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Beagle — Sound on Sound [Extended Edition] (2006)

 Beagle — Sound on Sound [Extended Edition] (2006)

Beagle — Sound on Sound [Extended Edition]
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Album release: 1992/2006
Record Label: Polar Music International AB ‎– 517 098-2 / UMSM / Universal Music
Duration:     50:22
01] And So It Goes On     3:31
02] The Things That We Say     4:06
03] A Different Sunday     3:23
04] Everything Will Work Out In The End     3:31
05] Turn Your Head Around     5:11
06] This Time     3:32
07] World Within You     4:43
08] Suit Of Armour     2:31
09] Slow Down     4:35
10] Crap     2:39
11] Between Me And You     4:18
Bonus Tracks:
12] Suit Of Armour (Acoustic Version)     2:32
13] Previously Unreleased Backgrounds     0:43
14] More Previously Unreleased Backgrounds     0:45
15] Previously Released Backgrounds     0:44
16] The Things That We Say (Single Edit)     3:40
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeagleSounds
¶   Here's one of the finest albums of the nineties for any pop lover who appreciates killer hooks and breathtaking melodies and harmonies!
¶   The first album by the Swedish band Beagle.
¶   I've been meaning to upload my international version copy of the cd, but EAC just doesn't like the silver platter for some reason. Not having this album here is a sin, so here's the Swedish version I found in Soulseek long ago. It includes one more track, "Crap", which was left out of the international version (it's a good song, mind you!).
The album was briefly reissued in 2006 with a few bonus cuts (most of them just chatter and noise), but it's still extremely hard to find in cd format nowadays.
¶   Exceptional music to file alongside The Merrymakers, Paste, Eggstone, The Wondermints... can't go wrong with this. The wonderful twists and turns and mindblowing chord changes reveal themselves gloriously with each additional listen. Pure ear candy!!!
Biography by Steve Huey
¶   Beagle was a Swedish guitar pop quintet led by vocalist/songwriter Magnus Borjeson and guitarist Calle Hakansson. Officially formed in 1991 after its members met in school, Beagle secured a record deal on the strength of the first two demo songs it recorded. Sound on Sound was released in 1992 and helped kick start the Swedish guitar pop scene, but after its follow-up, 1993's harder-edged Within, the band broke up due mostly to a loss of cohesion. Borjeson and another Beagle member formed a new band called Favorita.

Beagle — Sound on Sound [Extended Edition] (2006)




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