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Bill O´Sullivan Phillip´s Head (2012)

Bill O´Sullivan - Phillip´s Head (2012)

Bill O´Sullivan  Phillip´s Head
Location: New York
Album release: March 17th, 2012
Record Label: Palaver Records
Duration:     42:47 (CD); 12:23 (EP)
01. Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes     3:04
02. Phillip's Head     4:07
03. Kingdom Come     3:24
04. Near You Lies     5:12
05. Drumstrings     1:27
06. Summit     2:40
07. Birds In Trees     4:22
08. In Airplanes     3:45
09. Stagecoach     5:32
10. Hundred Nother     3:50
11. Everybody Knows Your Smile     5:24
As EP:
1. Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes      3:04 
2. Phillip's Head       4:07 
3. Drumstrings       1:27 
4. In Airplanes       3:45
¬ We write here about the personal work Bill O'Sullivan from Eggnog previously reviewed here  'Moments in Vacuum'  .Eggnog is a  doom band with alternative and grunge elements ,Bill O'Sullivan takes the personal influences of acoustic blues and make an experiments and a risk to released a solo record in that age ! maybe have a lot of guts and will ... then should pay attention and not to wait some of masterpiece ok ? First i will admit is the deep mature voice come from inside is worth mentioning and necessary to record a solo album ,some guitarists have the ambition to make solo album then comes disappointment. 
¬ Bill have a lot of influences of Sonic Youth maybe ,his voice have similarities with Thurston Moore residing in Brooklyn, New York that's  effected some ways , also his test that with live performances in that era with 'The Kurt Krumme Trio' in same small clubs .
¬ Start listening 'Phillip's Head' album Bill have a good voice but sometimes been mesmerizing or stoned ! 'Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes' is a slow ballad with only acoustic guitar , like we understood in 'Phillip's Head' all music evolves everyday's life and experience in personal level. 'Near You Lies' gives us more rhythms and melody with this cowboy style pop ballad sadly in the ending Bill mess it up.' Drumstrings' and 'Summit' build more speed tempos and getting better results . 'Birds In Trees' is a moody strange song with an echo guitar sounds adding a another style of the album. 'In Airplanes' is the only part that Bill add electric guitar and having great vocal performance reminds me first Mark Lanegan Albums. 'Phillip's Head' a recording that getting better in my personal opinion from the middle to the ending.
(2012 – present)
Line up:
¬ Bill O'Sullivan - All instruments
¬ Ryan Quinn  -Backing Vocals
¬ Bill O'Sullivan - Phillip's Head CD (2012)
¬ Nogg EP  - (As  Eggnog )
¬ The Three - (As  Eggnog )
¬ Moments in Vacuum CD - (As  Eggnog )
Fortaken: http://www.stonerrock.gr  

Website: http://www.billosullivan.com/?author=1#!
Bandcamp: http://billosullivan.bandcamp.com/
Bill O'Sullivan is a singer/songwriter currently residing in New York City.
After several releases with his psychedelic rock group Eggnogg, Bill began recording an acoustic album in the fall of 2011.
The result of these three recording sessions was his eleven-track debut
album, entitled "Phillip's Head."
A conceptual work of loosely-jointed tales, "Phillip's Head" chronicles a dreamer's gradual descent from euphoria, to substance abuse and insanity.
"Phillip's Head" is set to be released March 17th, 2012, on Palaver Records.palaver records

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