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Ben Harper — By My Side (October 16, 2012)

Ben Harper — By My Side (October 16, 2012)

               Ben Harper — By My Side (October 16, 2012)
)°◊   His idiosyncratic mix of blues, folk, rock, funk, and reggae have garnered him a steady following.                                                                                      Birth name: Benjamin Chase Harper
Born:  October 28, 1969 in Pomona, Claremont, CA
Notable instruments: Weissenborn lap steel guitar
Album release: October 16, 2012
Record Label: Virgin Records America
Duration:     45:07
01. Forever      3:25
02. By My Side      3:36
03. Gold to Me      4:59
04. Diamonds on the Inside      4:25
05. In the Colors      3:01
06. Beloved One      3:59
07. Not Fire, Not Ice      3:40
08. Morning Yearning      4:04
09. Feel Love      3:44
10. Happy Everafter in Your Eyes      2:25
11. Waiting on an Angel      3:54
12. Crazy Amazing      3:59
)°◊   Brett Banducci Viola
)°◊   Will Botwin Management
)°◊   Lindsay Brown Management
)°◊   Todd Burke Assistant Engineer, Engineer, Mixing
)°◊   Eve Butler Violin
)°◊   Oliver Charles Drums
)°◊   Jon Clarke Oboe
)°◊   Bob “Stiv” Coke Producer
)°◊   Gavin Conaty Project Consultant
)°◊   Bradley Cook Assistant Engineer, Engineer
)°◊   Matt Cory Bass
)°◊   Rock Deadrick Percussion
)°◊   Kevin Dean Assistant Engineer
)°◊   Joel Derouin Violin
)°◊   Tom Dolan Art Direction, Design
)°◊   Matthew Funes Viola
)°◊   Steve Gamberoni Mixing Assistant
)°◊   Paula “Max” Garcia Assistant Engineer
)°◊   Jeff Gottlieb Associate Producer
)°◊   Jessy Greene String Arrangements, Violin
)°◊   Michael Halsband Photography
)°◊   Ben Harper Composer, Drums, Guitar, Guitar (Ac.), Percussion, Piano, Producer, Vibraphone, Vocals, Weissenborn
)°◊   Jesse Ingalls Bass
)°◊   Patrick Jordan Management
)°◊   Danny Kalb Engineer, Mixing
)°◊   Christine Kane Management
)°◊   Suzie Katayama Cello, String Arrangements
)°◊   Greg Kurstin Piano (Electric)
)°◊   Florian Lagatta Assistant Engineer
)°◊   Bill Lane Assistant
)°◊   Mike Laza Assistant Engineer
)°◊   Greg Leisz Pedal Steel
)°◊   Timothy Loo Cello
)°◊   Gavin Lurssen Mastering
)°◊   Pete Lyman Engineer
)°◊   Leon Mobley Percussion
)°◊   Jason Mozersky Guitar
)°◊   Jun Murakawa Assistant Engineer
)°◊   Juan Nelson Bass
)°◊   Nicky P Guitar (Electric)
)°◊   Rick Olivier Cover Photo
)°◊   Joel Pargman Violin
)°◊   Alyssa Park Violin
)°◊   J.P. Plunier Producer
)°◊   Ervin Pope Hammond B3
)°◊   Mikal Reid Associate Producer, Engineer, Mixing
)°◊   Jordan Richardson Drums
)°◊   Patrick Rosalez Violin
)°◊   Eric Sarafin Engineer, Mixing, Piano
)°◊   Liuba Shapiro Product Manager
)°◊   Dan Steinberg Assistant Engineer, Engineer
)°◊   Glenn Suravech Assistant
)°◊   Jane Ventom Product Manager
)°◊   Geoff Walcha Mixing Assistant
)°◊   Michael Ward Guitar
)°◊   Jason Yates Keyboards
Awards and nomination:
◊   2003 Rolling Stone (France) Artist of the Year
◊   2005 Grammy Award Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance
◊   2005 Grammy Award Grammy Award for Best Traditional Soul Gospel Album
◊   2014 Grammy Award Grammy Award for Best Blues Album                            AllMusic Review by Thom Jurek; Score: ***
◊   The problem with many retrospectives is that they usually place an artist’s best–known and/or best–selling songs in a sequence that can defy context. The end result can be a rather jagged listening experience. Ben Harper’s By My Side seems to address that issue by looking at it directly. Instead of simply letting his label choose a slew of tracks and call it a “hits” or "best–of” collection, Harper handpicked a dozen cuts, and focused on a particular aspect of his work: ballads. In addition to ten standard–bearers from his catalog, he also chose an alternate studio version of “Not Fire Not Ice,” which sounds like a nicely recorded demo (and was never available in the United States before), and provided a single new cut, a sparse, sexy, soulful number called “Crazy Amazing” with his Relentless7 bandmates. The remaining tracks are canny choices: the vast majority of them would be the very cuts his fans would choose for such a collection. They span his entire career beginning with “Forever,” from Welcome to the Cruel World. Also included from that recording is “Waiting on an Angel” near the end of this set. The two tracks chosen from Fight for Your Mind are the title track, of course, and “Gold to Me.” The title track to Diamonds on the Inside is also here. Among the other selections are “Morning Yearning” from Lifeline (with the Innocent Criminals), “Beloved One” from Burn to Shine, and “Happy Everafter in Your Eyes” from Both Sides of the Gun. Taking in Harper’s ballads without the rockist guitar pyrotechnics is solid not only in conception but in execution. While there's no doubt that fans have most of these tracks already, listening to By My Side’s presentation of them as a resonant sampling of a particular area in the larger context of his work adds both depth and dimension to Harper's reputation, not only as a songwriter but as a singer as well.
Website: http://www.benharper.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/benharper
Studio albums
◊   Welcome to the Cruel World  (1994)
◊   Fight for Your Mind  (1995)
◊   The Will to Live  (1997)
◊   Burn to Shine  (1999)
◊   Diamonds on the Inside  (2003)
◊   There Will Be a Light  (2004)
◊   Both Sides of the Gun  (2006)
◊   Lifeline  (2007)
◊   White Lies for Dark Times  (2009)
◊   Give Till It’s Gone  (2011)
◊   Get Up!  (2013)
◊   Childhood Home  (2014)

Ben Harper — By My Side (October 16, 2012)



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