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 Andy Fraser Band & ...In Your Eyes

Andy Fraser — Andy Fraser Band & ...In Your Eyes (2 CD, 1975, 2004)

       Andy Fraser — Andy Fraser Band & ... In Your Eyes 
♠   Originally released in 1975 on the CBS record label, now available as a 2 on 1 CD. Sleevenote written by David Clayton — author of the acclaimed Free biography 'Heavy Load'.
♠   Andy Fraser, who cut his musical teeth as a teenager working for John Mayall, was a founder member and bass player of Free. Along with Led Zeppelin and Cream, Free were among the few truly groundbreaking UK hardrock acts. Combining Blues with hard edged guitar, Free inspired a succession of countless quality British bands.
♠   Fraser broke from Free on two occasions: first in 1971, going on to form Toby, with guitarist Adrian Fisher (later to join Sparks) and drummer Stan Speake. Then he rejoined Free early in 1972 but this was short–lived, for Fraser quit in July that same year. He teamed up with Chris Spedding to form Sharks, recording two albums for Island Records.
♠   With the folding of Sharks and after a brief period with Frankie Miller and Henry McCullough, Fraser created the Andy Fraser Band with Nick Judd (keyboards) and Kim Turner (drums), recording these two superb albums in 1975.
Birth name: Andrew McLan Fraser
Born: 3 July 1952, Paddington, London, England
Died: 16 March 2015, Temecula, California, United States
Notable instruments: Gibson EB–3
Album release: 1975, 2004
Record Label: Gottdisc / BGO / See for Miles Records (UK)
Duration:     78:47
Andy Fraser Band (1975):
01. Don't Hide Your Love Away      3:30
02. Changed Man      4:07
03. Ain't Gonna Worry      3:48
04. I Wanna Be There      3:11
05. Bring It On Home      2:53
06. Double Heart Trouble      4:05
07. Keep On Loving You      6:07
08. Love Is All Around      5:16
09. Baby Forever      4:58
In Your Eyes (1975):
10. Train Of Love      4:15
11. Let Your Love Come Out      3:55
12. Ease On Out      3:59
13. Be Good To Yourself      3:27
14. Gotta Steal Away      3:42
15. Listen To The Rain      6:05
16. Leave Your Love–Light Shine      3:48
17. Talking 'Bout My Baby      3:25
18. Ain't No Substitute      4:17
19. Need Someone To Love      5:03
♠   Andy Fraser — Bass, Vocals
♠   Nick Judd — Keyboards
♠   Kim Turner — Drums
♠   Paul Anka  Guest Artist
♠   Douglas A. Bogie Mixing Engineer
♠   Robert Ellis Cover Photo
♠   Andy Fraser Bass, Composer, Guitar (Bass), Primary Artist, Vocals
♠   Keith Harwood Engineer
♠   Nick Judd Bass Pedals, Piano (Electric)
♠   Fraser Massey Liner Notes
♠   Jerry Masters Engineer
♠   Steve Melton Engineer
♠   Ruan O'Lochlainn Cover Photo
♠   Andy Shapiro Producer
♠   Roslav Szaybo Design
♠   Kim Turner Drums
♠   Paul Wakefield Photography
Artist Biography by Chris True
♠   A classically trained pianist who switched to bass just in time to get his first professional gig at the age of 15, Andy Fraser was best known as a main songwriter and bassist for the legendary and groundbreaking British blues–rock band Free. When that band exploded due to drug addiction and internal strife, Fraser worked with other musicians, eventually becoming well respected as a hitmaking songwriter based in Los Angeles.

 © Sharks perform in Amsterdam 1972, AMSTERDAM — NOVEMBER 06: L-R Andy Fraser, Chris Spedding, Snips, Marty Simon, Sharks performing at the Shaffy Theatre, Amsterdam on November 6 1972 (Photo by Brian Cooke/Redferns)
♠   Born in 1952 in London, Fraser took to playing piano at the age of five. Classically trained, he was able to make the transition to guitar without much fuss. Taking up the bass — at that time still not considered to be the ideal step to rock stardom — turned out to be the right decision for Fraser. Well, that and making friends with Sappho Korner, daughter of British blues legend Alexis Korner, who suggested to a bass player–less John Mayall to hire the 15–year–old Fraser. Playing in the Bluesbreakers (at the time featuring an 18–year–old Mick Taylor, who would eventually join the Rolling Stones) only lasted until Fraser was 16, and after he was replaced, Korner put him in touch with guitarist Paul Kossoff, who, along with drummer Simon Kirke and vocalist Paul Rodgers, had been on an unsuccessful search for a competent bass player to round out their new band. The resulting band, Free, eventually signed with Island Records chief Chris Blackwell — thanks to more help from Alexis Korner — and became one of the cornerstones in the second wave of heavy British blues–rock, alongside bands such as Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. Free's peak came with the single "All Right Now," a critical and commercial smash that was co–written and produced by Fraser.
♠   Although plaudits and commercial success were plentiful for the band, guitarist Paul Kossoff's battle with drugs and power struggles with Paul Rodgers eventually pulled Free apart, once in 1971 and again in 1972. Fraser kept plugging along, forming a number of different bands. The first, Toby, came together during the first breakup of Free. Consisting of Fraser, guitarist Adrian Fisher, and drummer Stan Speake, the band recorded but came to an end when Fraser chose to join the re–formed Free in 1972. The second exodus from Free for Fraser, and also his last, came that same year. Fraser lasted just one album with his new band the Sharks — Snips (vocals), Chris Spedding (guitars), and drummer Marty Simon — before forming the Andy Fraser Band, with Kim Turner on drums and Nick Judd on keyboards. After two albums, the band split, and so did Fraser. Relocating to California, Fraser set upon creating a new band, the Stealers, but chose not to release the band's work. One of the songs, "Every Kinda People," a song from the sessions, found its way to Robert Palmer, who made the song a huge hit on his 1978 U.S. breakthrough LP Double Fun.
♠   Songwriting became Fraser's main trade, and artists such as Joe Cocker, Chaka Khan, Ted Nugent, Paul Carrack, and Rod Stewart eventually covered Fraser's song work. As a recording artist, Fraser returned in 1984 as a solo artist, releasing the record Fine, Fine Line. This time, Fraser was vocalist rather than bassist. At this point, personal and health issues took to the fore, with Fraser coming to terms with his homosexuality, coming down with and overcoming cancer, and sadly contracting AIDS. Fraser continued to work, albeit in small quantities and sporadic at best. In 1994, he reunited with Paul Rodgers at Woodstock '94 and in 2005 released the solo album Naked... and Finally Free. In 2006, he made his first public appearance since 1994 with two shows in California. Andy Fraser died in March 2015 at his home in California; he was 62 years old. :: http://www.allmusic.com/
BGO: http://www.bgo-records.com/
Website: http://www.andyfraser.com/

 — Andy Fraser Band & ...In Your Eyes




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