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There Will Be Fireworks — The Dark, Dark Bright (2013)

 There Will Be Fireworks — The Dark, Dark Bright (2013)

  There Will Be Fireworks — The Dark, Dark Bright
Ξ  So on the bus through late November running
by yellow lights tormented, darkness falling,
the two girls sang for miles and miles together.
Ξ  And it wasn’t the words or tune. It was the singing.
It was the human sweetness in that yellow,
the unpredicted voices of our kind.
Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Album release: November 25, 2013
Record Label: Comets & Cart Wheels
Duration:     48:54
01. And Our Hearts Did Beat     2:34
02. River     3:26
03. Roots     3:02
04. Youngblood     4:38
05. Ash Wednesday     3:24
06. So Stay Close     5:16
07. Lay Me Down     3:35
08. Here Is Where     5:47
09. Your House Was Aglow     3:43
10. South Street     4:40
11. Elder And Oak     5:06
12. The Good Days     3:23
Ξ   For a band intimately familiar with the power of grand crescendos and bristling upsurges, the near silence that followed There Will Be Fireworks’ self-titled debut has been something of an uncharacteristic anti-climax: almost five years with nowt but a stopgap EP to keep hopes alive that they’d make good on their early promise. The Dark, Dark Bright belatedly achieves just that.
Ξ   Even before hearing a note, the archaic syntax in the title of opener And Our Hearts Did Beat indicates they haven’t lost their high-drama impulses — a suspicion confirmed upon pressing play and receiving a poetic sample, gently strummed acoustic guitar, Nicky McManus’s impassioned vocals and a closing flurry of orchestral noise. If Our Hearts… indicates continuing strengths, River is the first of several to showcase new ones, its maelstrom of fiery howls and icy guitars setting a benchmark intensity for all that follows. Their occasional reversion to tried-and-tested formulas notwithstanding, this is a well-crafted return from a band once feared fizzled out but now burning brighter than ever. (http://www.theskinny.co.uk/)
Ξ   There Will Be Fireworks. It sounds like something a sports commentator might say before a title decider or grand slam final. It’s loaded with intent and certainty; entertainment and drama are a given. So it’s just as well the Glasgow band who chose that name are promising to live up to it, even if it was only struck upon through drunken chance. “One night we’d all been round at a friend’s house and woke up the next day with ‘There Will Be Fireworks’ in our phone inboxes,” says singer and guitarist Nicky McManus. “We’d been struggling to think of a name so we just went with it. There’s probably a meaning behind it that the beer haze of that night has since erased, but it eludes us.”
Ξ   Although they went to school together and played “in various bad bands in various combinations with a few other guys”, it wasn’t until last February that the quartet of McManus, Adam Ketterer (drums), Gibran Farrah (guitar) and David Madden (bass) started to take their music seriously as There Will Be Fireworks (TWBF). All aged between 21 and 22 and at the end of various university and college courses, they’re now ready to unveil a self-financed debut album that is nothing short of astonishing.
Ξ   From the spoken word intro by author Kevin MacNeil on Columbian Fireworks through the orchestral pomp of We Sleep Through the Bombs to the impassioned strains of last track Joined Up Writing, the album is rousing and magnificent, with an uncommon, almost Abbey Road-like consideration for the way the songs flow together. Ξ   A work of lofty ambition, it took them a year to record, although this wasn’t as indulgent or tortured as that might normally suggest.
By: Joel Frieders; Album rating: **********
:: http://www.syffal.com/there-will-be-fireworks-the-dark-dark-bright
:: http://nbhap.com/music/reviews/record-reviews/will-fireworks-dark-dark-bright/
By Tom Johnson; NOVEMBER 21ST, 2013 
:: http://www.goldflakepaint.co.uk/review-twbf-the-dark-dark-bright/
Website: http://therewillbefireworks.com/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/therewillbefireworks
Twitter: https://twitter.com/twbf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/There-Will-Be-Fireworks/12689184540?fref=ts
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There Will Be Fireworks — The Dark, Dark Bright (2013)




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