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The Written Years — The Written Years

The Written Years — The Written Years [January 28, 2014]          The Written Years — The Written Years  The Written Years — The Written Years ψ   Affection, belonging, loss and nostalgia: four themes that encompass the lyrically driven music of The Written Years. These subjects are constantly questioned throughout the band’s songs, delivered passionately and honestly through Wade Ouellet’s melancholic acid–tinged vocals, Kane Enders’ unexpectedly triumphant drum lines and Kodie Krogh’s melodic and memorable guitar hooks.
ψ   Together, these three people are able to create a sound not currently heard in the Vancouver music scene, merging together a unique combination of indie alt. rock, traditional folk, post rock influences. Described as “Winter Music”, the result of all this manages to feel both incredibly intimate and uncomfortably isolating and is backed by a highly energetic live show — made possible by a revolving cast of friends, helping to make each one a completely different experience.
ψ   After six years in the making, The Written Years released their debut album on January 28, 2014 and are currently playing supporting shows.
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Album release: January 28, 2014 (North America) / November 10, 2014 (Europe)
Record Label: The Written Years
Duration:     37:06
01. It’s Not Your Fault      4:28
02. I Would Miss My Home If I Knew Where It Was      3:45
03. Homesick Dirge      5:07
04. The Phone Is Ringing      4:38
05. You’re Too Kind      5:31
06. Hospital Rooms      4:02
07. Are You Okay?      5:56
08. The Station      3:39
2013 The Written Years
All Songs by The Written Years:
•  Wade Ouellet — Words, vocals, guitar, keyboards
•  Kodie Krogh — Guitar, vocals
•  Kane Enders — Drums
•  James Hankinson — Bass on tracks 1, 2, and 4
•  Brian Dyck — Bass on tracks 5, 6, 7 and 8
•  Jamie Smail — Vocals on tracks 1 and 2, distressor attack level adjustment
•  Julia Huggins — Vocals on tracks 2 and 3
•  Emma Magirescu — Vocals on tracks 1 and 7
•  Kenny Bridges — Vocals on track 8
•  Murray Ash — Vocals on track 2
•  Zebulun Hansell — Percussive static on track 4
•  Matt The Intern — Hand claps on 2 and 7, box stomps on 7
•  Ryan WorsleyBass on track 1, keyboards on tracks 1, 4 and 6, vocals on tracks 1, 5 and 6, percussion on tracks 3, 6 and 8, omnichord on tracks 4 and 7, hand claps on 2 and 7
Additional Credits:
•  Engineered, produced and mixed by Ryan Worsley at Echoplant Studios in Coquitlam, BC. Assisted engineering by Matt Di Pomponio. Mastered by Ryan Moorey at Grey Market Mastering in Montreal, QC.
•  Some lead guitar parts originally written by Michael Cumblidge back in the HB. Some vocal melodies and lead guitar parts refined by Ryan Worsely.
Promotion and Extras:
•  Blake Ouellet — Entire set of short stories written for the album
•  Murray Ash — Music video filming and editing, documentary filming, teaser video filming, in–studio photography
•  Eli Slade — Second teaser video
•  Steven Toews — Promotional photography
•  Harry Sewell — Artwork photography
•  Wade Ouellet — Artwork design, packaging
♦→   "The first thing I thought to myself while listening to the self-titled album The Written Years by The Written Years was how big of a sound they had. What impressed me even more was that the band is a three–piece. The core band consists of Wade Ouellet (words, vocals, guitar and keyboards), Kodie Krogh (guitar, vocals) and Kane Enders (drums). Throughout the entirety of this record you relish the songs in a number of ways. First off, the engineering and production is stellar. It sounds like a professional release and is no surprise since the album was produced, engineered and mixed by Ryan Worsely (Dear Rouge, Tough Lovers) and was mastered by Ryan Moorey (Arcade Fire, Jim Bryson & The Weakerthans). It also one of those albums that bursts with enough emotion that it can barely be contained by the speakers. They have an uplifting energy not unlike Arcade Fire and even bands like Beach House. I was thinking to myself while listening to this album that their live act is probably incredible.
♦→   The band starts off really strong with a powerful, visceral song called “It’s Not Your Fault.” There is a short fog of ambience before the band bursts with almost no warning. The drummer’s creativity is apparent as early as the verse as a sustained synth reverberates and the guitars are strummed at the beginning of each measure. The vocals are warm, attractive and sung with conviction. As the song progresses it has a cathartic quality that is hard to ignore.
♦→   The band doesn't disappoint with their second track “I Would Miss My Home If I Knew Where It Was.” The beginning drumbeat is on point especially when it’s combined with the ethereal guitars. The vocal melody is catchy and had me humming the melody hours later in the shower. I also really enjoyed the vocal harmonies by Julia Huggins. By the end of the song the band is purging their kinetic energy in an almost overwhelming wave of sound.
♦→   The band wisely scales back the energy a bit on “Homesick Dirge.” This creates an almost Wilco–type air while Ouellet delivers one of his best performances. He sings, “It’s cold in this house with the snow piled to the roof. We’ve been frozen inside for years, we still sleep in our separate rooms. I hope your bed stays full with the indent that I left way back when I stopped giving everything I had just to keeping you in the past.” “Hospital Rooms” has an anthemic quality while “Are You Okay?” explores the complexity and transitory nature of relationships. The album closes with “The Station,” which is the least rocking song on the album but arguable the most emotionally resonant.
♦→   In an alternate universe The Written Years would be selling out arenas and not Arcade Fire. What you’ve got here is an excellent album that demands to be heard. So don’t only listen to it but spread the album so more people can experience it."
In french:
♦→   Un bon premier album de ce groupe canadien. A découvrir.
Website: http://thewrittenyears.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thewrittenyears
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thewrittenyears
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/thewrittenyears
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/thewrittenyears
Steve Tay
:: http://www.amusicalpriority.co.uk/albums/reviews/WrittenYears.html
Brian Bradley (Brassneck Management)

North America
Wade Ouellet (independent)
By Katye Chase
ψ   The Written Years' self–titled album is just shy of hitting the one year anniversary mark of its release date. January 28, 2014 delivered us The Written Years' self proclaimed Winter Music album that openly rehashes themes of homesickness, nostalgia, and a deep longing for the past. These recurring sentiments are prominent through all of the eight tracks on the album and the vocalist, Wade Ouelette, makes sure to deliver through the emotional depth in his lyrics. The words ache with relatable feelings and the dreamy aura that projects from Ouelette’s voice eases one’s innate tendency to yearn for their own past.
ψ   The album’s overall wistful mood takes its form with a catchy introduction in It’s Not Your Fault, and carries over without skipping a beat into the second track, I Would Miss My Home If I Knew Where It Was. Meanwhile, the positively catatonic harmony projecting from the third track, Homesick Dirge, combines both the vocals and the music to unleash a heavy–hearted vibe. Tracks like Are You Okay? and You’re Too Kind both beg to be performed in a dimly lit indoor venue where the lyrics can echo off of the walls and the reverberation can be absorbed by the audiences energy in its entirety.
ψ   Each song introduces a unique sense of melancholy and past experiences are wakened through haunting undertones. The lyrics are raw and meaningful and Oulette’s honest delivery invites listeners to sway in unison with the band’s bone–chilling melodies. The Written Years’s emotionally charged album effectively provokes listeners to reflect on the past with them rather than in isolation. The mellow mood will have listeners hooked and wishing they could relive times well spent.
ψ   All proceeds from their single It's Not Your Fault goes toward violence and abuse against women.

The Written Years — The Written Years




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