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Ani DiFranco Up Up Up Up Up Up

Ani DiFranco — Up Up Up Up Up Up (Jan 19, 1999)

     Ani DiFranco — Up Up Up Up Up Up (Jan 19, 1999)
Ξ   Up Up Up Up Up Up is the ninth album by singer~songwriter Ani DiFranco, released in 1999 on Righteous Babe Records
Ξ   Ani DiFranco, the “Little Folksinger”, approached the stage asking the audience if they wake up every day feeling happy to be here and left the stage with the audience having no doubt in their mind that they are. How could one not be exhilarated after a performance that not only had the audience moving but also encouraged one to re~evaluate how society works and focus on contemporary social issues? She’s notorious for being a feminist and activist through her lyrics covering controversial subjects but doesn’t want to be defined as such as she is a musician first and foremost.
Ξ   “When I go outside of North America to Europe or wherever it’s so refreshing to me because all the stereotype of me as the militant, the girl singing for other girls, never existed. So it’s really cool for me to go play music in Japan or in Brazil where people just take as you are, in the moment, without the cultural story they’ve heard.”
Birth name: Angela Maria DiFranco
Born: September 23, 1970, Buffalo, New York, United States
Genres: Folk rock, indie, alternative
Occupations: Musician, singer–songwriter, poet
Instruments: Guitar, bass guitar, tenor guitar, vocals, percussion, piano
Location: New York, NY, U.S.A.
Album release: Jan 19, 1999
Record Label: Righteous Babe
Duration:     61:57
01. ‘Tis Of Thee      4:43
02. Virtue      5:08
03. Come Away From It      8:23
04. Jukebox      4:28
05. Angel Food      5:46
06. Angry Any More      3:28
07. Everest      5:16
08. Up Up Up Up Up Up      3:23
09. Know Now Then      4:38
10. Trickle Down     3:51
11. Hat Shaped Hat      12:56
Ξ   All songs written by Ani DiFranco.
Ξ   Ani DiFranco — acoustic guitar, piano, accordion, electric guitar, vocals, space phone
Ξ   Goat — drum machine
Ξ   Jason Mercer — banjo, bass, vocals, upright bass
Ξ   Andy Stochansky — drums, vocals, pocket cajun
Ξ   Julie Wolf — organ, piano, accordion, vocals, clavinet, Wurlitzer
Ξ   Ani DiFranco — Producer
Ξ   Andrew Gilchrist — engineer, mixing, producer
Ξ   Ethan Allen — assistant engineer
Ξ   Scott Hull — mastering
Ξ   Scot Fisher — photography
Ξ   Australian Albums (ARIA)     #31
Ξ   UK Albums (OCC)     #135
Ξ   US Billboard 200     #29
•¬   Rolling Stone (2/4/99, p.60) ~ “...Her lovely, elastic voice can swing from toffee to burlap within a phrase, and her feel for words is masterful ~ she pins down both grim and romantic truths with the same accuracy, and the result is always unexpected and vivid...”
•¬   Q (4/99, p.95) ~ 4 Stars (out of 5) ~ “...As influenced by the impish convention~teasing and experimentalism of Beck and Laurie Anderson as the are by the great female singer~songwriters, these songs are sprawling, intense, original, wordy beasts which revel in their diversity...”
•¬   CMJ (1/25/99, p.5) ~ “...undoubtedly among her most confident and ambitious releases, brimming with burning insights and burning insights and burning question that fuel slowly cooking grooves...”
•¬   Dirty Linen (10~11/99, p.61) ~ “...Di Franco is continuing to evolve in ways that hint at still more experimentation, rather than falling back on a tried~and~true studio formula. As the title suggests, there’s no place to go from here but...up.”
BY SAL CINQUEMANI, MARCH 9, 2003 / Score: ***½
•¬   Less than a year after her last studio album, Ani DiFranco returned with Up Up Up Up Up Up, a relatively understated answer to the public response of Little Plastic Castle. Whether intentional or not, it seemed DiFranco was taking a step back to more organic, folk~rooted music. For the most part, the album was super~political and generally steered clear of any references to the folksinger’s taste of super~stardom. •¬   While some may think DiFranco was attempting to win back the loyalty of her disillusioned fans, it’s more likely she was simply staying true to herself. The banjo-infused “Angry Anymore” might say all that needs to be said on the topic: “I think I understand/What all the fighting was for/And I just want you to understand/That I’m not angry anymore.” While the gorgeous “Come Away From It” and the fervid “Jukebox,” which marks one of the last times DiFranco has truly “rocked,” fall shy of their stage incarnations, they offer a bit of insight into the singer’s musical development: “Her hair bears silent witness/To the passing of time/Tattoos like mile markers/Map the distance she has come.” The third~person analysis continues on the album’s title track: “She’s learning the spaces she leaves/Have their own things to say…[To] make music like mercy/That gives what it is/And has nothing to prove.” Unfortunately, DiFranco interrupts the album’s upward flow with a string of poetry~slam jams, including the 13~minute “Hat Shaped Hat,” a completely self~indulgent improv session that should have been kept to herself. ::   http://www.slantmagazine.com/

Ani DiFranco Up Up Up Up Up Up



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