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Real World 25

VA — Real World 25 (September 29, 2014)

                         VA — Real World 25 
♣   Rozmanitost je zde sjednocujícím faktorem. Real World 25 slaví ve velkém stylu. Opravdu velké a podnětné interview s Petrem Gabrielem, zakladatelem Real World. Pioneering world music label celebrates with a three–CD box set of hits, fan favorites and hidden gems.
Location: United Kingdom (Label)
Album release: September 29, 2014
Record Label: Real World Records
Duration:     227:26 min.
Disc 1
01. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan — Mustt Mustt      5:14
02. Maryam Mursal — Kufilaw      4:49
03. Joi — Fingers      5:49
04. Little Axe — If I Had My Way      4:10
05. The Blind Boys of Alabama — Run On for a Long Time      3:20
06. Peter Gabriel — The Feeling Begins      3:56
07. Ayub Ogada — Kothbiro      5:28
08. Jocelyn Pook — Dionysus      4:43
09. Hukwe Zawose — Sisitizo La Amani Duniani      4:44
10. Remmy Ongala & Orchestre Super Matimila — Kipenda Roho      5:18
11. Adrian Sherwood — No Dog Jazz      4:53
12. Dub Colossus — Guragigna      5:14
13. Toto la Momposina y Sus Tambores — La Sombra Negra      3:23
14. The Imagined Village — Cold Hailey Rainy Night      6:10
15. Iarla Ó Lionáird — Glistening Fields      4:16
16. Lama Gyurme & Jean–Philippe Rykiel — Offering Chant (Unplugged)      5:17
Disc 2
01. Pape & Cheikh — Mariama      4:25
02. Daúde — Muito Quente      4:11
03. Los de Abajo — Resistencia      4:59
04. Toumast — Innulamane      4:44
05. Farafina — Dounounia      5:22
06. Djivan Gasparyan & Michael Brook — Take My Heart      4:35
07. Joji Hirota — Kokiriko Melody      5:12
08. Mara & Martenitsa Choir — To My First Love      2:10
09. Tom Kerstens’ G Plus ensemble — Utopia      4:19
10. Mamer — Mountain Wind      5:10
11. Värttinä — Valhe / The Lie      4:17
12. Tenores Di Bitti — T’amo      1:51
13. Thomas Mapfumo — Marudzi Nemarudzi      6:41
14. The Ananda Shankar Experience & State of Bengal — Streets of Calcutta (Live)      4:39
15. Syriana — Al Araby      5:53
16. Guo Yue — White Kite      3:25
17. The Creole Choir of Cuba — Fey Oh Di Nou      3:25
Disc 3
01. Joseph Arthur — In the Sun      5:37
02. Daby Touré — Iris      3:38
03. Sevara Nazarkhan — Yol Bolsin      5:18
04. Afro Celt Sound System — Release      5:09
05. Portico Quartet — Line      7:25
06. Yungchen Lhamo — Happiness Is…      4:58
07. Spiro — The City and the Stars      4:09
08. Martyn Bennett — Move      4:11
09. JuJu — Night Walk      5:49
10. Charlie Winston — In Your Hands      3:50
11. Big Blue Ball — Altus Silva      5:56
12. Geoffrey Oryema — Land of Anaka      5:20
13. Sheila Chandra — Ever So Lonely / Eyes / Ocean      3:16
14. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Michael Brook — Sweet Pain      6:16
15. Papa Wemba — Awa Y’okeyi      4:30
Billboard Albums
|♠   2014   Real World 25   Top World Albums     #9
Written by:
Disc 1:
|♠   Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan     1
|♠   Abdi Kader Hassan / Soren Kjaer Jensen / Yusuf Maradon     2
|♠   Susheela Raman / Farook Shamsher / Haroon Shamsher     3
|♠   Bernard Alexander / Mark Stewart     4
|♠   Traditional     5
|♠   Peter Gabriel     6
|♠   Mbarak Achieng / Black Savage Band     7
|♠   Jocelyn Pook     8
