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Arto Lindsay — Mundo Civilizado (May 20, 1996)

 Arto Lindsay — Mundo Civilizado

           Arto Lindsay — Mundo Civilizado
Birthname: Arthur Morgan Lindsay
Nationality: American
Born: May 28 1953
Location: Richmond, Virginia ~ he is a 1974 graduate of Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida ~ Brazil ~ New York, USA
Album release: May 20, 1997
Record Label: Rykodisc / Bar/None Records
Runtime:    40:23
01  Complicity  (Cantuaria, Lindsay)   4:05
02  Q Samba   (Cantuaria, Lindsay)   3:27
03  Simply Beautiful   (Duncan, Green)   3:58
04  Mundo Civilizado   (Lindsay, Monte)   4:23
05  Titled   (Lindsay, Veloso)   3:18
06  Horizontal   (Cantuaria, Gibbs, Lindsay)   3:29
07  Mar da Gavea   (Santtana)   2:43
08  Ibassai   (Lindsay, Pace)   3:16
09  Pleasure   (Cantuaria, Lindsay)   2:37
10  Erotic City   (Prince)   5:01
11  Clown   (Cantuaria, Lindsay)   3:50
ψ   Arto Lindsay • vocals, guitar, programming, Producer, Sequencing
ψ   Melvin Gibbs • bass, programming, Sequencing
ψ   Andres Levin • keyboards,  Piano (Electric), Producer, Wurlitzer 
ψ   DJ Spooky • samples, textures
ψ   Peter Scherer • keyboards, Farfisa Organ, Keyboards, Wurlitzer
ψ   Vinicius Cantuária • guitar, percussion, Pandeiro, Surdo, Tambourine
ψ   Marc Ribot • guitar
ψ   Romero Lubambo • guitar
ψ   Dougie Bowne • drums, loops
ψ   Mutamassik • samples
ψ   Don Byron • bass clarinet
ψ   Jacques Morelenbaum • cello
ψ   Amadeo Pace • guitar
ψ   Bernie Worrell • organ  (Hammond)
ψ   Roy Nathanson • saxophone
ψ   Marcus Rojas • tuba
ψ   Marcio Tchin • Bacurinhas, percussion, Caixa, Surdo, Triangle
ψ   Gustavo de Dalva • Percussion
ψ   Produced by Arto Lindsay, Andrés Levin and Camus Maré Celli
ψ   C–N–A • Mixing, Programming
ψ   Camus Mare Celli • Accordion, Producer
ψ   Diego Cortez • Art Direction, Photography
ψ   Lynn Davis • Illustrations
ψ   Gustavo de Dalva • Bacurinhas, Caixa, Djembe, Percussion, Surdo, Timbaus
ψ   Patrick Dillett • Engineer, Mixing
ψ   DJ Spooky • Sampling
ψ   Darryl Duncan • Composer
ψ   Bill Importico • Assistant Engineer
ψ   Lucas Santtana • Assistant Producer
ψ   Vaughn Sessions • Assistant Engineer
ψ   Novelle Stephenson • Assistant Engineer
ψ   Philip Taaffe • Illustrations
ψ   Andy VanDette • Editing, Sequencing
ψ   Howie Weinberg • Mastering

Website: http://www.artolindsay.com/  // Interview from The Morning News: http://www.themorningnews.org/article/personagem-talking-with-arto-lindsay // 2000 BOMB Magazine interview with Arto Lindsay by David Krasnow: http://bombsite.com/issues/71/articles/2312

Editorial Reviews:
Product Description:
ψ   Mundo Civilizado is Lindsay's second successful jazz pop foray, continuing on the path followed on 1996's Subtle Body while delving further into electronic music by setting many of his acoustic compositions to the beats of DJ Spooky and Mutamassik. ψ   Though not as tied to bossa nova (he covers Al Green and Prince, though still occasionally sings Portuguese) as Body, Mundo makes ample use of Brazilian percussion that blends seamlessly with the electronics. Given the rapid–fire intricacies of both, in fact, it's sometimes difficult to tell which is which. If this still gentler, more lyrical direction was unexpected from a man who'd made his name as king of the untuned guitar and horrific shriek (and continues in that capacity for John Zorn), it's worth remembering that Lindsay grew up in Brazil and has incorporated elements of its music as far back as the mid '80s, with the Ambitious Lovers, and arguably even earlier with his no–wave band DNA.    — Roni Sarig Image of Arto LindsayReview by Rick Anderson
ψ   With Mundo Civilizado, downtown denizen Arto Lindsay is probably the first person to successfully integrate the sounds of techno and drum‘n’bass into an already established pop music style. Others, notably David Bowie, have tried to do something similar, but although Bowie’s attempt in particular was more successful than most critics give him credit for, it never sounded as natural and seamless as Lindsay’s. That the former king of skronk guitar was able to achieve such a fusion while singing in Portuguese is even more impressive. Highlights include the funky female worship of "Q Samba" and the scattered herky–jerk of "Complicity" (which features the deathless couplet "Complicity, unconscious wit/Borders without borders under eyebrows"). His taste in covers is a bit more suspect — he brings as little to Prince’s material as you’d expect, but is surprisingly more adept with Al Green’s "Simply Beautiful." Overall, this one's a solid winner, if not quite a classic.
ψ   Yet another sexy album (does Fester think of anything else?), this this one goes for a more tropical, breezy, acoustic sensuality. Yet there is also an underlying tension threatening to either break the music apart or boil over. Perhaps it's becuase of Lindsay's background in the late 70s/early 80s, chaotically noisy New York "no–wave" group DNA. His notoriously unhinged passion is now under tight control as he revisits the more traditional acoustic music of his birthplace, Brazil, and updates the innovations made by Tropicalia pioneers like Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and Jorge Ben. Measure the uniqueness of his vision with his two brilliant covers -- one of Al Green’s gently smoking "Simply Beautiful," the other a version of Prince's "Erotic City." ψ   The Brazillian sensibility puts them through a subtle filter, but enriches them just the same. On top of that, Lindsay makes strikingly original use of drum ‘n’ bass rhythms on other tracks. If that appeals to you the most, see also this year’s Hyper Civilizado, a forward looking remix album that features Illbient players DJ SPooky, Sub Dub and We. If you prefer the traditional Brazillian sounds, check out his first solo album, O Corpo Sutil (The Subtle Body) and pray he comes up with a brilliant third album soon! —  A.S. Van Dorston

 Arto Lindsay (with guests) at moers festival 2010 / Author: Michael Hoefner Arto Lindsay. Photo by Chris Winget. Courtesy of the photographer. Author: Michael Hoefner

Arto Lindsay — Mundo Civilizado (1996)




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