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Wye Oak
Shriek [Deluxe Version] (2015)

Wye Oak — Shriek [Deluxe Version] (2015)  Wye Oak — Shriek [Deluxe Version] (September 28, 2015)
¬•   Je to jejich nejosobitější a nejvíce sebevědomé album. Inženýr a koproducent Nicolas Vernhes z Greenpoint, Brooklyn, přinesl tvůrčí a pokrokové přístupy k výrobě a potvrdil tak celkově nový směr. Výsledkem je neoddiskutovatelná vřelost. 
¬•   Shriek  je kompletní příběh dezorientace, ztráty, obnovy a posílení. Kontemplativní tón alba připomíná new wave sophisticates jako v případě Japan nebo Talk Talk — skupin, které svou hudbou nutily spíše snít než tancovat. Něžný alt Jenn Wasner citelně prošel intenzivním hlasovým školením a nutí posluchače zůstat s ní. Zpívá s větší jistotou, širším rozsahem a její hlas zabírá více místa na této desce. Velmi toužím být na jejich koncertě a vyslechnout si živě “I Know The Law”. Tato deluxe podoba alba obsahuje 5 nových remixů v celkové délce 21:59min. Sen se prodlužuje...Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Album release: April 29, 2014
Record Label: Merge Records
Duration:     41:34 + 21:59 => 63:33
01. Before      4:19
02. Shriek      3:39
03. The Tower      4:06
04. Glory      4:53
05. Sick Talk      4:26
06. Schools Of Eyes      4:15
07. Despicable Animal      4:50
08. Paradise       4:22
09. I Know The Law      3:44
10. Logic Of Color      3:00
11. Glory (DJ Keith Sweaty Remix)     5:38
12. Sick Talk (Matmos Remix)     4:31
13. Shriek (DJ Daylight Remix)     2:32 
14. Despicable Animal (Moss of Aura / Future Islands Remix)     4:58
15. The Tower (Drew Swinbourne Remix)     4:20
℗ 2015 Merge Records
¬•   Jenn Wasner — Bass, Lead vocals
¬•   Andy Stack — Drums, Percussion, Synthesizer, Piano
¬•   Ashley North Compton Artwork, Layout
¬•   Joe Lambert Mastering
¬•   Andy Stack Composer, Engineer, Group Member
¬•   Nicolas Vernhes Engineer, Mixing, Producer
¬•   Jenn Wasner Composer, Engineer, Group Member, Lyricist
¬•   Gabe Wax Assistant Engineer
¬•   Wye Oak Producer
Billboard Albums
¬•   2014  The Billboard 200 #67
¬•   2014  Top Independent Albums #17
¬•   2014  Top Modern Rock/Alternative Albums #12
¬•   2014  Top Rock Albums #21
♠   Deluxe Version featuring the addition of five remixes by Matmos, Keith Sweaty, DJ Daylight, Future Islands, and Drew Swinburne.♠   After pushing their noisy, guitar–driven indie rock as far as it would go on 2011’s Civilian and the massive tour that followed its release, the duo behind Wye Oak decided it was time for a drastic change. Drummer/keyboardist Andy Stack moved away from Baltimore, while vocalist/guitarist Jenn Wasner launched two new projects (Flock of Dimes, Dungeonesse) that traded in indie rock for something more electronic and R&B–based, respectively. When Stack and Wasner got back together to start working on their fourth album, Shriek, they ditched the straightforward, guitar–centric approach of previous efforts and incorporated elements from Wasner’s solo projects instead, with songs being written on bass instead of guitar. This choice opens up their sound to an incredible degree, giving Wasner’s rich vocals a backing that’s more rhythmically interesting and warmly enveloping. While there are still some electric guitars on board, they are used as the occasional splash of noisy color. ♣   The album is built around swooning banks of synths, bleeping key–based melodies, Stack’s choppy drum patterns and programs, and Wasner’s bouncy basslines. She proves to be just as adept at crafting memorable bass parts as she was bashing and strumming them out on guitars. Her vocals rise to the challenge of the revamped sound to become her most powerful and varied yet; her work with Dungeonesse, where she had to channel her inner dance music belter, seems to have really inspired her. Not only did Wye Oak change up their sound drastically, they did the same with their songwriting. There’s precious little folk left in their songs, and not much indie rock either. Instead, they mix up some quiet storm balladry, some Everything But the Girl–ish crooning, a touch of ’80s pop, and a lot of restraint to get a nice hybrid that is pretty unique compared to what’s going on in 2014’s indie scene. Even the songs that do fall firmly within the indie rock framework, like “Paradise,” are more complicated and interesting than what the duo was doing before. It makes for an incredibly sophisticated and enriching album that’s very easy to sink into deeply and completely, the emotions and arrangements filling your ears and heart with a flowing warmth. Sure, the sound of Shriek may scare off people who need guitars to be the focal point of their indie rock, but for anyone with a slightly more experimental nature or anyone who likes synths and subtlety and wonderfully emotive vocals, it’s a great and welcome surprise that’s a brilliant step forward for Wye Oak.
By Harley Brown; April 28, 2014;  Score: 7.2
:: http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/19286-wye-oak-shriek/
By Max Freedman April 30, 2014;  Score: 7.7
:: http://waytooindie.com/review/music/wye-oak-shriek/
By Ally Schweitzer
:: http://blog.washingtonpost.com/clicktrack/2009/12/in_concert_wye_oak.html
Website: http://wyeoakmusic.com/site/
Label: http://www.mergerecords.com/shriek                     © Wye Oak at The Showbox Market, 7 23 2012

Wye Oak
Shriek [Deluxe Version] (2015)



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