|♠   Hukwe Zawose     9
|♠   Remmy Ongala     10
|♠   Adrian Maxwell     11
|♠   Dubulah / Feleke Hailu / Samuel Yirga / Sintayehu "Mimi" Zenebe     12
|♠   Paulino Salgado     13
|♠   Traditional     14
|♠   Leo Abrahams / Jon Hopkins / Iarla Ó Lionáird     15
|♠   Traditional     16
Disc 2:
|♠   Cheikhou Coulibaly / Amadou Fall     1
|♠   Jeni Alvarez / Eugênio C. / Gilberto Cruz     2
|♠   Vladimir Garnica / Odisea Valenzuela     3
|♠   Moussa Ag Keyna / Dan Lévy     4
|♠   Soungalo Coulibaly / Baba Diarra / Tiawara Keira / Yaya Ouattara / Beh Palm / Souleymane Samou / Bakari Traore / Paco Ye / Seydou Zon     5
|♠   Michael Brook / Djivan Gasparyan     6
|♠   Traditional 7
|♠   Llew Kiek / Mara Kiek / Stefan Kozuharov     8
|♠   Joby Talbot     9
|♠   Robin Haller / Mamer / Matteo Scumaci     10
|♠   Värttinä     11
|♠   Tenores di Bitti / Michele Pira     12
|♠   Thomas Mapfumo     13
|♠   Ananda Shankar     14
|♠   Abdullah Chhadeh / Dubulah / Bernard O'Neill     15
|♠   Clare Farrow / Guo Yue     16
|♠   Emilia Díaz Chávez     17
Disc 3:
|♠   Joseph Arthur     1
|♠   Daby Touré     2
|♠   Traditional     3
|♠   Simon Emmerson / Iarla Ó Lionáird / James McNally / Sinéad O'Connor / Martin Russell     4
|♠   Portico Quartet     5
|♠   Yungchen Lhamo     6
|♠   Spiro     7
|♠   Martyn Bennett / Yisrael Borochov / Ewan MacColl     8
|♠   Justin Adams / Juldeh Camara     9
|♠   Charlie Winston     10
|♠   Joseph Arthur / Ronan Browne / Iarla Ó Lionáird / James McNally / Eric Mouquet / Michel Sanchez     11
|♠   Brian Eno / Geoffrey Oryema     12
|♠   Sheila Chandra / Steve Coe / Martin Smith     13
|♠   Michael Brook / Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan     14
|♠   Lokua Kanza / Papa Wemba     15
♠♠   How, then, to condense a quarter century? How to represent a record label that blazed trails, opened doors and introduced a whole new world of music? It was never going to be easy, or definitive. But with Real World 25 — a celebratory 3CD set boasting big names, hidden gems and tracks chosen by listeners — we're giving it a go.
♠♠   "We've always been vibrant, alive and kicking," says Peter Gabriel of Real World Records, the label he launched in 1989, a few years after establishing the WOMAD (World of Music Arts and Dance) Festival. "We worked hard to create an environment where the artists felt respected and supported, so that they were able to deliver extraordinary performances."
♠♠   The magic was there from the off: an old mill building, transformed into state–of–the–art studios, on the edge of a pond fringed with bulrushes, in landscaped gardens bordered by a river, in the village of Box in the southwest of England.
♠♠   Nearby, the ancient standing stones of Avebury and Stonehenge. About the grounds, in cottages built from wood and warm Bath stone, a team of music enthusiasts with vision and know how.
♠♠   Into this place of freedom and possibility, this mix of the handmade and the high-tech, came musicians from elsewhere. Says Gabriel: "I was thinking about this sort of music when we designed the studios" — where a large interactive space called The Big Room puts artists on a par with engineers and producers — "and eventually Thomas Brooman, WOMAD's former artistic director, convinced me of the need to try a label."
