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Tropics Rapture

Tropics — Rapture (17th February , 2015)

                          Tropics — Rapture 
•≡•   A little bit chillwave, a little bit polyrhythmic — Chris Ward is totally tropical, but also reminiscent of that snowy animal Caribou.
•≡•   His latest song, “Blame,” is a muted, light–filled, sand–sifting electronic soul affair that sits nicely alongside Rhye and How to Dress Well.
Genres: Electronic, Vocal, Music, Rock, Alternative
Location: London, UK
Album release: 17th February 2015
Record Label: Innovative Leiture
Duration:     38:21
01 Blame     4:06
02 Hunger     4:20
03 Indigo     3:45
04 Kwiat     3:59
05 Rapture     4:08
06 Perfume Kinship     1:51
07 Torrents Of Spring     3:03
08 Home & Consonance     3:24
09 Gloria     2:13
10 House Of Leaves     4:21
11 Not Enough     3:11
2015 Innovative Leisure

•≡•   Chris Ward (synths, guitars, percussion).
•≡•   The new album from Tropics, aka 27 year old Chris Ward, looks outwards, armed with a newfound confidence that foregrounds his vocal performance and songwriting.
•≡•   It's a musical progression that mirrors a personal one: the early Tropics output was all made in the idyllic, if isolated setting of Wards grandmothers empty house in the seaside town of Southsea, which he moved into after graduating from university to focus on writing and recording. He was alone there — like, really alone. For days, I had literally no distractions. Having moved to London in 2013, Ward now splits his time between the city and the road, having played in America, Mexico and across Europe throughout the past year with his live band Keith Vaz and Morgan Hislop.
•≡•   Tropics new full–length Rapture, set for release on the 16th of February, is the culmination of this journey. A multi–instrumentalist from an early age, Ward has always drawn on his musical upbringing when composing, but this time around he's pushed himself to develop a fuller sound than ever with the help of Vaz, Hislop and specialist jazz drummer Gillan McLaughlin. Taking influence from Beach Boys, Max Roach and Arthur Russell, Ward has crafted an album that fuses his love of avant–garde percussion, 70s and 80s singer–songwriters such as Peter Gabriel known for pop–leaning hooks, and deep production that takes cues from ambient music.
•≡•   Tropics, aka Chris Ward, makes really beautiful music. This latest one of his, a long time coming since his Home & Consonance EP, is called 'Blame' and it's basically a great success. Aside from having a voice that seems to bring up buckets of feeling from the well of his heart, Mr. Ward can also make some seriously delicious sounds.
•≡•   Warm chords seem to breathe in and out amongst the echoing remnants of vocals that flutter around the song; percussion clatters in frenetic patterns, seeming to rattle away from view like a nocturnal creature scuttling away in torchlight. All–encompassing chords rise up with waterfall intensity, synth bloops rapidly arpeggiating and the rhythm slow and noises helicoptering above. Strings rise up from the depths, apologetic flashes of noise, a subtle crescendo. And that's it. Done. You're back in the room.
Tumblr: http://tropicsmusic.tumblr.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tropics_
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tropicsband
Paul Lester: http://www.theguardian.com/music/2011/aug/12/new-band-tropics

Tropics Rapture




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