Wolf Alice — My Love Is Cool [Deluxe Edition] (2016)

Wolf Alice — My Love Is Cool [Deluxe Edition] (2016)

   Wolf Alice — My Love Is Cool [Deluxe Edition] (2016)
=>   Zkreslený kytarový zvuk. Účet prosím! Wolf Alice jsou účtováni jako další velká britská kytarová kapela. A co toto DELUXE PROVEDENÍ? Na první pohled se album snaží o příliš mnoho věcí najednou. Z jemně pulzující éteričnosti v “Turn to Dust’ až ke grungy “Moaning Lisa Smile” přechází synth–doom–guitar–post–punkovou jízdou v “Giant Peach”, kde Ellie Rowsell připomíná Julianu Hatfield. O kapele Wolf Alice je  těžké tvrdit, že trpí krizí identity, kdy téměř vše funguje. Leda by to bylo tím, že se vykoupali ve zlatém prášku. Vždyť by pro ně mohlo být povzbuzením, že 2x vyhrála UK Festival Awards (2014: Best Breakthrough Artist a 2015: Best New Artist/Band), nemluvě o nominaci na Mercury Prize. Navíc 8. ledna 2016 dosáhla Silver Certification dle BPI, což znamená 200,000 prodaných singlů a 60.000 alb. Graeme Marsh udělil albu téměř nejvyšší hodnocení už v původní podobě. The north London quartet step up to the plate with “the debut of the decade so far”.
Editors’ Notes
=>   Following the ecstatic response to their early EPs, Wolf Alice unveil a debut full–length that bristles with ‘90s alt–rock fury, disarming pop melodies, and experimental textures. My Love Is Cool includes those EPs’ strongest moments (the sugary squall of “Fluffy” and the glimmering crescendos of “Bros”) and expands on their promise. While talented frontwoman Ellie Rowsell coos and belts on the towering lullaby “Your Loves Whore,” she adds ferocious vocal layering throughout the shoegazing screech of “Lisbon.”
Location: London, UK
Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative
Album release: June 23, 2015
Record Label: RCA/Dirty Hit
Duration:     90:37
01. Turn to Dust      3:08
02. Bros      3:45
03. Your Loves Whore      4:57
04. You’re a Germ      2:53
05. Lisbon      3:26
06. Silk      4:05
07. Freazy      3:15
08. Giant Peach      4:35
09. Swallowtail      5:41
10. Soapy Water      3:42
11. Fluffy     2:44
12. The Wonderwhy      6:47
13. Moaning Lisa Smile      2:41
14. Storms      3:24
15. Heavenly Creatures      3:18
16. We’re Not the Same      3:05
17. Blush      4:19
18. She      3:12
19. Nosedive      2:47
20. 90 Mile Beach      3:45
21. Baby Ain’t Made of China      3:37
22. I Saw You (In a Corridor)      2:43
23. Every Cloud      2:54
24. White Leather      2:36
25. Leaving You      3:19
℗ 2015 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
=>   Wolf Alice is a rock band from North London, UK formed in 2010. The lineup consists of
★   Ellie Rowsell (vocals, guitar),
★   Joff Oddie (guitar),
★   Theo Ellis (bass), and
★   Joel Amey (drums).
=>   The band began in 2010, initially as a solo project of Ellie Rowsell, with the name taken from a short story by Angela Carter. She was joined by guitarist Joff Oddie and later by Joel Amey and Theo Ellis. They released a self-titled EP in 2012 as well as a single called “Leaving You” which gained airplay from BBC Radio 1 and featured in NME’s ‘Radar’ section. They then toured with Peace, recorded a session for Huw Stephens’ Radio 1 show in January, and released their first physical single “Fluffy” in February 2013 on the Chess Club label. Their second single “Bros”, released in May, is about friendship and is one of the first songs Rowsell wrote and the band usually played it during their early stages.
Billboard Albums
★   2015 My Love Is Cool The Billboard 200      #90
★   2015 My Love Is Cool Top Modern Rock/Alternative Albums      #12
★   2015 My Love Is Cool Top Rock Albums      #14
Billboard Singles
★   2015 Bros Hot Modern Rock Tracks      #35
★   2015 Moaning Lisa Smile Hot Modern Rock Tracks      #9
Chart (2015) 
★   Australian Albums (ARIA)      #41
★   UK Albums (OCC)      #2
•   Joel Amey Composer
•   Samuel Burgess–Johnson Design
•   Dan Chertoff A&R
•   Mike Crossey Mixing, Producer, Programming, Synthesizer
•   Theo Ellis Composer, Guitar (Bass), Synthesizer, Vocals (Background)
•   Jonathan Gilmore Engineer
•   Paul Laurendeau Engineer
