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They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants — Glean (April 21, 2015)

United States                   They Might Be Giants — Glean 
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Album release: April 21, 2015
Record Label: IDLEWILD RECORDINGS / Lojinx
01. Erase      2:49
02. Good to Be Alive      3:03
03. Underwater Woman      2:32
04. Music Jail, Pt. 1 & 2      3:10
05. Answer      3:23
06. I Can Help the Next in Line      1:57
07. Madam, I Challenge You to a Duel      2:01
08. End of the Rope      2:35
09. All the Lazy Boyfriends      2:44
10. Unpronounceable      3:22
11. Hate the Villanelle      1:52
12. I’m a Coward      2:49
13. Aaa      1:59
14. Let Me Tell You About My Operation      2:58
15. Glean      1:47
2015 Lojinx
≡   They Might Be Giants’ strength has always been their ability to pen accessible, good natured tunes, and there’s no shortage of them on Glean. From the opening “Erase”, to the two–part “Musical Jail”, to the closing instrumental title track, there’s plenty of evidence to confirm that regardless of how prolific they have been, and continue to be, there is a significant amount of effort put into the band’s quality control.
≡   From guitar pop, via synth–pop, to the odd nod to chamber–pop, there’s a whole host of styles on offer throughout Glean, though nothing sounds forced or laboured. They Might Be Giants have been doing what they do for 33 years now and they are absolute masters of the quirky, yet accessible, pop tune, all the while remaining on the fringes an ever–changing alternative rock scene, without ever allowing the shifting currents of fashion to dictate where their muse should head next. ≡   They Might Be Giants have been masters of their own destiny for so long that it’s baffling as to why they’re consistently overlooked for the greater respect that they are due, but the fact that they are only makes those of us that appreciate them cherish them even more.
≡   Perhaps the secret to They Might Be Gaint’s success has been the fact that, throughout their career, they have been able differentiate being ‘fun’, with being ‘wacky’. Being ‘wacky’ tends to result in an album that is worth a chuckle the first three times you play it, but ultimately doesn’t stand up to repeated listens. They Might Be Giants have made a career out of being fun, but have managed to pull off the rare trick of balancing a blend of entertainment and humour, with material that rewards the listeners that invest time in it, and Glean is no different.
≡   After all these years They Might Be Giants continue to defy genre labels, to the point where they are now simply their own genre.
≡   New York duo John Flansburgh and John Linnell have been making irreverent ironic alt–rock for nearly three decades, spawning imitators like Weezer and Ben Folds Five… it’s clear they have lost none of their playful individuality Daily Telegraph
≡   The geek–rock likes of Weezer and Death Cab for Cutie owe a debt to this multimillion–selling Brooklyn duo, purveyors or smark–alecky pop tunes The Times
≡   The quirky alt.pop duo are currently enjoying a hipster–led popularity — resurgence Time Out
≡   They Might Be Giants helped write the manual for American geek–rock Q
≡   The geeky duo are hilarious and better at rocking out than cooler groups. Dive in and explore a unique, weirdly moving world Daily Star
Website: http://www.theymightbegiants.com/
Label: https://www.lojinx.com/

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