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Victor Wooten  Words and Tones (2012)

 Victor Wooten — Words and Tones (2012)

Victor Wooten — Words and Tones
Location: Nashville
Album release: September 25, 2012
Record Label: Vix Records
Duration:     68:49
01 – Listen and Be Silent     1:36
02 – Sword and Stone     5:00
03 – Love Is My Favorite Word     3:10
04 – A Woman’s Strength     4:23
05 – I Can’t Make You Love Me     5:19
06 – Brooklyn     6:48
07 – Say Word     4:38
08 – Be What U Are     3:54
09 – Get It Right     6:05
10 – When U Grow Up     4:07
11 – Overjoyed     6:06
12 – Heaven     8:02
13 – It’s All Right     4:26
14 – Love To Hear U Laugh     5:16                                                     // Birth name: Victor Lemonte Wooten
Born: September 11, 1964, Mountain Home, Idaho, U.S.
Notable instruments:
Fodera Monarch
Fodera Monarch Yin-Yang (4 string)
Steinberger bass guitars
Solo (only):
A Show of Hands (1996)
What Did He Say? (1997)
Yin-Yang (1999)
Live in America (2001)
Soul Circus (2005)
Palmystery (2008)
Words & Tones (2012)
Sword & Stone (2012)
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/victorwooten#! / Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/victorwootenmusic

