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Weedpecker — III (Jan. 6th, 2018)

Weedpecker — III (Jan. 6th, 2018)

                           Weedpecker — III (Jan. 6th, 2018) Weedpecker — III (Jan. 6th, 2018)•→     Weedpecker’s third full~length album. Band says: “We are very happy to announce that our new album will be released by Stickman Records! We’re super proud that Elder, Motorpsycho, Papir, Mos Generator, Anekdoten are our label buddies!”
Location: Warszawa, Poland
Album release: January 6th, 2018
Record Label: Stickman Records
Duration:     42:04
1. Molecule     7:05
2. Embrace     8:59
3. Liquid Sky     6:33
4. From Mars To Mercury     10:36
5. Lazy Boy and the Temple of Wonders     8:51
•→    Piotr Wyrosław Wyro Dobry — guitar, vocals
•→    Bartek Dobry — guitar, vocals
•→    Mroku — bass
•→    Falon — drums
•→    Recorded in April 2017 at Nebula Studio.
•→    Recorded, mixed and mastered by Haldor Grunberg (Satanic Audio).
•→    All musick and lyrics by Weedpecker.
•→    Cover art by Maciej Kamuda.
•→    Released January 5th 2018 by Stickman Records
•→√•→  ≡    Let’s face it: the world of “drug rock” (whatever your drug of choice might be) is oversaturated, and “psychedelic” is a term thrown around so often and thoughtlessly it’s almost lost all meaning. Weedpecker have never tried to hide their reverence and affection for the sweet leaf, but unlike so many other bands mired in self~indulgent riff worship, their propensity for mind alteration is immediately and unmistakably evident in their music.
•→√•→  ≡    Weedpecker was born in Warsaw, Poland in 2012, when brothers Piotr and Bartek Dobry came together to combine dreamy psychedelic rock tunes with elements of stoner and grunge rock. Over the next four years and two albums, the band put out some of the best heavy psychedelic music of the decade, touring Europe but still flying mostly under the radar.
•→√•→  ≡    III, Weedpecker’s third full~length and first record on Stickman, sees the band experimenting with light, colorful jams that remind the listener of Tame Impala or Morgan Delt. Moving seamlessly between styles and moods organically, it’s easy to get lost, only to find yourself emerged in a different world entirely.
Label: https://www.stickman-records.com/
Bandcamp: https://weedpecker.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Weedpecker-349871488424872/

Weedpecker — III (Jan. 6th, 2018)



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