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The Weeks Dear Bo Jackson (2013)

 The Weeks — Dear Bo Jackson (2013)

The Weeks — Dear Bo Jackson
Location: Jackson, Mississippi, United States
Album release: May 27th, 2013
Record Label: Relativity/Serpents and Snakes records
Duration:     44:56
01. Dear Bo Jackson    (3:47)
02. Brother In The Night    (3:52)
03. King-Sized Death Bed    (4:24)
04. Ain't My Stop    (3:22)
05. Bad Enough    (4:17)
06. White Ash    (5:08)
07. Gobi Blues    (4:27)
08. Thief In My Mouth    (3:43)
09. Harlot's Bluff    (3:36)
10. Chickahominy    (3:24)
11. Wo Is I    (4:56)
Samuel Williams - Guitar, Vocals
Cyle Barnes - Vocals
Cain Barnes - Drums
Damien Bone - Bass
Admiral Collier - Piano, Organ, Vocals (2011-)
Chaz Lindsay Lohan - Rhythm Guitar (2006–2009)
√  Cain Barnes  Drums, Group Member
√  Cyle Barnes  Group Member, Vocals
√  Bucky Baxter  Pedal Steel
√  Damien Bone  Bass, Group Member
√  Admiral Collier  Mellotron, Organ, Piano, Piano (El.), Piano (Upright), Pump Organ, Trumpet, Vibraphone
√  Shelly Colvin  Vocals, Vocals (Background)
√  Jonny Fritz  Vocals
√  Vince Gard  Percussion, Vocals (Background)
√  Carl Gatti  Trombone
√  Leisa Hans  Vocals (Background)
√  Tina Ibañez  Art Direction, Design
√  Brett Kilroe  Art Direction, Design
√  Andrew Mendelson  Mastering
√  James Minchin III  Back Cover Photo
√  Paul Moak  Engineer, Producer
√  Heather Rigdon  Vocals (Background)
√  John Michael Rouchell  Vocals (Background)
√  Michael Vecchio  Pre-Production
√  Brian Virtue  Additional Production, Mixing
√  The Weeks  Primary Artist, Producer
√  Joshua Black Wilkins  Photography
√  Dwight Williams  Vocals
√  Samuel Williams  Guitar (12 Str.), Guitar (Ac.+El.), Mandolin, Organ, Slide Guitar, Tack Piano, Vocals
√  Jordan Young  Percussion, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/theweeks
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/theweeksmusic?rf=106000529431197
Press contact: US - Big Hassle - / || UK -
Agent: US - || UK -
General director: |
√  "Serpents and Snakes is proud to announce April 30 release of The Weeks full-length label debut, Dear Bo Jackson, the eagerly anticipated follow-up to their critically-praised EP, Gutter Gaunt Gangster.The album was recorded with Grammy Award-nominated producer / engineer Paul Moak at his Nashville studio, The Smoakstack. Drawing inspiration from such iconic works as The Band's Music From The Big Pink, The Weeks enriched their well-seasoned sonic stew with the classic flavors of soul, R&B, funk, and heavy boogie to create their own unique take on contemporary Southern rock. Big brass, lush strings, and twangy pedal steel have been fused into the bands trademark sludge-pop sound, with Sam Williams' greasy guitars, the highly charged engine room of bassist Damien Bone and drummer Cain Barnes now officially joined by master keyboardist Alex Admiral Collier. Throughout the album, songs like "Brother In The Night" and the exuberant title track see Cyle Barnes rending his throat raw as he tells dramatic and truthful tales of modern Southern lives, full of hope despite often punishing circumstances. Dear Bo Jackson shows The Weeks to be not unlike the legendary athlete of the albums title: indisputable all-stars, capable of just about anything."
√  Une piqûre qui s'avère recommandable...
Robin Murray / News/ 11 · 03 · 2013
√  The Weeks are set to release their debut album 'Dear Bo Jackson' on May 27th.

√  The Southern states of America have provided some remarkable fuel for pop culture. Blues, jazz, soul and more owe a debt to the deep South, with the area providing a rich bedrock for anyone steeped in music lore.
√  The Weeks obviously know their history. Steeped in Southern lore, the band's touchstones include classic Memphis soul and that 70s swamp rock sound.
√  Signed to Serpents & Snakes - the label run by Kings Of Leon - the group recently completed work on their debut album. 'Dear Bo Jackson' will be given a British release by Columbia, with the LP set to see the light of day on May 27th.
√  Columbia co-President Alison Donald said: “The Weeks epitomise all that is exciting and exhilarating about Southern rock’n’roll, mashed up with a good dose of all sorts of other genres - be it indie, funk or even punk. We are absolutely delighted to be working with them at Columbia.”
√  Recorded in Nashville with Grammy Award-nominated producer Paul Moak, the album will be preceded by new single 'Brother In The Night'.
'Dear Bo Jackson' will be released on May 27th.
√  Oh, and one more thing... The Weeks will be taking part in the Serpents & Snakes showcase at SXSW, supported by All Saints and Clash Magazine.
Fortaken: http://www.clashmusic.com
The Weeks tackle heavy and light on Dear Bo Jackson
Swinging for the Fence
by Stephen Trageser
√  At first listen, perhaps the most striking thing about The Weeks is their strong resemblance to Kings of Leon — the Kings in fact signed The Weeks to their label, Serpents and Snakes, last summer. From their energetic blend of gospel-infused soul, nostalgic country and contemporary indie rock, to singer Cyle Barnes' voice, a delicate balance of soul-baring preacher and party dude reminiscent of Anthony Kiedis and KOL's Caleb Followill, it would be easy to mark The Weeks down as Princes of Leon. Perhaps Dear Bo Jackson (out April 30) is the record the Kings would like to make themselves, if they could mitigate their tensions. The Weeks are already seven-year veterans in their mid-20s, and Jackson, their fourth record on their second label deal, has all the hallmarks of a hit with the demographic whom the Kings held in the palms of their hands.
√  Despite the record's party-worthiness, The Weeks deserve credit for taking a head-on approach to serious discussions. The lead single, "Brother in the Night," is a reflection on a life of crime, related by one of a pair of brothers who are armed robbers. In the accompanying music video, a grim play on popular promo clips featuring musicians goofing off, Barnes and band illustrate the brothers' fall into their life of crime, while he sings the anthemic chorus, "If my Southern heart's still pumping blood / I'll bury my money in the mighty Mississippi mud." This is an even more incisive and world-weary expression than "The House That We Grew Up In," the lead from their Gutter Gaunt Gangster EP, itself a reflection on maturing as artists under the cold light of public criticism: "Oh–oh, let the band play / I'm being broken up and ripped apart by X-rays."
√  Combined with their knack for strong melodies and catchy hooks, this grounding portends a good outlook for The Weeks to have a long and healthy career. Whether they will maintain their tether to earth through their potential rise to stardom remains to be seen, but they're already handling sensitive issues far better than seasoned pros Brad Paisley and LL Cool J.
Email: .
Fortaken: http://www.nashvillescene.com
√  Dog Days (2006), Olympic Records (Out of print)
√  Comeback Cadillac (2008), Esperanza Plantation
√  Rumspringa EP (2009), Esperanza Plantation
√  Dry Land is Not a Myth (2010), Self-released
√  Gutter Gaunt Gangster EP (2011), Esperanza Plantation
√  Gutter Gaunt Gangster (2012), Serpents & Snakes Records with distribution through Thirty Tigers.
√  Dear Bo Jackson (2013), Serpents & Snakes Records

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