♠♠   Nusrat Fateh Ali KhanArmed with a philosophy that variously involved openness, interconnectedness and the right to fail, Real World Records was born. Its first release, Passion, Peter Gabriel's soundtrack to the Martin Scorsese film The Last Temptation of Christ, duly won a Grammy. Passion's follow up, Passion — Sources, gave a platform to the world class but lesser known artists who'd inspired the soundtrack. Albums by Sufi devotional singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan; Tabu Ley Rochereau, the Congolese vocalist and bandleader; and the popular Orquesta Revé, a son–changui outfit from Cuba, followed.
♠♠   "We started out as a label driven by Peter's passion for music other than rock and pop," says label manager Amanda Jones. "In the Eighties it was a big revelation for him to discover he could be as excited about a pipa player from China or a singer from Pakistan as he was about a blues guitarist from America."
♠♠   Real World Records had no agenda. Perhaps the closest it came to a template was the maverick aesthetic of BBC DJ John Peel, who would follow a track by The Fall with a song by a Siberian throat singer — along with that of its unconventional elder sibling, the WOMAD Festival.
♠♠   "We just knew we wanted to work with music that has real passion, atmosphere and grooves," says Gabriel. "Music that would touch those open enough to listen."
♠♠   In exploring the relationship between Western producers and non–Western artists, Real World Records set a precedent. Nowhere was this more in evidence than during the three extraordinary Recording Weeks that took place in the summers of 1991, 1992 and 1995, when artists from all over the world converged on the village of Box to collaborate, create and investigate.
♠♠   "It was a giant playpen, a bring–your–own studio party," remembers Gabriel with a smile. "We were curators of this sort of living mass."
♠♠   While the likes of Tanzanian singer–guitarist Remmy Ongala, Sardinian vocal quartet Tenores di Bitti and Afro–Colombian singer Totó la Momposina, recorded entire albums, myriad collaborations went on elsewhere.
♠♠   Big Blue Ball, a compilation built from all three Recording Weeks, features contributions by several artists who would make albums for Real World Records: Congolese soukous star Papa Wemba. American singer/songwriter Joseph Arthur. ♠♠   Tanzanian vocalist Hukwe Zawose. Irish sean nos singer Iarla Ó Lionáird — the voice of the phenomenal Afro Celt Sound System.
♠♠   With more than one million albums sold, Afro Celt Sound System is one of the most successful world fusion acts, ever. The Blind Boys of Alabama have racked up three quarters of a million albums; other RWR bestsellers include Kenyan artist Ayub Ogada, Ugandan musician Geoffrey Oryema, South Indian singer Sheila Chandra and Mercury–nominated East London minimalists, Portico Quartet.
♠♠   Such commercial heavyweight releases enabled releases by lesser–known artists: Afro–Brazilian diva Daudé, say, or Senegalese vocal duo Pape & Cheikh. Real World Records has released more than 200 albums to date. Each one still sounds freshly pressed. Every artist still feels relevant and compelling.
♠♠   "Looking back we realise how lucky we were to be working with so many extraordinary artists from all over the world," says Gabriel. "We have a rich, vibrant and varied catalogue of authentic and soulful music."
♠♠   Real World Records still eagerly looks forward, squinting into the blinding light of what lies ahead. 2014 has seen new working relationships develop with albums from Irish-American outfit The Gloaming and Welsh-language moodists 9Bach. The Gloaming project has been hugely successful in transforming the idea of what a traditional Irish sound could be, right now. 9Bach are a bright, very contemporary Welsh language band, whose recently released album Tincian is gaining rave reviews. ♠♠   Later in the year comes a superb new album from Garifuna singer, songwriter and guitarist, Aurelio. Looking forward to 2015, the wonderfully prolific Joseph Arthur will have a new album ready, and there are further additions to the re–issue series, Real World Gold.
♠♠   Today, with much traditional music accessible in a click, Real World Records has adapted accordingly. The drive to discover and record quality music — music that is entertaining, exciting, obscure — is the same as it ever was; the commitment to getting it out there is just as fierce: "Whether it's on vinyl, download, digital, cross–platform mobile apps," says Jones, "or beaming in from outer space."