Website: http://www.victorwooten.com
01. Listen and Be Silent
Written by Victor L. Wooten
Voices: Chuck Rainey, Arianna Wooten, Evan Suiter, Cathy Beal, Adam Wooten, Kaila Wooten, Cameron Wooten, John, Schopp, Joe Aranda, Holly Wooten, and Max ZT: Hammer Dulcimer
02. Sword and Stone
Written by Victor L. Wooten
Claudette Sierra: Vocals, Victor Wooten: Fretted, Fretless, Mando Piccolo, Bassimer, and Upright Basses, David Haynes: Drums and Pedro Martinez: Congas
03. Love Is My Favorite Word
Written by Victor L. Wooten and Jen Hoeft
Kaila Wooten: Lead and Background Vocals, Victor Wooten: Fretted and Fretless Bass, Mando Piccolo Bass, Bob Franceschini: Flute, Pedro Martinez: Congas, Giovanni Rodriguez: Percussion, Steven Parke: Background vocals and Claudette Sierra: Background Vocals
04. A Woman’s Strength
Written by Victor L. Wooten and Krystal Peterson
Krystal Peterson: Vocals, Victor Wooten: Electric Basses, Cello, and Viola, Kelly Ellis: Cello and Violin, Riley Ellis: Electric Bass, David Haynes: Drums and JD Blair: Drums
05. I Can’t Make You Love Me
Written by Mike Reid and Allen Shamblin
Kit LeBlanc: Vocals, Victor Wooten: Fretted and Fretless Basses, drum Loops and J.D. Blair: Drums
06. Brooklyn
Written by Victor L. Wooten and Saundra Williams
Saundra Williams: Vocals, Victor Wooten: Basses, Steve Bailey: Fretless Bass, Vinnie Fodera: Guitar Solo, Joe Lauricella: Bass (during guitar solo), Derico Watson: Drums, Darrel Tibbs: Percussion and Marcus Rojas: Tuba
07. Say Word 4:38
Written by Victor L. Wooten and Divinity Roxx
Divinty Roxx: Vocals, Victor Wooten: Vocals, Electric Basses, Slide Bass, Keyboards, Drum Loops and J.D. Blair: Drums
08. Be What U Are (I Love U More)
Written by Victor L. Wooten and Steve Bailey
Cheryl Morse: Vocals, Joey Kibble: Vocals, Victor Wooten: Fretted, Fretless, Mando Piccolo Bass, Karlton Taylor: Piano, Roy Wooten: Drums and Darrel Tibbs: Percussion
09. Get it Right
Written by Victor L. Wooten and Divinty Roxx
Me’shell Ndegeocello: Lead Vocals, Electric Bass, Victor Wooten: Electric Bass, Upright Bass, Wah Bass, Background Vocals, Joseph Wooten: Keyboards, Background Vocals, Saundra Williams: Background Vocals and Divinity Roxx: Rap and Derico Watson: Drums
10. When U Grow Up
Written by Victor L. Wooten
Kaila Wooten: Vocals, Victor Wooten: Electric Basses, Keyboards, Drum Loops, Background Vocals, Arianna Wooten: Harmony Vocals, Adam Wooten: Rap. Cameron Wooten: Vocals and Anthony Wellington: Keyboards
11. Overjoyed
Written by Stevie Wonder
Krystal Peterson: Lead and Background Vocals, Victor Wooten: Electric Bass, Cello, Joseph Wooten: Keyboards, J.D. Blair: Drums and Casey Driessen: Violin
12. Heaven
Written by Victor L. Wooten and Divinity Roxx
Arianna Wooten: Vocals, Adam Wooten: Vocals, Kaila Wooten: Vocals, Odelphis Davis: Vocals, Cameron Wooten: Vocals, Holly Wooten: Vocals
Victor Wooten: Basses, Vocals, Drum Loops, Regi Wooten: Vocals, Guitar Solo, Joseph Wooten: Vocals, Keyboard Solo, Roy Wooten: Vocals, Percussion Solo, Rudy Wooten: Sax, Pete Wooten: Voice. Dorothy Wooten: Voice, Divinity Roxx: Rap, Group Vocals: Wooten and Woodard Relatives, Derico Watson: Drums and J.D. Blair: Drums
13. It’s All Right
Written by Victor L. Wooten and Saundra Williams
Theonita Valentine: Vocals and Whistles, Victor Wooten: Electric and Slide Basses, Steve Bailey: Fretless Bass, Adam Wooten: Drums and Darrel Tibbs: Percussion
14. Love To Hear U Laugh
Written by Victor L. Wooten and Saundra Williams
Saundra Williams: Vocals, Victor Wooten: Cello and Viola, Roy Wooten: Cajon and  Darrel Tibbs: Percussion
Produced by Victor L. Wooten
Recorded, Engineered, and Mixed by Victor L. Wooten at Vix Mix Studios.
Additional engineering and mixing: Steve Bailey and Kurt Storey.
Additional recording: Jeff Cook at Scott Lehrer Sound Design in NYC.
Mastering: Eric Wolf – Wolf Mastering in Nashville, TN
Horn arrangements: Steve Bailey and Victor Wooten
Tech-support: Steve Bailey.
Production coordination: Danette Albetta
Art Design: Steve Parke
Thanx to: Holly, Kaila, Adam, Ari, and Cam for loving me and accepting my love; My brothers for life-long support, guidance, & inspiration; My parents for continuing to love, guide, & support; Danette Albetta for continued friendship, drive, vision, spirit, & honesty; Maia Spilman for advice, protection, & support; Michelle Roche for spreading the word; Fodera, for making the perfect tools of expression; Steven Parke for the world’s awesomest creativity; Steve Bailey for true friendship & for keeping the studio working; The many musicians & band mates for supporting me & interpreting the Music better than I could imagine; My camp instructors for making it all happen flawlessly; David Blazer for the cello; ADK for the microphones; Jack Frisch & Matt Koon for online help; Ryan Sweeny for the support (and Chai); All of U for continuing to Love, Support, & Listen.
A special thanx to: God & Her staff for all of the above (and below); and to Music for continuing to show up.
This collection of music is dedicate dto Mom, Dad, Regi, Roy, Rudy and Joseph for whom without, Music may have never been realized in me, I Love U!!!
Legendary bassist and five time GRAMMY winner Victor Wooten returns to the Compass Records family via his Vix Records imprint. Vix Records bows with a simultaneous, two album release, including SWORD AND STONE, an all instrumental affair, and WORDS AND TONES, featuring female vocalists in collaboration with Wooten, with both albums showcasing Wooten's multi-faceted approach to music, performance and songwriting. The albums were produced, engineered and mixed by Wooten and feature him on a variety of fretless, electric and acoustic bass guitars, cello, keyboards, percussion and strings, as well as vocals, with plenty of jaw-dropping bass solos to satisfy those who thrive on Wooten's amazing technical skills.
The dual release concept is a window into Wooten's unique perspective on music and the interconnectivity between all things and all of us. The word play in the titles of the two albums hints at this underlying message (move the s from the end of both WORDS AND TONES and place it in front of each to get SWORD AND STONE.) Wooten elaborates on that theme by including both vocal and instrumental renditions of many of the same songs on the albums, giving the listener at least two ways to experience the compositions. Wooten comments, 'There's something for everyone - music and messages for every age. I wrote about what was on my mind and in my heart. If the listener wants to learn, be entertained, or just casually listen, it's all available on these two CDs. Just figuring out the significance behind the two titles may be enough to make one smile.'
Featured vocalists on WORDS AND TONES include Saundra Williams (Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings) and Divinty Roxx (Beyonce) as well as a collaboration with Me'shell Ndegeocello and a beautiful duet featuring Joey Kibble (Take 6) and Cheryl Morse. SWORD AND STONE is a predictably virtuosic set, with instrumental renditions of many of the songs from WORDS AND TONES enhanced by different arrangements, solos, instrumentation and musicians (Ndegeocello, Kibble, Divinity, The Wooten Bros.).
Victor Wooten's new album "Words And Tones" with vocals knocks me out more than his "Sword And Stone" instrumental album - both released simultaneously in a bold artistic statement. It's not that the instrumental album is lacking in any way; the grooves are solid, and there are ample moments of jaw-dropping virtuosity from the seasoned bassist.
"Words And Tones" showcases Wooten at his collaborative best, jamming joyfully with a cadre of great female singers - including Saundra Williams, Meshell Ndegeocello, Divinity Roxx, the dynamic Krystal Peterson from his current touring band, and his own daughter Kaila. The ebullient songs - mostly originals - flow across so many styles it makes genre-labeling useless. And that's meant as an ultimate compliment. 





 ©  Author Jason Mouratides from Solana Beach, California / Wooten playing his Steinberger headless bass guitar at the Belly Up in 2006. 

Victor Wooten  Words and Tones (2012)




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