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The Wonder Stuff Oh No It's... The Wonder Stuff 2CD (2013)

 The Wonder Stuff — Oh No It's... The Wonder Stuff 2CD (2013)

The Wonder Stuff — Oh No It's... The Wonder Stuff 2CD
Formed: 1987
Location: Stourbridge, West Midlands, in the Black Country, England
Album release: March 25, 2013
Record Label: IRL RECORDINGS UK/Vinyl Junkie Recordings
Duration:     37:52 + 34:58
CD 1:
01. Clear Through The Years   3:10
02. Oh No!   2:50
03. Friendly Company   3:29
04. Steady As You Go   3:05
05. From The Midlands With Love   2:54
06. Right Side Of The Turf   4:19
07. Hard Truths (Stay A While)   3:02
08. Be Thy Name   4:05
09. Yer Man's Alright   3:24
10. Arms Wide Open   3:43
11. Inner Voices   3:48
12  Friendly Company (Acoustic Version - Japan Bonus Track)   
13  From The Midlands With Love (Acoustic Mix - Japan Bonus Track)   
14  Be Thy Name (Acoustic Mix - Japan Bonus Track) 
CD 2:
01. Far Far Away (Slade)  3:35
02. Planet Earth (Duran Duran)  4:09
03. In A Room (Dodgy)   3:22
04. Sweet Sweet Pie (Pop Will Eat Itself); feat. Richard March  2:27
05. Get Up! (Beverley Knight)     3:53
06. There There My Dear (Dexy's Midnight Runners)   3:24
07. Crash (The Primitives)   2:46
08. One In Ten (UB40)   3:57
09. Blackberry Way (The Move); feat. Neill MacColl   3:40   
10. Save It For Later (The Beat); feat. Ranking Roger   3:41
CD1, Track 3, 4 & 6: Miles Hunt / Erica Nockalls
CD1, Track 5: Miles Hunt / Steve Wyatt
CD1, Track 7: Miles Hunt / Fuzz Townshend  
CD1, Track 8: Miles Hunt / Mark McCarthy / Erica Nockalls / Fuzz Townshend / Steve Wyatt
¤ All other compositions by Miles Hunt
CD2, Track 9: Falconer / Travers / Virtue
CD2, Track 10: Wakeling
¤ Phil Birchall  Design
¤ Falconer  Composer
¤ Tom Haxell  Management
¤ Miles Hunt  Composer, Producer
¤ David Jaymes  Management
¤ Neill MacColl  Featured Artist, Guitar Feedback
¤ Richard March  Bass (Upright), Featured Artist
¤ Mark McCarthy  Composer
¤ Kevin Metcalfe  Mastering
¤ Erica Nockalls  Composer
¤ Ranking Roger  Featured Artist, Vocals (Background)
¤ George Taylor  Mixing, Photography
¤ Fuzz Townshend  Composer
¤ Travers  Composer
¤ Virtue  Composer
¤ Wakeling  Composer 
¤ Steve Wyatt  Composer
¤ Miles Hunt
¤ Fuzz Townshend
¤ Mark McCarthy
¤ Erica Nockalls
¤ Stevie Wyatt
Past members:
¤ Malcolm Treece
¤ Rob "The Bass Thing" Jones
¤ Martin Gilks
¤ Paul Clifford
¤ Martin Bell
¤ Stuart Quinell
¤ Andres Karu
Website: http://www.thewonderstuff.co.uk/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/the_wonder_stuff#!
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thewonderstuffofficial
Product Description:
¤ "Oh No It's... The Wonder Stuff" is the band's seventh studio album and their first for seven years. It comes as a stunning 2CD limited edition digibook package, produced by singer, guitarist and principal songwriter, Miles Hunt. CD1 is a long-awaited collection of 11 all-new songs, each of which demonstrates why Miles is one of this country's great contemporary songwriters and why The Wonder Stuff are longtime favourites of so many celebrities, journalists, DJs and musicians.
¤ Clear Through the Years mixes beats and fiddles like a Gypsy Jesus Jones, and Right Side Of The Turf indicates that frontman Miles Hunt can still write a crescendo-faced anthem.. — Q Magazine

