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Will Oldham Joya (1997)

 Will Oldham — Joya (1997)

Will Oldham — Joya
Location: Louisville, Kentucky  (Born: December 24, 1970)
Album release: November 11, 1997
Record Label: Drag City
Duration:     40:34
01. O Let It Be    (3:44)
02. Antagonism    (5:18)
03. New Gypsy    (3:14)
04. Under What Was Oppression    (3:05)
05. The Gator    (2:27)
06. Open Your Heart    (3:27)
07. Rider    (1:32)
08. Be Still And Know God (Don't Be Shy)    (3:11)
09. Apocolypse, No!    (3:45)
10. I Am Still What I Meant To Be    (3:51)
11. Bolden Boke Boy    (3:48)
12. Idea And Deed    (3:13)
Genre: Folk, folk rock, alt country, Indie  //  All tracks written by Will Oldham
Website: http://www.bonnieprincebilly.com/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/princebonniebilly
¶  "It's hard to know what to make of Will Oldham, partly because he refuses ever to reveal his biography, partly because his music is opaque to the point of total blackness. With various Palace incarnations, Oldham has obsessed over lower than lo-fi quasi-country music, and his first full length solo album, continues with his raging sonic sermons of apocalypse, despair, evil, and sex. The sound moves slow as a 101-degree day in his native Louisville; the overall effect is troubling." Roy Francis Kasten © Photo credit: Eddie Vee
¶  C'est l'un des rares albums solo sous son véritable nom que propose la, Will Oldham. Il préfere de loin utiliser de nombreux pseudos (Palace, Palace Music,...) et c'est finalement Bonnie 'Prince' Billy qu'il semble avoir définitivement choisi, celui qui lui apporta le succes mérité. Je profite de l'occasion pour vous informer que j'ai "updaté" pas mal de posts anciens et que la discographie de BPB est en passe d'etre a nouveau disponible en qualité 320 (presque tous) ici . L'opération est en cours, j'ai commencé par les posts les plus anciens... Elle ne sera sans doute pas complete, tant l'homme est prolifique et amateur de collaborations multiples.
-------------------------------------------------------------------   Image of Will Oldham   Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine  (Editor rating: ****)
¶  Retiring the Palace moniker for no reason other than a whim, Will Oldham doesn't necessarily explore new territory on his first official solo album, Joya. He sticks to the simple, slow, acoustic country-folk songs that dominated the latter-day Palace albums, and like before, the songs teeter between apparent sincerity and inscrutable irony. The hushed dynamics of the music and his whispered vocals suggest that Oldham means what he's saying, but his appropriation of American folk imagery and impenetrable wordplay suggest otherwise. As always, there are a few songs that have a quiet power (including "Antagonism" and a collaboration with the Silver Jews' Dave Berman), but the overall effect of Joya is a familiar one -- it's a promising, ultimately unfulfilling record that doesn't quite prove whether Oldham is a songwriter of pretense or genuine talent.
Dan Koretzky  Producer
Rian Murphy  Producer
Will Oldham  Primary Artist
Dan Osborn  Layout Design
Chris Shepard  Engineer
Konrad Strauss  Engineer

Will Oldham Joya (1997)




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