Torkelsen Torkelsen (2012)

Torkelsen 2012

Torkelsen Torkelsen
Location: Torsnes ~ Fredrikstad, Østfold county, Oslo, Norway
Album release: March 6, 2012
Record Label: Sellout! Music
Genre: Downtempo, Beats, Electronic, Trip-Hop
Runtime:    39:50
01 - Schoolboy Heroics    4:35
02 - Markjordbær    3:38
03 - Don't Care    4:20
04 - Bølgelengde    4:51
05 - Ugle    3:05
06 - A Friend    3:56
07 - Lavkarbovår    3:13
08 - Simple    3:36
09 - Silver    4:07
10 - OK    4:29

Torkelsen is a young and promising producer and beat wiz from a small place called
Torsnes in the outskirts of a small town called Fredrikstad a couple of hours south of
Oslo in Norway.
In the basement of his parents' house this classically trained pianist has been
perfecting his approach to hiphop (producing local underground acts)and electro and
house (as part of the now defunct, though at the time rising and promising act Munn til
Munn Metoden). Through his solo work he's chasing up all of his muses, crafting a
tasty and eclectic mix of all of his influences. 

In 2011 he has released the two track EP/single 'Outside/Inside', the ten track beat
tape 'Torsnes Beats vol.1' and a split 7" with american producer Hard Mix. In addition
to that he's been busy doing remixes of Casiokids, Niva, Harrys Gym, Hiawata!,
Kenneth Ishak & The Freedom Machines, Parker Lewis and more. 

Torkelsen Torkelsen (2012)