produced by Victor Van Vugt)
Trail of Stars (1999 - Glitterhouse - produced by Phill Brown & the Walkabouts)
Train Leaves At Eight (2000 - Glitterhouse - Kevin Suggs & Walkabouts)
Ended Up A Stranger (2001 - Glitterhouse - produced by Larry Crane, Phill Brown & the Walkabouts)
Acetylene (2005 - Glitterhouse - produced by Tucker Martine & the Walkabouts)
Travels In The Dustland (2011 - Glitterhouse)
Death Valley Days: Lost Songs and Rarities, 1985–1995 (1996 - Glitterhouse) - Rare or previously unreleased songs 1985–1995
Watermarks: Selected Songs, 1991 to 2002 (2002 - Innerstate) - An anthology featuring the best of the Walkabouts from their Innerstate, Glitterhouse, and Virgin releases 1991-2002
Slow Days With Nina (2003 - Shingle Street) - Tribute to Nina Simone, EP
Drunken Soundtracks: Lost Songs and Rarities, 1995–2001 (2002 - Glitterhouse) - Rare or previously unreleased songs 1995–2001, 2-CDs set
Shimmers (Best of ...) (2003 - Glitterhouse) - An anthology featuring the best of the Walkabouts from their Glitterhouse and Virgin releases 1993-2001
Got No Chains / The Songs of The Walkabouts (2009 - Glitterhouse) - Remastered versions of 15 Walkabouts songs + those same 15 songs performed by others - a tribute disc - 2-CDs set
Life: The Movie Collected Films & Clips (2012 - Glitterhouse) - Contains "Live in Prague" video (same concert as in Prague bootleg), "Tracking The Walkabouts", a 40-minute "on-the-road" documentary, "Walkie Talkie", 40 minutes of interview footage and all 9 official video clips

   ¶  The Walkabouts are a classic example of what is right with postmodern music. Smooth, genuine and subversive, they are one of the best unknown bands Seattle has ever produced. Through a bizarre quirk of fate, they have been one of the hottest US bands in Germany - but they are unavailable on any US label.
¶  Satisfied Mind is driving too fast at dawn on Highway 50 in Nevada, 500 miles from nowhere. It's Burning Man on a spring day. It's music for rockclimbing, glassblowing and any activity where the zen moment is in motion. It's very cool.
¶  By A Customer (Amazon.com)

The Walkabouts Satisfied Mind (1993)




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