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The Who
Who's Next

The Who — Who's Next (14 August, 1971)

          The Who — Who's Next (14 August, 1971)
Δ→   Album až doposud hodnotilo neuvěřitelných 2.882 lidí s výsledkem *****. 14. srpna uplynulo plných 44 let od uvedení na trh. Jeho počátky leží v nezdařené multimediální rockové opeře Lifehouse. Zaznamenalo však raketový úspěch. Trojnásobný zisk platiny dle RIAA ho předurčilo do elitní stovky alb všech dob. Podobně v magazínu Rolling Stone (#28 on its 500 Greatest Albums of All Time). Δ→   Na CD vydáno v desítkách vydání i s dodatečným materiálem, určeným pro Lifehouse. Obal uměleckého díla, na kterém členové Who jeden po druhém ‘močí’ na monolit nalezený na odpadkové struskové haldě, také dosáhl kritického uznání a byl uveden jako jeden z VH1 nejbingovějších obalů alb všech dob (#13). Rozhodnutí natočit snímek pochází od Entwistla a Moon diskutoval ‘při tom’ o filmu Stanley Kubricka “2001: Space Odyssey”. V souladu se vzpomínkou fotografa Ethana Russella, většina členů skupiny prý nebyla schopna močit, takže následně dešťová voda byla sklopena z prázdného filmového kanystru, aby se dosáhlo požadovaného účinku.  An explosive combo that pioneered progressive and arena rock, each new sound increasing their influence and legacy.
Location: London, UK
Album release: 14 August, 1971 / 1983
Recorded: April–June 1971, Olympic Studios, Barnes, London; mixed at Olympic Studios; "Won't Get Fooled Again" recorded at Stargroves and mixed at Island Studios, London
Record Label: Polydor
Duration:     43:30
01. Baba O'Riley      5:00
02. Bargain      5:34
03. Love Ain't For Keepin'      2:11
04. My Wife      3:37
05. The Song Is Over      6:14
06. Gettin' In Tune      4:51
07. Going Mobile      3:44
08. Behind Blue Eyes      3:43
09. Won't Get Fooled Again      8:36
Δ→   All songs written and composed by Pete Townshend, except "My Wife" by John Entwistle.
The Who
Δ→   Roger Daltrey — vocals
Δ→   Keith Moon — drums, percussion
Δ→   John Entwistle — bass, brass, vocals, piano on "My Wife"
Δ→   Pete Townshend — guitar, VCS3, organ, A.R.P. synthesiser, vocals, piano on "Baba O'Riley"
Δ→   Keith died on September 7, 1978, from an accidental overdose of the prescription drug Heminevrin, prescribed to combat alcoholism. He died in the same flat in Curzon Place in London’s Mayfair (belonging to Harry Nilsson) that Mama Cass had passed away in during 1974. On the eve of his death, Moon had been at a screening of The Buddy Holly Story during the Paul McCartney–sponsored, annual Buddy Holly week.
Billboard Albums
Δ→   2014 Who's Next The Billboard 200     #163
Δ→   2014 Who's Next Top Pop Catalog     #7
Δ→   1971 Who's Next The Billboard 200     #4
Billboard Singles
Δ→   2008 Baba O'Riley Hot Canadian Digital Singles     #69
Δ→   2008 Baba O'Riley Hot Digital Songs     #66
Δ→   1971 Behind Blue Eyes The Billboard Hot 100     #34
Δ→   1971 Won't Get Fooled Again The Billboard Hot 100     #15
Δ→   Dave Arbus Violin
Δ→   Jon Astley Producer, Reissue Producer, Remastering, Remixing
Δ→   John Atkins Liner Notes
Δ→   Chris Charlesworth Producer
Δ→   Bill Curbishley Producer
Δ→   Roger Daltrey Harmonica, Vocals
Δ→   John Entwistle Bass, Brass, Composer, Guitar (Bass), Keyboards, Piano, Vocals
Δ→   Richard Evans Art Direction, Design
Δ→   Nicky Hopkins Guest Artist
Δ→   Glyn Johns Associate Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Producer
Δ→   Pete Kameron Executive Producer, Producer
Δ→   Al Kooper Guest Artist
Δ→   Kosh Sleeve Design
Δ→   John Kosh Design
Δ→   Kit Lambert Executive Producer, Producer
Δ→   Andy MacPherson Remastering, Remixing
Δ→   Keith Moon Drums, Percussion, Producer, Violin, Vocals
Δ→   Robert Rosenberg Producer
Δ→   Ethan Russell Photography
Δ→   Chris Stamp Executive Producer, Producer
Δ→   Pete Townshend ARP Synthesizer, Composer, Guitar, Keyboards, Liner Notes, Organ, Piano, Synthesizer, VCS 3 Synthesizer, Vocals
