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White Hills — So You Are…So You’ll Be (2013)

 White Hills — So You Are…So You’ll Be (2013)

United States    White Hills — So You Are…So You’ll Be 
Location: New York
Album release: August 19th, 2013
Record Label: Thrill Jockey
Duration:     37:05
1. InWords     0:25
2. In Your Room     5:50
3. The Internal Monologue     5:30
4. So You Are. So You'll Be     7:28
5. OutWords     0:55
6. Forever in Space (Enlightened)     7:54
7. Rare Upon the Earth     7:23
8. Circulating     1:40
9. MIST (Winter)    
•  Dave, W on guitars, synthesizer & vocals
•  Ego, Sensation on bass, synthesizer & vocals
•  Nick Name on drums.
≈   New York space–rock trio White Hills release their seventh album on August 20, and So You Are… So You’ll Be looks to be a brutal ripper of the most visceral order.
≈   Building on the solid foundations laid by last year’s excellent Frying On This Rock, they went back to BC Studios, Brooklyn to record once more with Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Swans), emerging with a concentrated blast of White Hills at their fullest potential.
≈   The album is their most concentrated blast of psychedelic interstellar rock to date. Building on the solid foundations laid by last year's excellent Frying On This Rock, they went back to BC Studios, Brooklyn to record once more with Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Swans), emerging with a concentrated blast of White Hills at their fullest potential.
≈   So You Are.. is a blazing totem of rock & roll empowerment. After the deconditioning and deprogramming blast of electronic noise which is ‘InWords,’ the album opens properly with the call to arms, ‘In Your Room’ — a skyscraper razing slab of mantra metal, which bids you abandon all doubt and fear so you can start your quest into inner space. ‘The Internal Monologue’ is an ecstatic shivering sliver of celestial acidic drone followed by the post–Hawkwind transmission of ‘So You Are… So You’ll Be’. White Hills command that you cower before the altar of the the mind warping, machine–tooled riff that is ‘Forever In Space (Enlightened),” but after this cataclysmic shock, there is barely time to process what just happened before you are lowered into the howling lysergic swamp rock of ‘Rare Upon The Earth.’ Only the echoing synthesized landscape of ‘Circulating’ offers some respite. The album builds effortlessly to the sumptuous ‘MIST (Winter)’ which features a John Carpenter synth line engine inserted into glistening La Dusseldorf chassis, forming some kind of god–like chariot.
≈   The band has been touring heavily the last couple of years and are just coming off a national tour with Kylesa, followed by a stint in Europe. Their intense live performances caught the attention of director Jim Jarmusch, who not only used their music in upcoming film Only Lovers Left Alive, but had the band appear in the film, which premiered at Cannes in May. White Hills have set the international gold standard for what it means to be a space rock band in the 21st century: transportive, heavy, and uncompromising.
Artist Biography by Gregory Heaney
≈   Evoking the spirit and sound of space rock pioneers like Hawkwind, White Hills capture the expansive rock sound of the '70s with their brand of trippy, synth–heavy rock & roll. Formed in New York City as the brainchild of singer and guitarist Dave W., the band, also consisting of bassist Ego Sensation and drummer Lee Hinshaw, got their first break when Julian Cope released their album They've Got Blood Like We've Got Blood on his own label in 2005. This kicked off a prolific string of releases, starting in 2007 with Abstractions & Mutations, released on Drug Space, and the self-released Glitter Glamour. Keeping the albums coming, the band self–released Little Bliss Forever in 2009, as well as Dead and Heads on Fire, both released by Thrill Jockey. In 2010, the expansive trio hooked up with Manchester–based psychedelic drone collective Gnod for Gnod Drop Out with White Hills II. The collaborations continued with the self–titled White Hills, which featured fellow New Yorker and Oneida drummer Kid Million on drums. Keeping the Oneida connection strong, the band returned to its Ocropolis studio to work on their next album with Shahin Motia, resulting in 2011's H–p1. Not wasting any time, the band went back into the studio later that year, bringing synth player (and Julian Cope drummer) Antronhy and touring drummer Nick Name into the studio with them to record the spacey and more refined Frying on This Rock, which was released in 2012.

Tumblr: http://whitehillsmusic.tumblr.com
Label: http://www.thrilljockey.com
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/whitehills
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/white-hills
Press: http://www.thrilljockey.com/
Agent: Worldwide - Todd Cote, LEAFY GREEN ()
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/WHITE-HILLS/90476409450?fref=ts

White Hills — So You Are…So You’ll Be (2013)




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