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Intervision 1015

Woob — Intervision 1015 (2 April 2015)

                          Woob — Intervision 1015Woob — Intervision 1015 (2 April 2015) NOMINÉE•»   Woob is the stage name of Paul Frankland, a British ambient musician who started recording in the early 1990s. Woob’s albums combine elements of ambient, downtempo and space music, with samples from field recordings, movies and television. Frankland has also recorded under the names of Journeyman and Max & Harvey. After a period working in the advertising industry, he started releasing new material as Woob in 2010.
•»   “I remember the first time I stepped into the live room at Square Centre studios — it was a vast, open space with a control room overlooking  around 15 foot above.” (Paul Frankland)
Location: UK
Style: Electronic, Ambient
Album release: 2 April 2015
Record Label: Bigamoebasounds
Duration:     102:21
01. Unknown Quantity (Alternate Intro)      1:13
02. Fragment Analysis (Abridged)      2:49
03. Stranger Air (Error #1)      2:50
04. Space Therapy (Quick Fix)      2:46
05. The Great Divide      3:32
06. The Thalamus Effect (Last Memory)      4:39
07. The Original Prequel      9:03
08. Vector/s Approach (Live)      3:42
09. Horizon Vector/s      3:37
10. Origins Prelude (Edit)      2:01
11. Finishing Move (Remastered)      7:28
12. Showdown      2:48
13. What We Came Here For (Reprise)      3:07
14. Ultrascope II (Edit Pt.1)      2:32
15. Ultrascope II (Edit Pt.2)      2:36
16. Swarm (Intervision Mix)      3:49
17. Repurposed (Remastered)      6:26
18. Paradox IV Resurfaced      3:17
19. Ambient Disaster Movie (Excerpt)      2:53
20. 85–Bit (64k Substrate Alluminium Cut)      5:45
21. Snow–covered Akihabara (Reverse Morning)      3:14
Time Limited Bonus
22. Low Rez Skyline      6:54
23. Stranger Air (Error #1) — Complete & Unmixed      4:21
24. The Thalamus Effect (Last Memory) — Complete & Unmixed      5:09
25. Vector/s Approach (Live) — Complete & Unmixed      3:10
26. Swarm (Intervision Mix) — Complete & Unmixed      4:08
•»   Mixed at — Skylake
•»   Recorded at — Vertical Escape
•»   Recorded at — Skylake
•»   Design, Producer — Woob
•»   An intergalactic mash up of epic proportions drawing on five years worth of material + new mixes and a track from the future  Intervision 1015 is the ultimate in mind cinema. Featuring over 80 minutes of continuous Woob. Also Includes 1x all new bonus track + 4x Complete and unmixed tracks and alternate artwork for a limited time only.
Artist Biography by Sean Cooper
•»   Woob is U.K.–based ambient–dub musician Paul Frankland, whose albums for Em:t Recordings are among the most praised and encompassing documents of post–rave ambient of the last several years. Incorporating Middle Eastern instrumentation and vocalese with Jamaican dub–style production, tight, snappy breakbeats, blankets of synth drone and melody, and heaps of treated samples and field recordings, Woob is a sort of state–of–the–art snapshot of heavily hybridized post–rave experimental ambient. Frankland first came to attention through his participation in a Future Music talent competition held at London's Wembley stadium, refereed by, among others, Mixmaster Morris (of Dreamfish and Irresistible Force fame). Frankland's entry in the seminar/competition — a four–track demo tape — was praised highly by Morris and subsequently passed to a number of British music journalists, eventuating Frankland's relationship with the Nottingham–based Em:t label. Frankland released his first album as Woob, 1194, through Em:t and has since contributed tracks to many of their compilations, as well as releasing a follow–up full–length, 4495. Stateside reissue of 1194 by the widely–distributed Instinct label has also given a boost to Woob's visibility, and Frankland's popularity is at or near that of his comparatively more prodigious contemporaries. In addition to his Woob work, Frankland also records (together with DJ Colin Waterton) as Journeyman for the Ntone label. The pair's work is similar to Frankland's own, although the Middle Eastern elements are largely replaced by less localizable, heavily treated and manipulated influences. [See Also: Journeyman]
Bandcamp: http://woob.bandcamp.com/album/intervision–1015
Twitter: https://twitter.com/woobHQ
Website: http://www.woobhq.com/
Interview: http://www.microscopics.co.uk/blog/2009/woob-rerelease-paul-frankland-interview/

Intervision 1015




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