Δ→   Leslie West Guest Artist
Δ→   The Who Producer
Δ→   THE WHO: Who's Next (Decca) The best hard rock record in years, all the more surprising because much of it is no more hard rock than Tommy. Townshend has managed to solve some of the problems that perplex John Fogerty, who should listen to Townshend on synthesizer before attempting any more organ noodling. The thinness of the Who's recorded sound has always been a problem, but now the group achieves the same resonant immediacy in the studio that it does live. Even Townshend's out–front political disengagement ("I don't need to fight") seems positive. there is much truth to that line, after all, when it is formulated by someone with demonstrable compassion. A joy. A PLUS [Later: A]
Δ→   http://www.robertchristgau.com/
AllMusic Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine; Score: *****
Δ→   Who's Next is the fifth studio album by English rock band The Who, released on 14 August 1971. Its origins lie in an abortive multi–media rock opera written by chief songwriter Pete Townshend called Lifehouse. The album was commercially and critically successful, and became the only one by the group to top the UK charts. The album was an immediate success when it was released, and has been certified 3× platinum by the RIAA. It continues to be critically acclaimed, including being cited by Time magazine as one of the best 100 albums of all time, and has been reissued on CD several times with additional material intended for Lifehouse. The cover artwork, featuring the group members having urinated against a monolith found on a slag heap, has also achieved critical recognition and was listed as one of VH1's greatest album covers of all time. ~ Wiki
Δ→   Much of Who's Next derives from Lifehouse, an ambitious sci–fi rock opera Pete Townshend abandoned after suffering a nervous breakdown, caused in part from working on the sequel to Tommy. There's no discernable theme behind these songs, yet this album is stronger than Tommy, falling just behind Who Sell Out as the finest record the Who ever cut. Townshend developed an infatuation with synthesizers during the recording of the album, and they're all over this album, adding texture where needed and amplifying the force, which is already at a fever pitch. Apart from Live at Leeds, the Who have never sounded as LOUD and unhinged as they do here, yet that's balanced by ballads, both lovely ("The Song Is Over") and scathing ("Behind Blue Eyes"). That's the key to Who's Next — there's anger and sorrow, humor and regret, passion and tumult, all wrapped up in a blistering package where the rage is as affecting as the heartbreak. This is a retreat from the '60s, as Townshend declares the "Song Is Over," scorns the teenage wasteland, and bitterly declares that we "Won't Get Fooled Again." For all the sorrow and heartbreak that runs beneath the surface, this is an invigorating record, not just because Keith Moon runs rampant or because Roger Daltrey has never sung better or because John Entwistle spins out manic basslines that are as captivating as his "My Wife" is funny. This is invigorating because it has all of that, plus Townshend laying his soul bare in ways that are funny, painful, and utterly life–affirming. That is what the Who was about, not the rock operas, and that's why Who's Next is truer than Tommy or the abandoned Lifehouse. Those were art — this, even with its pretensions, is rock & roll. Δ→   http://www.allmusic.com/
Lowrey Berkshire Deluxe TBO-1 organ:
Baba O’Riley/Won’t Get Fooled Again ‘synthesizer’ sound:
Δ→   http://www.thewho.net/whotabs/gear/guitar/lowrey.html
Website: http://thewho.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheWho
Facebook FAN: https://www.facebook.com/thewho

The Who
Who's Next



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