•   Catherine Marks Mixing, Producer
•   Jammie Oborne A&R
•   Joff Oddie Banjo, Composer, Guitars, Programming, Synthesizer, Violin, Vocals (Background)
•   Ellie Rowsell Composer, Guitars, Omnichord, Organ (Hammond), Piano, Synthesizer, Vocals
•   Robin Schmidt Mastering
•   Rachel Thomas Cover Photo
•   Chuck Waite A&R
=>   When Ellie Rowsell and Joff Oddie plucked the name Wolf Alice from a collection of short stories by Angela Carter, they were a folk-pop duo armed only with acoustic instruments and a shared love of Carter’s twisted fairy tales. They claim to have chosen the name they did purely because it sounded good. Five years, three EPs, and the addition of one genre–shifting rhythm section later, the London band’s origin story is starting to look less like whimsy and more like self–fulfilling prophecy.
=>   Drawing from, combining and contorting Little Red Riding Hood and Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, Carter’s “Wolf–Alice” details the transformation of a young girl from feral outsider to fully realized human child. My Love Is Cool, the debut full–length from the story’s namesake, returns often in lyric and instrumentation to that theme of wildness, of being outside civilization’s grasp. And, like Carter’s heroine, My Love Is Cool ultimately chooses to put a coat of polish on its teeth and claws. More than anything else, Wolf Alice is a band (now a quartet including Joel Amey and Theo Ellis) whose crunchy, decidedly rock–oriented reinvention is steadfastly unthreatened by a catchy pop melody, a sweet, thoughtful harmony or an earworm bridge and chorus.
=>   That willingness to dispense with purist cred is a defining characteristic of My Love Is Cool, made more impressive by the fact that Wolf Alice succeeds from every angle its members try. They can do '90s grunge guitar, they can do moody atmospherics and they can do sweet–as–pie pop. Rowsell runs her pure, palatable voice off the rails at several points, but even her shrieks in “Giant Peach” and “Fluffy” are more musical than primal. “Swallowtail,” the album’s longest and slowest–burning track, seems to double down on the effervescence of its vocals as the wall of sound behind it crashes into cacophony, and “Freazy” would be an indie–pop departure from the rest of the record, except that nothing Wolf Alice plays sounds like a departure. That’s this band’s greatest asset, and the one that bodes best for its future. It’s at home in the polite and the primal — just like the wild–hearted child for which it’s named. =>   http://www.npr.org/
By Laura Snapes; June 30, 2015 / Score: 7.4
=>   http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/20680-my-love-is-cool/
By Graeme Marsh, Score: ****½
=>   http://www.musicomh.com/reviews/albums/wolf-alice-love-cool
Website: http://wolfalice.co.uk/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/wolfalicemusic
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/wolfalice
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wolfalicemusic?_rdr=p
Giant Peach lyrics
I got change in a pocket somewhere
Got my letter in a box
Tired of waiting for the bus to nowhere
Tired of chasing like a fox
I don’t tell lies no more, you know,
I just don’t tell the truth
I don’t know what I’m lookin’ for, ya know
But I’m not looking for proof.
I have a tricky love affair you know
With the place where I grew up
But God knows I’l never leave you know
And if you think is too much
I hate to see you despair, oh Don’t you do it
I hate to see you through one
But you know I can hardly breath when is
Hard to give a...
Hard to give a... (wow! )
What keeps me here?
Is not the boy who gives me funny feel
So no one keeps me here
Is not to be the bait for the wheel
What the hell keeps me here
In a dark old town another door through
It don’t seem so clear
And changin feels like fear
So you know.
I’m Dark and pretty down.
All dark and pretty down.
All dark and handsome down.
I’m dark and pretty down
My dark and Pretty Down!

Wolf Alice — My Love Is Cool [Deluxe Edition] (2016)


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