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Ty Segall Twins (2012)

Ty Segall — Twins (2012)                                      Ty Segall — Twins                                                                    About this record:
≈      It ain’t two records, but it is called Twins. Ty’s new mind~blow won’t just make you see double, it’ll make you be double! Fold in on yourself endlessly, hold your own hand, and leap towards the mega~Segall~meteor of 2012, Twins.
Location: Orange County, San Francisco Bay Area, California
Album release: October 9, 2012
Record Label: Drag City
Duration:     35:45
01 Thank God for Sinners
02 You're the Doctor
03 Inside Your Heart
04 The Hill
05 Would You Be My Love
06 Ghost
07 They Told Me Too
08 Love Fuzz
09 Handglams
10 Who Are You
11 Gold On the Shore
12 There Is No Tomorrow
Gillian Chaitlin  Photography
Charles Moothart  Drums
Brigid Dawson  Vocals
Eric Bauer  Engineer, Mixing
Peter Grimm  Vocals
Annabel Mehran  Photography
Jesse Nichols  Mixing
Dan O.  Layout
Tim Presley  Layout
Moses D. Rios  Artwork
Andy Roundy  Mixing Assistant
Ty Segall  Composer, Mixing 
Website: http://ty-segall.com/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/tysegall#!
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ty-Segall/268287955622
Review by Fred Thomas Rating: ****
¶       Bay area garage rock shapeshifter Ty Segall churned out more and more different types of songs in the four~year space between his 2008 beginnings and his fifth album, Twins, than most acts do in their entire lifespans. In between constant touring and seemingly endless split 7”s and compilation tracks, Segall managed to release two other collaborative full~lengths in 2012 leading up to this wholly solo affair but predicting yet another shift in his restless sound. From the start there’s been a core of lo~fi garage basics intrinsic to Segall’s constant output, with possessed guitars and often~times masked vocals terrorizing burly, bubblegum punk whose melodies have drawn ceaseless comparisons to the equally gnarled work of deceased powerhouse songwriter Jay Reatard. 2011’s critically acclaimed Goodbye Bread was something of a reflective breather, however, insomuch as Segall is capable of slowing down. Moderate tempos and downer tunes filled up the record, adding equal parts of Lennon influence to the growing amount of Syd Barrett~era Pink Floyd~inspired tunes. A split release with like~minded lo~fi maven White Fence in early 2012 hinted at the psychedelic sheen that fully arrives on Twins. The album’s 12 tracks are some of the spaciest and grooviest that Segall has turned in to date, with hand~clapping, falsetto crooners like “Love Fuzz” approaching some kind of demented take on glam, while “You’re the Doctor” marries hyperactive pop melodies to a fried garage stomp. Without ever losing Segall’s distinct songwriting character, Twins stealthily goes all over the map. The changes in atmosphere show up most glaringly when he dips out of Beatles/Barrett worship for more hippie~infused flare. “The Hill” opens with some mantra~like chanting female vocals before exploding into a blast of fuzz guitar somewhere between Hawkwind’s Space Ritual and early explorations by the MC5. The album is stretched between this kind of heaviness, which resurfaces on the monolithic “Handglams” and the slightly more even~tempered hippy~leaning fare like the acoustic~based „Gold On the Shore.“ Somewhere in the middle is Segall's signature garage pop rattle, but Twins offers it up at its most varied, most coherent best. While it’s likely that his next record will be on a different page completely, Twins is a bright moment in a nearly ceaseless evolution, and one of the most fluid and successfully ambitious in Ty Segall’s catalog.
Billboard albums:
¶  2012 Twins   Top Heatseekers       #9
Biography by Pemberton Roach
¶  Lo-fi musician Ty Segall first garnered public acclaim as the lead singer of Orange County, California garage rock revivalist band the Epsilons. With that band, he practiced a rawer, snottier take on Strokes/Vines/White Stripes~style rock, occasionally delving into more retro territory. On his solo album, Lemons, however, Segall delivered a much more traditional sound, studiously re~creating ‘60s guitar tones and drenching his tracks in old~school reverb. The stomping results bore a striking resemblance to early garage masters such as the Sonics and the Standells, as well as proto~punks the Stooges and bedroom folk antecedent Alexander „Skip“ Spence. He returned in 2010 with Melted. 2011 was a busy year for him, with two albums — Live in Aisle Five and Goodbye Bread — scheduled for release. Goodbye Bread marked a turn toward Segall’s softer side, evoking a John Lennon~like take on quieter and more introspective singer/songwriter fare. In 2012, Segall collaborated with Strange Boys’ offshoot White Fence on Hair. This mini~album married Segall’s Beatles~soaked pop hooks and production with White Fence’s Syd Barrett~influenced, acid~damaged garage sounds. Two more Segall albums followed that year, including June’s Slaughterhouse with the Ty Segall Band on In the Red, and Twins, the completely solo follow up to Goodbye Bread released on Drag City in October.
Studio Albums:
Horn the Unicorn (Original Release) — Cassette (2008; Wizard Mountain)
• Ty Segall – Cassette/LP (2008; Burger Records issued cassette only / Castle Face issued LP only)
Lemons – CD/LP (2009; Goner Records)
Melted – CD/LP (2010; Goner Records)
Goodbye Bread – CD/LP (2011; Drag City)
Twins – Cassette/CD/LP (2012)
Live Albums:
Live In Aisle Five – LP (2011; Southpaw Records)
Other Solo Albums:
San Francisco Rock Compilation or Food or Weird Beer From Microsoft - Limited Release, only 350 copies made — Cassette/LP (2010; God? Records issued cassette only / 2011; Social Music Records issued LP only)
Split Albums:
Halfnonagon (With Superstitions) — Cassette (2008; Wizard Mountain)
Swag / Sitting In The Back Of A Morris Marina Parked At The Pier Eating Sandwiches Whilst The Rain Drums On The Roof (With Black Time) -—LP (2009; Telephone Explosion Records)

street surfin' in by                              © Photo credit: Claire´s album My Movie Stills/ street surfin´best buddies, awwwww.. - Photo of Ty SegallTy Segall, Charles, MOONHEARTSPhoto of Ty SegallTy SegallPhoto of Ty SegallTy SegallPhoto of Ty SegallTy Segall                                         Ty Segall & Charles 6/13/09File:Ty Segall at Bumbershoot Festival 2012.jpg © Photo credit: FranzForever / Ty Segall at the 2012 Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival, Seattle, WA (September 3, 2012, 15:30:25)

Ty Segall Twins (2012)



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