♠♠   Or by magic. Real World has always had that. Real World 25 has it, too.
Review by Timothy Monger;  Score: ****½
■■   Peter Gabriel's groundbreaking Real World label celebrates a quarter–century of eclectic international releases and inspired collaborations with the three–disc anthology Real World 25. Having already established himself as a major supporter of world music through his own recordings and the development of the popular WOMAD music and arts festivals, Gabriel launched Real World in 1989. Over the coming decades, the label was responsible for introducing international artists like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Afro Celt Sound System, Ayub Ogada, Sheila Chandra, Papa Wemba, and many more to a worldwide audience. Not content to simply exist as a worldbeat label, Gabriel was intent on releasing passionate music sourced from around the globe whether it be obscure folk chants, gospel, rock, or classical. From American singer/songwriter Joseph Arthur to Finnish folk stars Värttinä, the label's roster is made up of creative artists working distinctly outside of conventional pop markets.
Fortaken: http://www.allmusic.com/
Website: https://realworldrecords.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/realworldrecords
Interview: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/peter-gabriel-on-25-years-of-real-world-possible-organic-dance-record-20141017
Rootstime: http://www.rootstime.be/
♠♠   Peter Gabriel's label has been the guardian angel of so–called world music...
Real World 25 celebrates the quarter–century milestone in a suitable style with a box set that supplies a cross section of the company's rich back catalogue. Rhythms Magazine (Australia)
♠♠   Former Genesis singer Peter Gabriel launched his record label, Real World, a quarter–century ago... to showcase great music from around the globe. His batting average has been impossibly high and he has been invaluable in introducing Western listeners to worthy music from even the most distant and remote corners of the world.  UT San Diago online (USA)
♠♠   NPR: Best Global Music of 2014
This is a 3–CD compilation, not a new release. But in an era in which there is constant conversation about whether or not we can move past the sobriquet of "world music" altogether, it's particularly great to note the 25th anniversary of the founding of Peter Gabriel's internationally focused label.Read more. NPR Music (USA)
♠♠   * * * * ...hidden gems... ...everything from Chinese folk rock to Uzbek disco. Financial Times (UK)
♠♠   Real World Records turns 25 this year. That any record label dedicated to global sounds has survived this long is impressive; ...many others have gone by the wayside or changed course. But Real World has done more than merely survive. Driven by the passion-more on that in a moment–of its founder and overseer Peter Gabriel and a loyal and dedicated staff, the label has pursued a highly idiosyncratic course, traversing nationalities, genres and the full spectrum from folklore to techno–pop. Amanda Jones talks to Afropop Worldwide. — Afropop Worldwide (USA)
♠♠   No. 3 — FRoots Critics Poll — Best Reissues & Compilations Of 2014 FRoots Magazine (UK)
♠♠   No. 3 — FRoots Critics Poll — Best Package Album 2014 FRoots Magazine (UK)
♠♠   The Planet's Best World Music Label Celebrates 25 Years
Real World has consistently identified top talent throughout the world and has revealed it to the rest of the world. ...Trailblazing. — Worldmusiccentral.org (USA)
♠♠   This is a wonderful set of music... and an admirable way for Real World to celebrate a quartet of a century's worth of releases — here's hoping for many more years of exciting records to come. Folk Roots Magazine (UK)
♠♠   4 / 5. This anthology is representative of the plethora of music on the Real World label and the world roots scene as a whole should be externally grateful to Pete Gabriel for having the foresight and courage to chronicle so much of it. UK Vibe (Online)
♠♠   Peter Gabriel's Real World imprint has forged an eminently worthy niche for itself over the past 25 years... ...as a small boutique concern where "world music" artists could find a welcoming, hi–tech home for their output. Record Collector (UK)
♠♠   * * * * * Stereo Magazine (Germany)
♠♠   * * * * * Audio Magazine (Germany)

Real World 25




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