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Transona Five Transona Five

Transona Five — Transona Five (Feb 17, 2017)

         Transona Five — Transona Five (Feb 17, 2017)  Transona Five — Transona Five (Feb 17, 2017)Location: Dallas, Texas
Album release: Feb 17, 2017
Record Label: Sonic Surgery Records
Genre: Psychedelic, Shoegaze, Indie Pop, Indie Rock
Duration:     74:24
01. Trucker Talk Ch. 1     3:43
02. Nick     4:30
03. Transona Borealis     3:03
04. A Radar Screen     2:41
05. Trucker Talk Ch. 4     3:30
06. World’s Largest Camera     6:29
07. Trouble in Reno     5:27
08. Stain     3:29
09. Coin Toss (Edit)     3:20
10. Hey, Hey, Hey     4:50
11. Alcological     2:35
12. Helium     0:46
13. Graham Cracker     2:52
14. Albany (Instrumental)     3:57
15. Trucker Talk Ch. 3     3:51
16. No Motor     3:36
17. Estrogen Blaster     6:02
18. Cage (Live)     8:15
19. Warp     1:27
℗ 2017 Sonic Surgery Records
About album & band:
♠   Transona Five, named after a song on the Mars Audiac Quintet album by Stereolab, were a Dallas, Texas~based band that began playing together in 1994. Part of the lively Denton~area space~rock scene — with bands like Comet, Mazinga Phaser, The Theater Fire, Lift to Experience and Light Bright Highway — Transona Five approached space rock with an emphasis on ‘space’, creating slow, pretty pop songs from cosmic~laden melodies, with occasional kosmiche~inspired outbursts. In addition to Stereolab, influences included Low, The Feelies, Yo La Tengo, Luna, Galaxie 500, The Velvet Underground, Mercury Rev and Spiritualized.
♠   Founding members included
•   Chris Anderson (lead vocals, guitar),
•   Chris Foley (guitar, vocals),
•   Annika Sparkles (bass), and
•   G. P. Cole (drums).
•   Rachel Smith (keyboard, vocals, guitar) joined in 1996.
After the group’s first EP, Melatonin Bullet (Sandwich Records), Sparkles was replaced by Scott Marks (bass, vocals, trombone). Transona Five also released the Duffel Bag LP on Sandwich Records and the Going Away EP with Drawing Room Records. The band toured occasionally throughout the late 1990’s, performing in venues throughout the United States.
•   Sadly, Chris Foley passed away in January 2007.
♠   Transona Five’s releases predated mp3s and current digital music trends, and because both Sandwich and Drawing Room Records have both shuttered, their music has not been available for nearly 20 years.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/transonafive/

Transona Five Transona Five



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