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Tomas Barfod  Love Me (2014)

DEN Flag               Tomas Barfod — Love Me
◊   Danish DJ, producer, and drummer known for his layered electronic productions.
Member of: Filur, WhoMadeWho
Location: Between LA and Copenhagen
Album release: June 10, 2014
Record Label: Secretly Canadian
Duration:     45:11
01 Bell House (feat: Luke Temple)     4:09 
02 Pulsing (feat: Nina K.)     3:14 
03 Destiny's Child     3:38 
04 Busy Baby (feat: Nina K.)     4:33 
05 Honey (feat: Sleep Party People)     3:39 
06 Aftermath (feat: Nina K.)     5:18 
07 Blue Matter (feat: Jeppe Kjellberg)     4:44 
08 Waiting for Us (feat: Nina K.)     4:01 
09 Mandalay     3:31 
10 Sell You (feat: Night Beds)     3:51 
11 Lost (feat: Pell)     4:34
2014 Secretly Canadian
Written by:
◊   Tomas Barfod / Jeppe Kjellberg / Luke Temple 1
◊   Tomas Barfod / Tomas Hoffding / Nina Kinert 2
◊   Tomas Barfod / Jeppe Kjellberg 3, 7, 9
◊   Tomas Barfod / Nina Kinert / Jeppe Kjellberg 4, 6, 8
◊   Tomas Barfod / Brian Batz / Jeppe Kjellberg 5
◊   Tomas Barfod / Jeppe Kjellberg / Winston Yellen 10
◊   Tomas Barfod / Jeppe Kjellberg / Jared Pellerin 11
Themes: Introspection Late Night Reflection Relationships Romance Yearning
◊   Anders Banke  Horn
◊   Maria Barfod  Cover Art Concept
◊   Tomas Barfod  Arranger, Composer, Mixing, Primary Artist, Producer
◊   Brian Batz  Composer, Vocals
◊   Marie Grønker  Cover Art Concept
◊   Tomas Hoffding  Arranger, Composer, Synthesizer
◊   Lasse Høgh  Layout
◊   Nina Kinert  Composer, Vocals
◊   Jeppe Kjellberg  Arranger, Bass, Composer, Guitar, Instrumentation, Synthesizer, Vocals
◊   Brian Lucey  Mastering
◊   Night Beds  Featured Artist
◊   Nina K.  Featured Artist
◊   Pell  Featured Artist
◊   Jared Pellerin  Composer, Vocals
◊   Davide Rossi  String Arrangements, Strings
◊   Sleep Party People  Featured Artist
◊   Luke Temple  Composer, Featured Artist, Vocals
◊   Thomas A.  Cover Photo
◊   Winston Yellen  Composer, Vocals
Similar albums: GusGus — Arabian Horse; WhoMadeWho — Dreams; Trentemøller — Lost; HK 119 — Imaginature
Review by Matt CollarScore: ***½
◊   Tomas Barfod's sophomore solo album, 2014's Love Me, is an atmospheric, introspective work much in the same vein as his 2012 debut, Salton Sea. Starting out as a percussionist, Barfod has built a varied career experimenting across genres as a DJ, producer, and drummer with his trio WhoMadeWho featuring guitarist Jeppe Kjellberg and bassist Tomas Høffding (both of whom appear on Love Me). Given his eclectic résumé, it should come as no surprise that Love Me, while being a primarily electronic endeavor, retains a deeply organic aesthetic. Just as with Salton Sea, one would be hard-pressed to call Barfod's recordings dance music, although he is certainly informed by club, rave, and EDM aesthetics. At his core, Barfod is a drummer and even when he is at his most ruminative, which is most of the time on Love Me, he retains a drummer's sense of groove. To these ends, the exotic "Honey," featuring vocals by Sleep Party People, and "Blue Matter," with Kjellberg, are pulsing, layered, even somewhat ominous-sounding cuts. Elsewhere, Barfod is joined by singers Luke Temple and Nina Kinert for a handful of moody, cinematic cuts, including the epic "Bell House," the '80s new wave-sounding "Busy Baby," and the languid, orchestral-tinged "Aftermath." Also interesting are the two instrumental tracks, "Destiny's Child" and "Mandalay," which bring to mind the '70s and '80s synthesizer compositions of artists like Laurie Spiegel and Giorgio Moroder. Ultimately, with Love Me, Barfod has crafted an album of highly engaging, emotionally resonant pop music that's as creatively rewarding as it is accessible.
Artist Biography by Matt Collar
◊   Danish polymath Tomas Barfod is a DJ, drummer, and producer known for the atmospheric electronic music he makes on his own and as a producer with other artists. ◊   Growing up in Denmark, Barfod started playing drums at age ten. However, inspired by late-'80s rave culture, he eventually began expanding his skills into electronica and DJ music. In 1999, Barfod formed the electronic duo Filur with DJ/producer Kasper Bjørke, with whom he has released several albums including, among others, Exciting Comfort (2001) and Deeply Superficial (2002). Although largely known for his electronic production, he never gave up the drums, and in 2003 formed the experimental jazz and pop trio WhoMadeWho with guitarist Jeppe Kjellberg and vocalist/bassist Tomas Høffding. As a solo artist, Barfod started out releasing singles and EPs, including Northern Scapes (2004), Neon Strobe (2005), Mr. Fleurquin (2008), and Broken Glass (2009). In 2012 he released his debut full-length album, Salton Sea, which quickly drew praise from critics and fans for its expansive electronic production that touched upon dance music, pop, and instrumental soundscapes. In 2014 he returned with his sophomore full-length album, Love Me, featuring collaborations with Nina K and Luke Temple.
Website: http://tomasbarfod.com/
Label: http://secretlycanadian.com/
Label: http://www.scdistribution.com/tomasbarfod/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tomasbarfod
Instagram: http://instagram.com/tomasbarfod
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/tomasbarfod
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tomas.barfod
Producer, solo artist, dj. Prod. Mgmt: , mgmt: booking, EU: booking, US:
◊   “Love Me is a gorgeous album, through and through.” — Exclaim | 8/10
◊   “Barfod has crafted an album of highly engaging, emotionally resonant pop music that’s as creatively rewarding as it is accessible” — All Music
◊   “The sound of romance in the Helvetica age” — The Guardian

Tomas Barfod  Love Me (2014)




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