The Eight Legged Groove Machine (August 1988, UK No. 18)
Hup (October 1989, UK No. 5)
Never Loved Elvis (June 1991, UK No. 3)
Construction for the Modern Idiot (October 1993, UK No. 4)
Escape from Rubbish Island (September 2004)
Suspended By Stars (February 2006)
The Eight Legged Groove Machine: 20th Anniversary Edition (re-recordings of the original debut album with bonus tracks, October 2008)
Hup: 21st Anniversary Edition (re-recordings of the original album with bonus tracks, 2010)
Oh No It's...The Wonder Stuff (December 2012)
Compilations and live albums:
If The Beatles Had Read Hunter ... The Singles (compilation, September 1994, UK No. 8)
Live in Manchester (live, July 1995, UK No. 74)
Love Bites and Bruises (compilation of b-sides and unreleased tracks, November 2000)
Cursed with Insincerity (live, June 2001)
The BBC Sessions (June 2007)
The Wonder Stuff Live (live, October 2007)
"It's Not True" (February 1987)
"Unbearable" (September 1987)
"Give Give Give Me More More More" (April 1988) No. 72 UK, No. 17 US Modern Rock
"A Wish Away" (July 1988) No. 43 UK
"It's Yer Money I'm After Baby" (September 1988) No. 40 UK
"Who Wants to Be the Disco King?" (February 1989) No. 28 UK
"Don't Let Me Down Gently" (September 1989) No. 19 UK, No. 11 US Modern Rock
"Golden Green" / "Get Together" (November 1989) No. 33 UK
"Radio Ass Kiss" (November 1989) (US Radio release only) No. 26 US Modern Rock
"Circlesquare" (May 1990) No. 20 UK
"The Size of a Cow" (March 1991) No. 5 UK
"Caught in My Shadow" (May 1991) No. 18 UK, No. 8 US Modern Rock
"Sleep Alone" (August 1991) No. 43 UK
"Dizzy" (Vic Reeves and the Wonder Stuff) (October 1991) No. 1 UK
"Welcome to the Cheap Seats" (EP) (January 1992) No. 8 UK, No. 28 US Modern Rock
"On the Ropes" (EP) (September 1993) No. 10 UK, No. 17 US Modern Rock
"Full of Life (Happy Now)" (November 1993) No. 28 UK
"Hot Love Now!" (EP) (March 1994) No. 19 UK
"Unbearable" (September 1994) No. 16 UK
"Better Get Ready for a Fist Fight" (October 2004)
"Bile Chant" / "Escape from Rubbish Island" (February 2005)
"Blah Blah, Lah Di Dah" (January 2006)
"The Sun Goes Down on Manor Road" (2006)
"Last Second of the Minute" (2006)
Videos and DVDs:
"Eleven Appalling Promos"
"Welcome to the Cheapseats" (1992)
"Greatest Hits: Finally Live" (1994)
"Construction for the Modern Vidiot" (2003)
"Hup Live" (2010)
"Never Loved Elvis Live" (2012)
Biography by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
¤ When the Wonder Stuff released their first album, The Eight Legged Groove Machine, in 1988, the British press wrote scores of articles about the band, mainly because of the arrogant self-confidence of their leader, vocalist/guitarist Miles Hunt. Hunt's brash public image was the Wonder Stuff personified -- mean, self-satisfied, self-serving, and scathingly witty. Accordingly, their colorful mixture of pop melodies, loud guitars, sneering lyrics, and touches of dance music was sometimes brilliant and sometimes banal. Between 1988 and 1993, the band kept incorporating more stylistic flourishes to their basic, punk- and new wave-inspired pop/rock. the Wonder Stuff were instant stars in England; America never warmed to their music. After trying to gain a worldwide audience for five years, the band broke up in 1994. In the early 2000s the band regrouped to play five nights of concerts at London's Forum (as documented on the 2001 live set Cursed with Insincerity) and then continued to play festivals throughout 2001 and 2002. After some squabbles over the direction of the band, half the members quit. Hunt and original guitarist Malcolm Treece decided to carry on and, after adding Andres Karu and Mark McCarthy, recorded and released Escape from Rubbish Island in 2004 and Suspended by Stars in 2006.

The Wonder Stuff Oh No It's... The Wonder Stuff 2CD (2013)




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